Anything in CRM Data Appending / Email List Building / CRM Admin tasks / IT intent Lists / and Data Research!

 CRM Admin tasks  and Data Research!

We at BizProspex offer a comprehensive set of services related to data for B2B salespeople and business owners to aggregate, learn from, and use their pre-owned data and mine new data for their lead generation and marketing campaigns, to stay ahead of their competitors.

Be it-

  • CRM Data Appending,
  • Data Mining,
  • CRM Cleaning

We offer end to end data solution to help our clients generate new leads through email/phone and retargeting campaigns.

What is Data Appending?

Data appending is the process of uploading missing or rectifying incorrect information such as e-mail IDs, phone numbers, addresses and demographic data of your customers which can enhance the reach of your business exponentially as well as yield larger revenues. Data appending services transform and overhaul every data-driven process that your business operates and depends on. Data appending is more about turning your business into a wholesome data-driven experience than just cleaning it for the errors.


Reach the Right Leads At the Right Time:

 If you have concise data which is valid at a given point of time, you can reach the right leads at the right time. Therefore, data appending is advantageous as it refreshes the existing data and refurbishes the old data to make it shine like new. Data Appending when done regularly can also save you a lot of marketing revenue otherwise wasted on incomplete data. Thus, it turns out that data appending saves you a considerable sum in the long run.

Level up your Engagement with Leads:

When you have precise data about your leads, you can devise a marketing strategy, which is tailor-made for them. You can take the help of personalized content, triggered emails to reach this goal. Once you have complete information about your leads, you can also develop customer insights and build customer persona. Thus, data appending helps you level up your engagement with the leads.

Increase the Value of Your Data: 

 You can keep your data up-to-date with the help of Data Appending. Thus, this increases the value of your data, the correctness of data. However, kindly note that no database can be 100% correct at all points of time. Your data is constantly decaying at an alarming rate. To stop the data decay, you can utilize Data Appending services. Does your data need a check-up too? If yes, then we are at your service.

Select any filters from the below chart to narrow down your customer persona:

How does this help you? The answer is better reach to your prospective customers!

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Other Services

Data Mining

With BizProspex, give your B2B business a boost with customized, manual data mining solution Click below to try 100 leads at no cost.

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CRM Cleaning

We work as data admins and help companies clean their existing leads to help them re-engage with old customers.

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Data Solution

We at BizProspex offer a comprehensive set of services related to data for B2B salespeople and business.

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Tech Append

With BizProspe’x Skip tracing, it becomes easier for organizations to track down and find information about virtually.

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Skip Tracing

With BizProspex’s Skip tracing services, it has become easier for organizations to track down and find information. 

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Data Appending

Half-Data can be as bad as Half-Knowledge. Allow us to help you with our Data Appending Services.

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Email Appending

If your leads lists or CRM is missing direct Email data, you are loosing on the best engagement channel which generates 

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Web Data scraping

Happy to help you with Google Maps, LinkedIn, Fb, data mining to help you dig out diamonds 

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Address Search

We understand the role that demographics play in lead conversion. There are numerous digital platforms people leave their footprints

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Multi Language CRM

There are numerous digital platforms people leave their footprints on.For example, they go voluntarily leave their address on Twitter

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“Data is the new oil.” — Clive Humbyood

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