Email Marketing

Email Marketing

Since our inception, we have served over 1500 companies with our Email Marketing/Marketing Setup/CRM Cleaning and Data Appending. We have also provided Data Solution/B2B Marketing Solutions/marketing training to over 500 people in small to mid-sized companies.

E-mail Marketing Solution

With our one to one E-mail Marketing Solution, you are sure to reach into the other person’s inbox, our solution offers 100% transparency through weekly reports and biweekly progress meetings (virtual).

We guarantee over 96% deliverability and over 25% open rates (for one to one B2B Campaigns). Our experts personally work with you to get you the most potential leads for your business.

As an E-mail Marketing agency, we (BizProspex) strive to provide 100% customer satisfaction with our dedicated staff. We offer full support over phone and E-mail within usually 4 hours on working days and 12 hours on holidays.

We use intuitive tools to help you target decision makers through one to one E-mail Marketing Campaign that will buy your products and/or services. We believe in transparency of working and our standard procedures are thoroughly described on our blog.

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Good data for sales is like oil for automobiles, we offer bespoke data to help you get the most out of your sales efforts.


We offer free trials, and our data comes with 7 days no questions asked money-back policy.

“Data is the new oil.” — Clive Humbyood

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We offer ready to download free samples, and you can request a custom-built sample if required.