CRM Data is integral to the success of your B2B organization. In this article, we take a look at the main reasons to maintain a clean CRM database.

In today’s cut-throat business world, current and relevant data can help your firm grow like never before. It can help you rise above the competition. While lead generation and bringing in new data to work with is certainly important, CRM cleaning is nothing to take lightly. CRM cleaning is also extremely important and an integral part of the B2B sales cycle. While there are many reasons to clean your CRM, here we have listed the four basic reasons to clean your CRM Data. We believe that these will help boost your B2B business’s overall operations.


The First Reason to Clean you CRM DataPrevent Getting Blacklisted by ISPs

No matter what you may think, email marketing campaigns are still the best way of engaging with the B2B market. You cant conduct a full-fledged email marketing campaign with out-dated, bounced, or irrelevant servers and e-mails. ROIs with such campaigns will be low, at best. In such a scenario your mail servers, content, as well as all IPs associated with your campaign, could get affected. They could end up on very severe blacklists, and you will end up with bad data in your CRM.
This is a big problem since it hurts the reputation and brand value in the long run. If customers, ISPs or people in the industry consider you as a spammer, this will affect business. Such a ranking may make people reluctant to trust your company for their requirements.


The Second Reason to Clean Your CRM Data-  Produces Better Results

It goes without saying that your marketing team puts in a lot of effort to construct the right kind of communication for your target group of prospects or potential clients. However, no matter how excellent your email or message is, if it isn’t sent out to qualified people, there will be no positive outcome.

Sending the best e-mails to bad lists is worse than sending mediocre e-mails to a good list. Cleaning your CRM Data will help you in many ways. We’ve been around the e-mail marketing industry long enough to know that even a slight change in data quality can affect your IP/ESP reputation big time. Clean data saves time for your reps who are out there hunting for business.


The Third Reason to Clean Your CRM Data – Knowing your customer makes it easy to sell

There’s no doubt that the quality of your e-mail marketing list and the campaign has a direct impact on quality of responses you’ll get from your marketing campaigns. If you know who your customers are, you will be able to provide them with the service or products that they are most likely to respond to. Based on what software they use, what type of marketing automation they have set up, etc. it would be easier for you to target them and offer them what they need.

A clean CRM database ensures that you’re well aware of who the client is and this helps you give them exceptional service and endear your organization to them.


The Fourth Reason to Clean Your CRM Data – Dead Data is a Dead End

We have averaged over a million e-mails per month in the past four years; you can trust our words on data cleaning and e-mail marketing, bad data and unhappy ESP will lead you nowhere. When you let your marketing efforts be based on an unclean, out-dated or irrelevant CRM database, you are very likely to also communicate with people who have since moved out of a job role, who don’t fit your target profile or who simply are not relevant to your goals.

Clean your CRM Data today to ensure that you won’t reach out to people who aren’t going to associate with your organization in the desired manner.


Cleaning B2B CRM Data is necessary


The Bottom Line

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