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Salman Ansari

LinkedIn Data Scraping |  Email List Cleaning | Data Annotation | Data Analytics | Data Mining 

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Hello, I’m Salman Ansari, and I have over 4 years of experience in providing data-related services to businesses. During this time, I have helped numerous clients to make informed decisions and achieve their business goals.

Here’s a closer look at some of the services I have provided:

  • LinkedIn Data Scraping: I have used advanced tools to scrape data from LinkedIn profiles, providing valuable insights into companies and individuals across various industries.
  • Email List Cleaning: I have helped businesses to keep their email lists up to date by removing invalid or inactive email addresses and verifying the validity of the remaining ones.
  • Data Annotation: I have provided annotation services for machine learning models, enabling businesses to train their models more effectively and accurately.
  • Data Analytics: I have analyzed and interpreted complex datasets using advanced analytical tools, providing businesses with valuable insights into their performance and market trends.
  • Skip Tracing: I have successfully located individuals who are difficult to find, using a variety of tools and techniques to track them down.
  • Business Information Appending: I have helped businesses to enrich their existing customer data with additional information, such as contact details and demographic information.
  • Worldwide Data Research: I have conducted extensive research on various industries and markets worldwide, providing businesses with a comprehensive view of their target markets and competitors..
  • Funding Data Feed: I have provided real-time funding data feeds, allowing businesses to stay up to date on the latest funding news and trends.
  • Hiring Intent: I have assisted businesses in understanding the hiring intent of their competitors, providing insights into the job market and potential recruitment opportunities.
  • Email Appending: I have helped businesses to add missing email addresses to their existing customer data, increasing their marketing reach and improving their customer communication.

I’m dedicated to delivering high-quality, reliable data services that help businesses succeed. Contact me to learn more about how I can help your business achieve its goals.


Salman Ansari 2 May 13, 2023
“As always, I want to express my appreciation for the exceptional quality of work you have provided. Your dedication and commitment to delivering outstanding results are truly appreciated. Thank you!”

~ Michael Foster

Salman Ansari 3 May 3, 2023
“Working with this company has been a great experience. They handled the small project efficiently and quickly, and I am now planning to continue this association. I am impressed with their professionalism and responsiveness.”

~ Daniel Wright

Salman Ansari 4 April 22, 2023
“The Skip Tracing service offered by Salman was excellent! Quick responses, amazing work, and very helpful. I definitely recommend and would certainly engage them again if I require any further services.”

~ Benjamin Russell

Salman Ansari 5 April 12, 2023
“The Address search service provided by Salman is simply outstanding. Their team is knowledgeable and professional, and they go above and beyond to ensure that their clients receive the best possible results. I would definitely use this service again and recommend it to others.”

~ Chloe Martin

Salman Ansari 5 April 4, 2023
“Thanks to Salman’s multi-language CRM data cleaning service, our database is now more accurate, and our business is more organized. Their service is a must-have for any business looking to improve their data quality.”

~ Andrew Butler

Salman Ansari 4 March 24, 2023
“The events data provided by Salman is a revolutionary solution for businesses who aim to keep themselves informed with the latest industry developments and trends.”

~ Henry Nelson

Salman Ansari 2 March 11, 2023
“We were struggling to obtain some required data from a government website for our company. However, after using Salman an his team, we were impressed with the results. Not only did they provide us with the data we needed, but they also did it efficiently and at an affordable cost. We highly recommend their service to anyone in need of reliable and cost-effective data scraping solutions.”

~ Jack Turner

Salman Ansari 3 March 9, 2023
“I recently used skip tracing services and was extremely satisfied with the results. He was able to quickly locate the information I needed and provided it to me in a clear and organized manner. I highly recommend their services to anyone in need of skip tracing.”

~ Joseph Brooks

Salman Ansari 4 February 27, 2023
“We used data analytics service to analyze our financial data and identify areas for cost-saving and revenue growth. Their team provided us with customized solutions that helped us optimize our budget, increase our profitability, and make data-driven decisions.”

~ Ashley Pauly

Salman Ansari 5 February 26, 2023
“I used LinkedIn data scraping service to extract valuable contact information from my target audience. Their team was able to efficiently and accurately scrape data from LinkedIn profiles, allowing me to connect with potential leads and grow my business.”

