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Irfan Baig

Public records scraping | Tech Append | Email Appending | Data Verification | Email list cleaning

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Hello, I’m a skilled data specialist with a passion for extracting, processing and managing large volumes of data. I specialize in providing comprehensive services such as:

  • Public records scraping: I use advanced tools and techniques to extract valuable data from public records and government sources.
  • Tech append: I help businesses and organizations enhance their data by adding valuable technical information such as IP addresses, device types, and software details.
  • Email appending: I can help you enhance your email marketing campaigns by appending missing email addresses to your database, ensuring that you have a comprehensive and accurate list of contacts.
  • Data verification: I’m dedicated to ensuring that your data is accurate, up-to-date, and reliable. I use advanced techniques to verify and cleanse your data, including email address validation, phone number verification, and postal address verification.
  • Email list cleaning: I can help you remove invalid, inactive, and duplicate email addresses from your database, ensuring that you’re only targeting active and engaged contacts.
  • Lead generation: I can help you identify and generate leads for your business by leveraging advanced data mining and analysis techniques.
  • Market research: I can help you conduct market research to gain insights into your target audience, competition, and industry trends, allowing you to make informed decisions about your marketing and business strategies.
  • Data enrichment: I can help you enhance your data by adding additional fields such as demographic information, social media handles, and company details.
  • Data analysis: I can help you leverage the power of data analytics to gain deeper insights into your business operations, customer behavior, and industry trends, allowing you to make more informed decisions that drive growth and profitability.

Overall, I’m dedicated to helping businesses and organizations make the most of their data by providing accurate, reliable, and comprehensive services. If you’re looking for a skilled data specialist to help you with your public records scraping, tech append, email appending, data verification, email list cleaning, or any other data-related needs, feel free to reach out to me.


Irfan Baig 2 May 18, 2023
“Thanks to your dedication and timely communication, the project was a resounding success. Your commitment to the work inspires me to collaborate with you on more projects in the future.”

~ Daniel Lawrence

DatB2B Lead Generation

Irfan Baig 2 May 12, 2023
“Great quality and great turnaround time. Prompt with responses. Definitely more work coming your way!”

~ Joseph Walker

Irfan Baig 4 May 9, 2023
“I have been using Irfan’s CRM cleaning service for my business, and I am extremely impressed with how it has streamlined my sales process.”

~ Avery Murphy

Irfan Baig 2 May 3, 2023
“We are thankful for the time and effort-saving services, which have effectively and efficiently appended technology related data to our database.”

~ Stella Cox

Irfan Baig 2 April 25, 2023
“I was really impressed with the speed and accuracy of the tech append services. The data was seamlessly integrated into our system, and we were able to save a lot of time and resources.”

~ Taylor Powell

Irfan Baig 4 April 20, 2023
“I was very impressed with the Address search service offered by Irfan and team. They were able to provide me with valuable information about potential leads that helped me to refine my marketing efforts. The team was responsive and easy to work with, and I would definitely use this service again.”

~ Henry Ward

Irfan Baig 8 April 14, 2023
“We’ve tried several public records scraping services in the past, but none have been as reliable and effective as Irfan’s service. His team goes above and beyond to ensure that we receive the data we need to make informed business decisions. I would highly recommend this service to any business looking to improve their data analysis capabilities.”

~ Ryan Griffin

Irfan Baig 8 April 9, 2023
“I would highly recommend the tech append assistance proffered by Irfan, if you are looking to enhance your data management and operations. The results were outstanding and the investment was well worth it!”

~ David Bell

Irfan Baig 2 April 1, 2023
“Irfan web data scraping service was a life saver for our project! They provided us with accurate data that really cut down our work and made our workflow easier.”

~ Zoey Henderson

March 22, 2023
“As a small business owner, I was skeptical about investing in B2B lead generation services. However, after working with Irfan, I can confidently say that his services are worth every penny. His team was able to deliver high-quality leads that converted into paying customers.”

~ Matthew Parker

Irfan Baig 2 March 15, 2023
“Market research services are a valuable asset to any business looking to make data-driven decisions. Experts was able to provide us with valuable insights that we wouldn’t have been able to gather on our own.”

~ Christopher Morgan

Irfan Baig 8 March 7, 2023
“We used data analytics service to identify trends and patterns in our sales data. Irfan and his team provided us with a comprehensive report that helped us optimize our inventory management, reduce waste, and improve our supply chain operations.”

