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About SIC & NAICS Codes

SIC Codes stands for Standard Industrial Classification Codes and NAICS Codes stands for North American Industry Classification System Codes. These codes were developed by the federal government and are used by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget (OMB) as well as many other U.S. statistical agencies.

SIC and NAICS codes are universally used to classify a business according to the nature of its economic activity and its economic decision-making characteristics. They are excellent tools for categorizing every type of organization and even individuals in a standard industry grouping system that is widely used by governments, economic agencies, and economists. A SIC code describes all businesses with similar functions and operations, while a NAICS code refers specifically to manufacturing companies.

Advantages of SIC and NAICS codes


Companies can benefit significantly by being aware of NAICS codes linking every industry in North America, in the case of SIC codes, in the USA and UK.


Different organizations employ analysis of work in various sectors based on these codes. You can analyze new sites or markets based on the industry landscape of an area.


By making such evaluations, you can gauge the opportunities in or oversaturation of a targeted market base which significantly increase your ROI.


These codes classify industries into two ways – General industry and Specific industry, they help differentiate between generic-term sectors like auto industry and auto parts industry.

How can BizProspex help you with SIC/NAICS Codes?

Build a singular SIC/NAICS email database comprising all the industries with job titles of key-decision makers.

Our business lists will help you locate and assist in lead generation from several industries broadening your sales spectrum.

Classify your prospects based on their industry for efficient customer acquisition.

Customize and regularly update your email lists with most relevant details based on your choice of SIC/NAICS codes.



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