Web Solution

Website Design and Development

BizProspex is focused on providing customised bespoke solutions to companies across the world.

We believe that the internet is an ever evolving, competitive and a very innovative medium for brand awareness. The target audience, with their short attention spans and a host of competitive choices, give you just about 2 seconds to capture their imagination!

Presentation and design are the differentiators. A culmination of impactful graphics, aesthetic fonts, relevant images and pleasing colours could bring out the best in your site.



Why Choose BizProspex?

We are a 6 years old startup (Yes, we are still a Startup), 20 people strong business, we know what it takes to be the web ready and ahead of your competition.



Check out some of our work here:


Responsive custom made design

Check out our work at RevolutionProductions.com to be amazed, we have helped RevProd from setting up their website to all their Lead Gen activities.

Marketing (Pages / Creatives and Ads)

From Designing their templates to Managing their AdSense accounts, we help PointHR in everything related to Marketing.

Robust coding (Dynamic Website)

MyHealthInsuranceStore is among the top 10 Insurance Services Providers in California, we help them with their back office support and Lead Generation Activities.



API Integration

Kells is among the top 3 Glass / Timber / Doors Manufacturer in Europe, we have helped them setup API’s to display inventory and track visitors on their website, (Manage inventory on their website by pulling information from their internal ERP)

SEO compatible

DBP Partners currently ranks among the top 3 websites in entire Europe for anything related to Architecture / Design / ReDesign related keywords, we still manage and offer them SEO services to make sure they remain on top.

Browser & Mobile ready Website

DayBreak is one of the most innovative websites we have designed till date, we have integrated HelloBar to capture Emails and MailChimp to manage their Email List.