Four reasons why you shouldn’t trust Google or Matt Cutts’ SEO advice


I have been reading a lot of SEO 101 lately to improve ranking for,  hence, in the process spoke to a few SEOs and read a lot online.

Most of the websites suggested following what Google and Matt Cutts had to say on SEO. They want us to consider them as a benchmark for building up websites to rank organically.

Rather, as professionals, we all have been told to walk the talk and not talk the walk. But, while trying to learn from Google’s SEO practices, I realised that even Google doesn’t follow few things that they recommend on their website.

Strange, eh?

Here are the four things that even Google Inc is doing wrong while doing SEO for
  1. Google’s logo has an image description that says “logo11w.png.”
  2. Check here for reference:
  3. Notice the logo11w.png? Good, keep reading.
  4. No H1/H2 tags on the homepage of Don’t trust my words, go check out yourself, Go to Google’s homepage > Source code and check, out yourself. For lazy bums like me click here for a full SEO report for Google.
  5. When you go to, it redirects you to the country specific domain that you are visiting from and while doing so, it adds a small tracking code to track your behaviour and see if you force a rewrite.
  6. The URL to back or not, if you carefully notice the redirected URL, you would notice an underscore instead of dash, for me (when I visit the US and it redirects me to the redirected URL is: Isn’t this against their own
  7. SEO checklist?
  8. Here is a link to an article by Matt Cutts explaining why you should use dashes VS underscore.
  9. .com is not the favourable domain in the eyes of Search Engines, when you visit it redirects you to (Notice the /)
  10. Google has set canonical link tag to tell search bots that is the preferred domain even though they know most people would type .com and not, why? For reference here is the tag found on Google’s website ( <linkhref=”/” rel=”canonical”> link tag )



I wonder why should we follow Google’s SEO advice when they aren’t walking their talk. Hey, Google, if you need SEO help, schedule a time to talk to me 😛

And Oh!! BTW Google, I took the liberty to change your description and tags for your logo (For proper SEO) when I used them on my website.

Do leave your thoughts on this post in comments.

PS: My aim is to experiment whether it is possible to reach 1 Million UV’s through organic reach. I don’t run ads to earn money, and this is just a tiny experiment to see the impact of unique content. Consequently, I spent seven days to find these four small mistakes. (I’m the only person who has dared to write Google’s SEO mistakes, so, feel free to share this around the web). In addition, I will share the traffic details for this article next month.


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