~ Sophia Mitchell

Salman Ansari 2 February 14, 2023
“Data scrubbing service is simply outstanding! We’ve struggled with inaccurate and incomplete data for years, but he worked tirelessly to clean up our database and ensure that our records are up-to-date. We’ve seen a significant improvement in the effectiveness of our marketing campaigns since partnering with them. Highly recommended!”

~ Noah Wright

B2B Lead Generation

Salman Ansari 2 February 5, 2023
“With Salman’s B2B lead generation services, my business was able to gain significant traction and expand our customer base.Their data-driven approach and advanced targeting capabilities have helped me reach my ideal audience and achieve my business goals. I highly recommend Salman for any business looking to take their marketing efforts to the next level.”

~ David Ward

Lead Generation and Skip Tracing ***Paid Database Only***

Salman Ansari 3January 28, 2023
“Another job well done. Here’s to many more!”

~ Sandro Mugnano

Database and Prospect List for Marketing Agency

Salman Ansari 2January 19, 2023
“I very much appreciate your work by the way! You Are doing amazing, keep it up guys! “

~ Remus Claudiu Frangu

Web data scraping

Salman Ansari 3January 12, 2023
“Very clear and concise on communicating and confirming the job was being completed accurately. Will use again.”

~ Spataru Daniel

Web data scraping

Salman Ansari 4 December 24, 2022
“I very much appreciate your work by the way! You Are doing amazing, keep it up guys!”

~ Alessio Adam

Lead Generation 

Salman Ansari 2December 14, 2022
“Thank you for your work I am very impressed with the quality of your lead gen! With emails that I receive, I upload them to them a verification tool Normaly see 40-50% deliverability check and had to exclude a lot of leads because of this from your lead generate a B0% deliverability which is very impres”

~ Alex dawson

Email Marketing 

Salman Ansari 2December 10, 2022
“Brilliant, the examples are professional look really catch my eye. Perfect, appreciate it so much – best freelancer I’ve worked with we are definitely going to have a good relationship down the line”

~ Euan Macdonald

Data Research

Salman Ansari 3December 2, 2022
“Hey Salman, Looking at your proposal right now. You definitely have a lot of experience and expertise for the job. I have a question for you.”

~ Euan Macdonald

Data Scraping

Salman Ansari 3November 29, 2022
“Hi Salman, thank you so much for providing the test file – it looks absolutely perfect.”

~ John Oestreich

Marketing database 

Salman Ansari 2November 23, 2022
“I very much appreciate your work by the way! You Are doing amazing, keep it up! “

~ Bernhard Mittelmann

Do research for amazon fba private label product

Salman Ansari 2November 12, 2022
“We appreciate this freelancer’s help this season and hope to have her back next year.”

~ Gary Lane

Data Research  

Salman Ansari 3October 30, 2022
“Hey Salman, nice proposal. I would like to chat about this project when you have a chance”

~ Joseph Zlnay

Email Marketing 

Salman Ansari 4October 15, 2022
“Thanks for the proactive communication! This looks great so far. Thanks for sharing.”

~ Mark Boutin

Provide list of all E-commerce sites using Shopify, Magento etc

Salman Ansari 3October 26, 2022
“Excellent good quality data provided. Will definitely recommend.”

~ Anuj S.

Provide 1 Million+ CEO in USA location “10K leads”

Salman Ansari 3October 24, 2022
“Good job. It was a nice experience with Salman, will continue working with him.”

~ Aleksandra N.

Find ceo, coo, owner database and collect manually vetted leads

Salman Ansari 28October 24, 2022

~ Hassan H.

I will collect shopify best selling products.

Salman Ansari 3October 19, 2022
“Good job, will use Salman’s service again. Many thanks”

~ Mohamed E.

Contacts list for e-commerce websites in UK (less than 30 employees)

Salman Ansari 3October 17, 2022
“highly recommended, will most certainly work with Salman again.”

~ Emma Estill R.

I need the contact details for Essex based private landlords

Salman Ansari 3October 11, 2022
“Salman was brilliant, he supplied more than he initially offered and worked really hard to ensure that the information he supplied was to a high standard. I would highly recommend him and would happily work together in the future.”

~ Richard O.

Email Database of all decision makers from USA/UK/Germany etc

Salman Ansari 3October 9, 2022
“Great work. Will happily use again.”



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