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What We Do

As leaders in the Data Industry for nearly a decade, we’ve gathered an innate understanding of B2B direct sales and outreach. Since we understand the hardships your Sales & Marketing teams go through; we’ve curated solutions to ease operations for your B2B organization. Our custom data mined leads are manually vetted to ensure near-perfection.

We don’t sell lists, we mine them and cross verify across B2B networking sites to double verify, get your hands on the right information fast. We pull together everything you need to know into a single list of potential customers from technology usage, keyword on their pages, ads spend, direct contact information and more, to help you close deals faster.

Services offered:

With BizProspex, give your B2B business a profitable boost with customized, manual data mining solutions. Backed by years of experience and a highly skilled team, we can help you find the best leads to grow your business. Our data mining services are supported by a 120% money-back guarantee!

How will BizProspex’s Data Mining help your B2B Company?

  • Supply your organization with a wealth of dependable and bankable leads
  • Custom-create customer profiles and lead lists through web data mining and skip tracing
  • 100% manual data mining services help effectively execute all operations
  • Up-to-date and relevant data enables you to achieve your marketing objectives

Our track record boasts of satisfied clients, prestigious projects and long-lasting customer relations. If your organization is looking for growth like never before, get in touch with the data mining experts at BizProspex for a free data sample now!

With BizProspex, boost B2B customer engagement and conversion rates through our manual data appending services.

How will BizProspex’s Data Appending help your B2B Company?

  • Append database to ensure that it is always stocked with relevant, verified, up-to-date data
  • Learn everything you must about your prospect before communicating with them
  • Comprehensive customer information via business data appending can help boost the overall success rates of marketing campaigns
  • Leave no gap for guesswork while prospecting or re-engaging with customers

Give your organization the benefit of 100% complete customer information with BizProspex Data Append services.

BizProspex’s best CRM data cleaning services can help you boost customer retention rates and hereby benefit your B2B business!

How will BizProspex’s CRM Cleaning help your B2B Company?

  • Make managing customer relationships easier with an optimized CRM data and database
  • Enjoy higher conversion rates through CRM data clean-up by connecting with prospects at the right time and in the correct manner
  • Find the information you need to customize customer communication and marketing campaigns
  • Statistics show that customer data cleansing can increase revenue by a whopping 41% and improve customer retention by as much as 27%.
  • With up-to-date CRM database, B2B customers can be approached in a way that is attractive to them.

Don’t let your organization miss out on the benefits and growth that accompanies a well-maintained CRM. Get in touch with the best CRM cleaning company, BizProspex, to get started on the road to improved profits!

BizProspex List Building Services can help you find the right kind of prospect data required to power all your B2B sales and campaigns.

How will BizProspex’s List Building help your B2B Company?

  • Our data and list building technicians are trained to mine relevant, up-to-date data and sort them into lists that make your Sales and Marketing Team’s job easier.
  • We also verify the authenticity and validity of all data lists, ensuring a higher response rate for our list building solution.
  • Lists can be built as per your specific needs and requirements, paving the way for better telemarketing, improved engagement and increased profits.

If you are on the lookout for something that can help improve the overall rates of engagement and conversion for your B2B business, look no further! We at BizProspex are ready to cater to all your prospect data and B2B list requirements, backed by our 120% money back guarantee!

In today’s increasingly technologically-driven business world, BizProspex can help you with B2B tech appending services.

How will BizProspex’s Tech Appending Services help your B2B Company?

  • Information about companies using technological platforms helps marketers create more impactful and customized campaigns. (know the tech / software they are using in real time).
  • By extension, this also helps in improving overall engagement rates.
  • With our highly-trained and qualified team of tech append experts, you can obtain data lists related to any website-linked technology platforms.
  • In the B2B industry where the market for most products is niche and highly specific, tech appending services can bring you relevant and live datasets that are ready to convert into paying customers.

Through BizProspex’s tech appending services, find the tech install / tech stack of any company to sell faster.

BizProspex’s well-trained and highly skilled team is the perfect partner for your B2B Skip tracing service needs. We are the right people to handle your bad debts and help you find defaulters. When it comes to boosting your B2B lead generation efforts, we are one of the best skip tracers on the web having already helped the likes of BofA and CBC national bank.

How will BizProspex’s skip tracing services help your B2B Company?

  • Successfully locate and identify the right people when needed, know their direct info / location etc.
  • Armed with the right kind of data, especially mined for you, optimize recollection and recovery.
  • With your clearly defined criteria to guide us, the data we unearth is sure to boost your B2B email list building and skip tracing efforts in the long run.

BizProspex’s skip tracing services, give your B2B organization and its marketing efforts the boost of invaluably accurate and fresh data!

BizProspex is an expert when it comes to B2B customized list mining solutions. Thanks to our extensive experience and highly-skilled team of data experts, we’re well-equipped to help.

How will BizProspex’s Customized List Mining Solution help your B2B Company?

  • Create customized lists based on your organization’s unique market positioning and requirements.
  • Frame custom lists of prospects based on any attributes or pre-requisites you provide and require for your company’s growth.
  • By understanding what you are looking for and how important it is to get everything right, we can deliver an effective and customized list mining solution to you.
  • Our lists are always comprised of verified, cross-referenced, double-checked records for maximum success rates.

With BizProspex’s customized lists you can be assured of receiving data that helps you fulfil your organizational goals and boost sales figures.

