Four reasons to clean your CRM Data

CRM cleaning has been an integral part of B2B sales and sales cycle.
There are many reasons to clean your CRM, here we try to list four basic reasons to clean your CRM Data that won’t let you down.


#1 reason to clean your CRM Data– Because you don’t want to get blacklisted by ISPs:

If you attempt to send bulk mail to outdated, bounced, no longer existing servers or e-mails then your mail servers, content, as well as all IPs associated with your campaign, could end up on very severe blacklists, and you will end up with bad data in your CRM.


#2 Because clean CRM Data always produces better results:

Sending the best e-mails to bad lists is worse than sending mediocre e-mails to a good list. Cleaning your CRM Data will help you in many ways. We’ve been around the e-mail marketing industry long enough to know that even a slight change in data quality can affect your IP/ESP reputation big time. Clean data saves time for your reps who are out there hunting for business.


#3 Knowing your customer makes it easy to sell:

There’s no doubt that the quality of your e-mail marketing list and the campaign has a direct impact on the quality of responses you’ll get from your marketing campaigns. If you know who your customers are/or what software they use, marketing automation they have setup, etc. it would be easier for you to target them.


#4 Because no one wants to reach out to contacts that have changed jobs or (at the extreme end) have been dead:

We have averaged over a million e-mails/month in the past four years; you can trust our words on data cleaning and e-mail marketing, bad data and unhappy ESP will lead you nowhere. Clean your CRM Data today to ensure that you won’t reach out to people who aren’t even alive. ESP’s have made those e-mails as a honeypot.


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