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Be it address appending, phone number verification, email lookup or anything in between, BizProspex has the solution.

De-Dupe, Merge, Clean, Sort, and Enhance your data to grow your business, we have software (wahleads.com) and a team of 55+ data stewards to help you smash your sales targets.

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Data Mining

With BizProspex, give your B2B business a boost with customized, manual data mining solution Click below to try 100 leads at no cost.

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CRM Cleaning

We work as data admins and help companies clean their existing leads to help them re-engage with old customers.

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Data Solution

We at BizProspex offer a comprehensive set of services related to data for B2B salespeople and business.

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Tech Append

We help you collect current technology usage of various businesses, especially ERP / CRM / Ecommerce / server-side
software packages.

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Data Appending

Half-Data can be as bad as Half-Knowledge. Allow us to help you with our Data Appending Services.

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Email Appending

If your leads lists or CRM is missing direct Email data, you are loosing on the best engagement channel which generates.

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Web Data Scraping

Happy to help you with Google Maps, LinkedIn, Fb, data mining to help you dig out diamonds.

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Address Search

We understand the role that demographics play in lead conversion. There are numerous digital platforms people leave their footprints.

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Skip Tracing

With BizProspex’s Skip tracing services, it has become easier for organizations to track down and find information. 

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Multi Language CRM

Your global business needs the support of a global CRM cleaning partner, Bizprospex is that global provider for your business.

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Google Maps Scrapping

We here at Bizprospex have a team of trained professionals who are experts in scrapping data from the web.

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Events Data

We provide events attendees data, exhibition list that is relevant for your business and helps you find the most suitable leads for your business.

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Hiring Intent

Hiring intent refers to a procedure where you find and dig out all the essential data to help your business grow.

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Public Records Scrapping

Public records scrapping refers to a procedure that involves scrapping and retrieving the data from the website for some particular purpose.

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Data Annotation

Data annotation refers to a procedure where audio, text, images, and video becomes the data for training purposes for machine learning.

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LinkedIn Data Scrapping

Using a data scraper to extract data from LinkedIn is straightforward. Extracting data from LinkedIn such as Email, First Name, Last Name, Industry, Company LinkedIn URL, Website!

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Phone Appending

Phone appending refers to a process of updating your list of contact numbers and adding more to your existing database of customers.

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Data appending services

Data Scrubbing

Data scrubbing is a technical process encompassing merging, translating, and filtering out the inconsistencies in data.

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Data Verification

Data Verification is the process of checking the entire database for any inconsistencies or errors.

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B2B Lead Generation

We work towards Exploring all the possible opportunities to promote better b2b lead generation for your company’s business growth.

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Reverse Phone Appending

Our reverse phone appending services completes your database seamlessly with the individual records and helps you to gain an understanding of your business prospects and customers with the help of their complete contact data.

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email appending services

Reverse Email Appending

The reverse email appending service will allow you to fill up the gaps in your database and these will built-up new marketing channels to outreach more clients.

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Business Information Appending

Data, the most valuable asset of any business requires continuous management.

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Market Research

Our market research services help businesses find growth opportunities and build a competitive strategy that is based on a deep understanding of customers and the overall marketplace.

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What We DO!

As leaders in the Data Industry for nearly a decade, we’ve gathered an innate understanding of B2B direct sales and outreach. Since we understand the hardships your Sales & Marketing teams go through; we’ve curated solutions to ease sales for your B2B organization. Our custom data mined leads are manually vetted to ensure near perfection.

We don’t sell lists, we mine them, and cross verify across B2B networking sites to double verify, get your hands on the right information fast. We pull together everything you need to know into a single list of potential customers from technology usage, keyword on their pages, ads spend, direct contact information and more, to help you close deals faster.

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Are you done paying for
leads that don’t convert?
Meet BizProspex

Build Your Email Lists Fast Data Mining and Sales leads list building – BizProspex

Are you done paying for
leads that don’t convert?
Meet BizProspex

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Mentions/Media Articles

Our founder has been featured on Forbes for his work

viral news

Covered by ViralNews in May 2016 when our work went viral.

We were featured on Entrepreneur for our work on UpWork’s pricing policy.

Our data mining hack was featured on TechPanda and was tagged as one of Linkedin biggest bug.

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“Data is the new oil.” — Clive Humbyood

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We offer ready to download free samples, and you can request a custom-built sample if required.