Finding addresses can’t be made any simpler. You can track down the virtual as well as physical addresses of your leads within no time with BizProspex. In our Address search services, we also append the addresses to our client’s custom list to give them a hassle-free experience.

How will BizProspex’s Address Search Services help your B2B Company?

  • Find Addresses to the corresponding customer list with the help of digital footprint. BizProspex can find addresses with as little information as first name and last name.
  • For many businesses it is crucial to know the exact address of the client as it is necessary for the segmentation.
  • Our Address Search service let’s you know the complete information of the leads, so that our clients can draft a marketing strategy best suited for their leads.
  • BizProspex can also help you to include the correction in addresses in the existing database and make it free from any errors and inconsistencies.

Pin point the exact address of your leads and target them accordingly with the help of Email Address Search services.

Let BizProspex append the latest email addresses in your leads list. If you are looking for Email Appending services, BizProspex will be happy to help. We provide ~100% verified email addresses so that you can design an unbeatable email marketing campaign.

How will BizProspex’s Email Appending Services help your B2B Company?

  • Enjoy the heavy returns of a successful email marketing campaign with the help of our email appending solution.
  • We not just provide relevant email addresses but also append it in your database. You don’t have to worry about a thing with us!
  • When you have a right set of email addresses, you can also plan a healthy re-engagement plan for your inactive subscribers and attract them back!
  • Send the right email to the right people at the right time with the help of our email appending service.

Find the valid email addresses with the help of our email appending services to boost your ROI and growth.

Get your data diagnosed and refreshed with our Data Scrubbing services. We can identify the inconsistencies in your data within no time and replace it all for good! Now dirty data can no longer be a threat to your growth. Allow BizProspex to do the work for you.

How will BizProspex’s Data Scrubbing Services help your B2B Company?

  • Dirty data can be such a waste of time and energy of your sales team. Besides dirty data can also cause a loss in revenue. When your data is clean you can save the efforts of your sales team and also improve your revenue.
  • BizProspex can help you minimize the data decay rate and contribute to your growth chart by providing you fresh and error-free data.
  • You can also make informed decisions with the help of right set of data and BizProspex helps you do just that!
  • We are a strong team of dedicated individuals committed in providing the error-free data to your clients.
  • Data scrubbing solution can also help you improve your productivity by increasing the chances of lead conversion.

We are a strong team of dedicated individuals committed in providing the error-free data to your clients. Try BizProspex to get the complete set of error-free data.

Don’t worry about the accuracy of your data. Outsource the task to BizProspex. BizProspex offers Data Verification services. Our expert team checks data on all the parameters and ensure that our client’s data is error-free and consistent.

How will BizProspex’s Data Verification Services help your B2B Company?

  • Set sales as your primary focus and let data be ours. BizProspex checks your data on all the necessary parameters to make sure that your data adheres to the highest possible standards.
  • When the data is verified and error-free, the sales team gets hugely benefitted. They can now target the hot leads and convert them easily.
  • Improve your overall efficiency with the help of our data verification services. It can also help you align the sales and marketing teams.
  • Paint a clear picture of your growth and future with the help of our data verification solution.

We verify the data by running it on several tailor-made parameters. Our expert team corrects all the anomalies present in your data. Contact us now!

Bizprospex CRM Data Cleaning service is here to help you with Multi-Lingual data cleaning, data mining or data appending work, don’t worry about data redundancy or address format errors. Check out a multi-language CRM cleaning job we completed this Aug. 2020 here (it had entries coming in from 3 countries (S Korea, Japan and China) and the client needed data standardization and cleaning).

Bizprospex is the right CRM / data cleaning provider for you, allowing you the flexibility to set up your sales and marketing campaigns across the globe without worrying about language barrier.

We at BizProspex are a meticulously trained team of data junkies capable of digging out diamonds from a coal mine when it comes to web scraping. We extract only relevant information from the web by crawling pages manually which are relevant to your business only and help you fill your CRM with hot leads. Since we deploy manual web crawling which is purely based on human logic, we maintain a healthy accuracy rate of over 98%.

With BizProspex’s Phone appending services, generating new sales is easier. Fill in the blank in your CRM and append missing phone / contact information of your prospects, be 100% assured of the accuracy of leads because we mine fresh data for every job.


How will BizProspex’s Phone Appending Services help you?

  • Our highly-skilled and experienced team will scour through all data platforms and other resources to bring in the contact details of your prospects.
  • Append your existing database to fill the blank – numbers, emails and additional phone information.
  • Boost overall sales and profits by centering communication to these high-value prospects as opposed to operating from a trial-and-error method.

Are you done paying for leads that don’t convert? Meet BizProspex

What our clients say

"Great data & CRM appending partner. I used them twice to append BizSlate data of fashion retailers in NYC."

Eric L.

Aftab did exactly what I ask of him. He was able to search for and complete a marketing list of leads for our business. He asked right questions to make sure that he got the exact contacts and correct layout of the entries. I highly recommend him.


Helped us out in a tough spot. Delivered what we wanted.

Sid C

Intempt Technologies

We got a list of CIO's using Markto in SFO spending more than $30,000 on servers and server-side technologies for our consulting business, we got a 24% click rate and 3% conversion, very happy with the effort.

Chief of Sales


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Viral News

Covered by ViralNews in May 2016 when our work went viral.

We were featured on Entrepreneur for our work on UpWork’s pricing policy.

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The Tech Panda

Our data mining hack was featured on TechPanda and was tagged as one of Linkedin biggest bug.

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