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Data annotation refers to a procedure where audio, text, images, and video becomes the data for training purposes for machine learning, where both people and technology play a crucial role. The annotated image as data for the various computer vision platforms facilitates the machines to detect images and classify objects in different categories. Data labeling with analytics allows every industry with artificial intelligence technology to reach the epitome of its potential without any errors.




Semantic Segmentation

We help solve the visionary issues about outdated computers that involve receiving raw data. Such computers naturally take in 2D images and endeavor to convert them into the areas required to get highlighted. When we talk about Semantic Segmentation, the part of the picture containing the masses will become part of the object that interests the user, thus solving the problem with the computer.


Polygon Annotation

Our Polygon or Polygonal annotation will help you create a better picture of irregular objects and the ones with no defined boundaries. The function of this annotation is to annotate the coarse and irregular objects that have symmetrical shapes. Polygon annotation also facilitates capturing large images with the help of aerial photography to boost efforts of accurate annotation. We help in annotating your images by implementing bounding polygons with a higher level of accuracy to build exclusive models. Such models are sharp and promote correct vision to allow aerial imagery.


Bounding Box

We indulge in outlining the objects within a box, be it a human, some placard, or other entities on the streets. The quantity of the data and its quality will make us decide whether to use 2D or 3D. Our primary objective under the bounding box is to give autonomous vehicles training that will help recognize specific objects. The objects will come with proper classification and tagging that will ensure their quality.


Landmark Annotation

Here, we will accurately plot a sequence of points to determine the shape of a natural object, like the emotions, facial features, and expressions of human beings.


3D Cuboid Annotation

We capture the object in a 3D cuboid dimension to ensure that you get an in-depth view of the concerned object by building a model with comprehensive detailing.



Being one of the best data annotation companies, associate with s to unlock various data annotation benefits such as –

Proficient Scalability

Increasing scalability allows us to accommodate more data volumes without compromising the quality of the data.


Effective Data Security

We will ensure that your data is secure at all times. Your data will be present in various formats with a policy barrier as a guard.


We indulge in delivering your data, solution, and service requirements on time.

Promoting The Holistic Growth Of Your Company

Our team will assist you in preparing your data for engines of artificial intelligence. We use the best features to push your organization’s growth and bring in innovation without wasting your time and resources.

Capabilities Across Industries And Deriving Data

We gather information from multiple sources and discover the capabilities you can discover across various industries. We produce data for training in artificial intelligence for every industry.

Expert Set Of Working Professionals

Professional Workforce with an expert team of professionals to execute your work with utmost precision. They will ensure the accurate annotation of your data and its labeling so that you can have precisely annotated datasets for information.

Stay Ahead In Competition

Our services will help you have more relevant information with the help of artificial intelligence. It will give you an upper hand over your competitors.

Use Of Artificial Intelligence

We indulge in labeling data for generating datasets of high quality with the help of Artificial Intelligence models driving better insights. such models make your datasets ready for use at any time.

Affordable Expenditure

Our prices are affordable and will not put pressure on your finances. We endeavor to deliver the best technology, training, and management within the budget you give us.



You can easily diagnose diseases in healthcare facilities with assistance from our annotated imaging.


Our data annotation assists in operating the robotic arms in the manufacturing industry.

Satellite Imagery

Our data annotation helps get clear images of towns and cities with the help of satellites.

Private Flying

You can use our image data annotation to capture crystal clear images from your drones.


Various eCommerce platforms and supermarkets use image annotation for visual inspection.


You can operate automatic security cameras to keep a vigilance on suspicious movements.


Our data annotation helps in deriving numerous analyses for agricultural development.

Self Driving

You learn to drive easily with the help of our computerized vision learning.


Free sample data available

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