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Look for the Right thing at the Right place: Event Attendees data

BizProspex introduces the first of its kind service by providing clients event attendees data. At times, we immerse ourselves in such complex strategies that we forget the solution we were looking for was just around the corner. Following this basic ideology, we bore out the most relevant leads from the events database.

Event Attendees data: Natural Funnel of leads!

Events such as conferences, summits, meetings, trade fairs occur all over the world, where like-minded people get together and share ideas. Such events are attended by leads which are genuinely interested in it. Thus, we can naturally place them at the top of the sales funnel.

Therefore, such events are a great platform for lead collection. These leads are qualified and hot. They can be directly used for rigorous marketing campaigns, broadcast lists and other marketing strategies.

Lead collection from these sources can be highly fruitful as these leads are already aware of the ins and outs of businesses. You can learn their pain points and draft a marketing strategy tailor-made for them.



How we can help?

We provide events attendees data, exhibition list that is relevant for your business. We can, therefore, help you find the most suitable leads for your business.

Here’s a complete list of information that we provide:

  • Events and Exhibitor’s List: We provide you with the complete list of events happening across the globe all year round. We also proffer you an “insider’s peek” by letting you know the exhibitor’s list as well. This shall give a fair idea of the event’s potential and the kind of exposure it can provide.
  • Name of Events and Homepage URL: Obviously, it’s our fundamental responsibility to give you the names of all the events that are relevant for your business domain. We also provide the URL of those events so that you can get in touch with the organisers and get your queries answered
  • Sponsors & Organisers:  Not just the above we also provide the names of the sponsors and organisers behind any event. This can help you evaluate the funding and the potential of the event.
  • Event Attendees data: Last but certainly not least, we provide you hot leads in the form of event attendees data. These leads are sales qualified leads that can be converted through proper convincing and marketing mediums.

Wondering where we gather all this information from?

BizProspex specialises in everything data. We are smart diggers/miners of relevant data. We have a master database which consists of all the above-mentioned information. We first understand your type of business, then our expert team sort and select events data that are relevant for your business type. Thus, we come up with the events data tailor-made for your industry.

Our Service

Manual Data-Mining

Get the information you want right when you need it, being well-informed gives you an extra edge in any business. 

Data Deduplication

Eliminate duplicate data to avoid confusion and redundancy which might happen due to making multiple entries.

Data Cleaning

Remove errors like incorrect information (name, address) and spelling mistakes from your data.

What Our Customers Say

Steve King

“Murtaza is a young and energetic data professional. His team can help you find the right data you are looking for. A good team I recommend you try BizProspex out for sure.”

Jacob Waldman

“BizProspex is the only company I would go for the Data Cleaning. The team has quick turn around time and produces quality work. Good people to work with.”

Eric Lituchy

“Great data; CRM appending partner. I used them twice to append BizSlate data of fashion retailers in NYC. Love working with Murtaza and team, a pleasure indeed”

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Leads Research for B2B is like oil for automobiles, we offer bespoke services to help you get the most out of your lead generation efforts.


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