Data Solution

BizProspex offers a comprehensive service for B2B marketers to aggregate, learn from, and use their pre-owned data in their lead generation and marketing campaigns, to stay ahead of their competitors.

Be it-

Data Appending,

Data Mining,

or, CRM Cleaning

We offer an end to end data solution to help our B2B clients gain insights and turn visitors into potential clients.

Data solutions for B2B Business

The solution we offer provides a universal transformation for all channels of marketing, including E-mail Marketing, List Building, Client Persona Development, and CRM Cleaning. Organisations can easily integrate their current marketing data to be appended manually or build a list from their customer persona in their funnel. The intelligence in terms of data that we can pull offers a competitive edge over your competitors. With our new appended and clean data, you know what your prospective clients are using to easily target customers who are using a specific technology to offer your products or services to that company as a value-add or an upgrade to the current technology, for e.g if you are looking for SAP users in Atlanta or SalesForce users in New York within your customers list or CRM data, we have got your back.

So, what does this mean to your business? 

The answer is better reaching to your prospective customers!!

Want Numbers? Here they are,


1. 3400 + technologies (SAP/SalesForce/Zoho/Oracle/Ms Cloud/MySQL/WordPress etc)

2. 2 Million+ companies (Choose from ERP, CRM, HCM, HRIS, BI, SCM IT Networking, Web Technologies, Analytics, etc.)

3. 80 Job Functions (Product/Sales/IT/Admin/Purchase etc.)

4. 24 Decision makers (CEO/CTO/VP/Directors etc.)

5. 8+ Countries (USA/Uk/Germany/Canada/Australia/India/China and some parts of Eu)

Questions? We’ve got answers.

You don’t learn everything in life by reading a manual. So, if you would like to talk a real human behind BizProspex, we are happy to help.