Exploring modern Data Cleaning solutions and their uses


The process of separating useful information from useless junk within a CRM system or database is known as Data Cleansing Solution, Data Cleaning or Data Scrubbing. The process of data scrubbing is usually done with datasets and databases.  One can perform it using special data cleaning tools and solutions that are present specifically for that purpose. The specific objectives behind data cleaning are the creation and maintenance of accurate records of all databases across the company.

As it is evident from the name, the primary reason why companies and individuals conduct data cleaning is usually to get rid of bad data which people also know as dirty data.


Data Cleaning Solution Vs. Data Validation Solution

At this point, it is important to note that there is a term that is often in use interchangeably with Data Cleaning- Data Validation. However, although the two terminologies are closely in link together, they do not mean the same thing and you must make a distinction between them. Data cleaning involves the removal or correction of bad or dirty data within a given database. Data validation, on the other hand, refers to quality control measures implemented at key points of data collection and meant to make sure that only accurate, valid and useful data sifts through to the company’s databases.

Dealing and overcoming the problem of bad data is important for every company and business since large amounts of bad data eat up a lot of useful space while compromising on speed and the overall efficiency of your data or CRM system. In addition, such data could also cause significant damage to your marketing campaigns, damage the reputation of your business and cost you a lot of money along the way. The need for data cleaning tools stems from the fact that it is not always possible to keep bad data completely out of all the company’s databases. There are many reasons why this is so but anyone can accurately categorise them as human errors. Some of the human mistakes that could lead to the creation or accumulation of bad data include the following:

  • Mismatched operation areas
  • Typing errors
  • Similar entries
  • Loss of data during transmission
  • Malicious damage

The data cleaning process can be a simple, one-man affair or it could be a complex process requiring specialised tools/human intervention and software. The main determinants here are the nature of the data, the volume of the data and the extent of damage to the database in question. For instance, if you have a relatively small database then we can remove all the dirty data by going through all the records manually. It includes identifying all the data that needs modification or erasure. However, if, on the other hand, you have a large database containing a large volume of data then you might want to seriously consider getting professional data cleaning solution since they will not just save you a lot of time in cleaning the data but they will also be more accurate.


Professional Data Cleaning Tools

Professional data cleaning tools can either be programmed into the data system or they can be acquired and utilized as stand-alone programs. While the former option will require expertise in programming and in data cleaning techniques, the second option is much friendlier yet still remains almost as effective as the first.

At BizProspex, we understand the importance of having clean data and why businesses should do their best to get rid of dirty data. In addition, we have teams of experts who are experienced in the use of various Data Cleaning Techniques and they have come up with the best stand-alone product to help businesses deal with this problem.  Some of the key features and qualities that can be enjoyed from the use of our data cleaning services include the following:

Cost efficiency-

We understand that businesses have much expenditure to deal with. They may not always have money to plough into records they had already spent money to build. As such, we offer some of the best and most competitive rates on the market. Simply give us a call today and find out what we can do for you.


While it is possible for a human being to go through a sizeable database manually. They can try to identify bad data that may be contained therein. The possibility that they will be able to identify all the bad data in the database is very slim. Some of the bad data is still very likely to slip by. The size of the data slipping in this way only increase as the size of the database continues to grow. Fortunately, our data cleaning solutions are 100% accurate and you can be sure of the data quality.


Our data cleaning products do not require any additional expertise. With a simple and easy to use UI and step by step directions, anyone can start using our tools.


The idea behind a data cleaning tool should be the achievement of an optimal balance between data quality and efficiency. Our data cleaning services are among the most efficient on the market today.


Data cleaning is not all about deleting all the bad data. Sometimes, the data may just need some slight modification to deal with simple problems. It may need an update to keep it relevant to the present. You may need a data cleaning tool that is versatile and flexible enough that can work for your specific needs. That is exactly what you get with our data cleaning services.

Take our free 100 data cleaning solution at no cost to you to try our solution. Raise an inquiry now to know more.


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