Primary and Secondary Research

Primary Search: Primary data research is information gathered through original or first-hand research. It suggests going directly to a source mostly customers and prospective customers in your target market to gather information and ask questions. Our research experts collect Initial data specific to prescribed research requirements after a scientific Procedure through various sources like Questionnaires, offline material, emails, Internet material, or interviews.

Secondary Search: Secondary data research is a type of research that has already been compiled, gathered, organized, and published. Our team at Bizprospex append information that summarizes and synthesizes research received indirectly from pre-existing sources and materials, such as online sources, statistics, reports, social media, and LinkedIn navigator.

Our Primary and Secondary Research Process


Survey Design and Implement

Data processing

Target audience profiling

Data analysis

Choosing target respondents


Data collection

Report presentation

Expert insights

Market Research For Businesses

Our market research services help businesses find growth opportunities and build a competitive strategy that is based on a deep understanding of customers and the overall marketplace. Be it B2B or B2C, or primary or secondary, Bizprospex performs market research functions to meet all your critical business intelligence needs with meticulousness by our data mining solution and time-tested market research methodologies. You can have a direct impact on your ROI with bizprospex’s primary and secondary research services. Contact us to find out more about our offerings.


Why you should Embrace our Primary and Secondary Market Research


Our Service

Manual Data-Mining

Get the information you want right when you need it, being well-informed gives you an extra edge in any business. 

Data Deduplication

Eliminate duplicate data to avoid confusion and redundancy which might happen due to making multiple entries.

Data Cleaning

Remove errors like incorrect information (name, email address, phone no) and spelling mistakes from your data.

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