HubSpot and Applango conducted a survey of 700 sales professionals to understand better what challenges sales reps face every day.
And well, as you guessed it, it includes not having enough real data in CRM.

So, here is the list that made you click on the above title-

1. Sales professionals lack the processes required to use their CRM properly
And as I’ve said before, no CRM is better than any other CRM; it’s how extensively you use it and for how well you implement it is what that makes all the difference.
2. More and better training options
The better they know the product they are selling, the higher chances of them signing up that million $ client, fair enough.
3. Accurate data not being available in the CRM
Sales reps spend 1 hour (on an average) every day to clean and append information to their leads, that is almost one productive day lost every week, that’s a lot for something that you can get done for just a few bucks every week.
4. Miscommunication between management and sales team
The administration’s wants and the sales reps’ reality often time is different, which hurts the bottom line and decreases the trust, which sales reps have in the company, affecting everyone in the chain.
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