~ Madison Cox

Irfan Baig 2 February 25, 2023
“Thanks to Irfan’s B2B lead generation services, I was able to focus on closing deals while they provided me with reliable data and a data-driven approach that helped me reach my target audience with ease. His expertise in lead generation and quality data saved me time and ensured that my sales goals were achieved.”

~ Michael Foster

Irfan Baig 8 February 16, 2023
“The quality of data provided by their Google Maps scraping service is unparalleled, giving us a significant advantage over our competitors.”

~ Samuel Brooks

Irfan Baig 2 February 8, 2023
“What I appreciated most about Irfan’s service was the ease of use and integration with my existing systems. I was able to seamlessly incorporate the data into my recruitment strategy and saw a noticeable improvement in my time-to-fill metrics.”

~ Victoria Baker

Lead Generation and Skip Tracing ***Paid Database Only***

Irfan Baig 4January 28, 2023
“Another job well done. Here’s to many more!”

~ Sandro Mugnano

Database and Prospect List for Marketing Agency

Irfan Baig 2January 19, 2023
“I very much appreciate your work by the way! You Are doing amazing, keep it up! “

~ Remus Claudiu Frangu

Web data scraping

Irfan Baig 4January 12, 2023
“Very clear and concise on communicating and confirming the job was being completed accurately. Will use again.”

~ Spataru Daniel

Web data scraping

Irfan Baig 8 December 24, 2022
“I very much appreciate your work by the way! You Are doing amazing, keep it up guys!”

~ Alessio Adam

Lead Generation 

Irfan Baig 2December 14, 2022
“Thank you for your work I am very impressed with the quality of your lead gen! With emails that I receive, I upload them to them a verification tool Normaly see 40-50% deliverability check and had to exclude a lot of leads because of this from your lead generate a 70% deliverability which is very impres”

~ Alex dawson

Email Marketing 

Irfan Baig 2December 10, 2022
“Brilliant, the examples are professional look really catch my eye. Perfect, appreciate it so much – best freelancer I’ve worked with we are definitely going to have a good relationship down the line”

~ Henry Brooks

Data Research

Irfan Baig 4December 2, 2022
“Hey Irfan, Looking at your proposal right now. You definitely have a lot of experience and expertise for the job. I have a question for you.”

~ Euan Macdonald

Data Scraping

Irfan Baig 4November 29, 2022
“Hi Irfan, thank you so much for providing the test file – it looks absolutely perfect.”

~ John Oestreich

Marketing database 

Irfan Baig 2November 23, 2022
“I very much appreciate your work by the way! You Are doing amazing, keep it up guys! “

~ Luna Sinclair

Do research for amazon fba private label product

Irfan Baig 2November 12, 2022
“We appreciate this freelancer’s help this season and hope to have her back next year.”

~ Gary Lane

Data Research  

Irfan Baig 4October 30, 2022
“Hey Irfan, nice proposal. I would like to chat about this project when you have a chance”

~ Joseph Zlnay

Email Marketing 

Irfan Baig 8October 15, 2022
“Thanks for the proactive communication! This looks great so far. Thanks for sharing.”

~ Mark Boutin

Provide list of all E-commerce sites using Shopify, Magento etc

Irfan Baig 4October 26, 2022
“Excellent good quality data provided. Will definitely recommend.”

~ Anuj S.

Provide 1 Million+ CEO in USA location “10K leads”

Irfan Baig 4October 24, 2022
“Good job. It was a nice experience with Irfan, will continue working with him.”

~ Aleksandra N.

Find ceo, coo, owner database and collect manually vetted leads

Irfan Baig 30October 24, 2022

~ Christopher Wilson

I will collect shopify best selling products.

Irfan Baig 4October 19, 2022
“Good job, will use Irfan’s service again. Many thanks”

~ David Walker

Contacts list for e-commerce websites in UK (less than 30 employees)

Irfan Baig 4October 17, 2022
“highly recommended, will most certainly work with Irfan again.”

~ Amelia Murphy

I need the contact details for Essex based private landlords

Irfan Baig 4October 11, 2022
“Irfan was brilliant, he supplied more than he initially offered and worked really hard to ensure that the information he supplied was to a high standard. I would highly recommend him and would happily work together in the future.”

~ Richard O.

Email Database of all decision makers from USA/UK/Germany etc

Irfan Baig 4October 9, 2022
“I highly recommend working with this precise and professional individual. They were a pleasure to work with and I would definitely hire them again. If you’re in need of their services, I encourage you to reach out to them.”

~ Jasper Archer


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