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CRM Data Cleaning 


We work as data admins and help companies clean their existing leads and help them re-engage with old customers and get better conversions without spending money and effort on new lead generation.



We work as an extension of your team in admin tasks to help you clean your existing lists, be it appending more information / adding technology install data / job title / addresses / NAICS codes or whatever, request and we will assure you the right information at the right time to grow your business.

Appending data to their existing CRM lists (like NAICS code / addresses / names / designation / phone numbers etc).

Custom manual data research and CRM admin tasks.

Collect your competitor’s customer data (for SaaS).

Ensuring their prospects are active and working for the same company (if not, find the replacement and also find where the old prospect is now, essentially helps companies grow their existing list by almost double in some cases).

Keyword research and digital activity across the web.


Multiple Touchpoints

If your CRM is missing information about your prospects, don’t worry, just ask us and we will mine the data and append it to your existing lists to help you grow your business.

  1. Whether it be any popular online job portals
  2. Social Media
  3. Email
  4. Phone
  5. You name it, and we can do it!

Contact us to get your free sample started.


If you are not using cross-platform remarketing, you miss out on many engaged visitors who are ready to convert and just need a simple nudge, contact us to know how we can append information to your existing DB to make it remarketing-ready and help you set up remarketing (at no cost) to target them across platforms and devices.

PS: We offer a free remarketing setup for all our existing clients.

CRM Admin

Have anything specific in mind? We have a team of 40 excellent data professionals well-trained to accommodate any research/data mining tasks, just contact us to know more, about a few tasks that we usually do for our clients:

  1. Ensures that the data in CRM is correct.
  2. Collect potential and existing clients’ data from ticketing systems or other social media platforms. 
  3. Collect/ import / manage order-related data from invoicing or accounting software etc.

Surprising CRM Cleaning Statistics


The largest share of the digital marketers’ wallet in 2019 goes towards email marketing strategies, as 60% of surveyed respondents plan to increase their email marketing budget, according to a study by StrongView. This makes a lot of sense given email’s consistently highly-rated ROI – a $40 return on every $1 spent.


CRM offers an average return of $5.60 for every $1 spent.


CRM systems can increase revenue by a whopping 41% according to sales teams (Trackvia.com).


CRM cleaning implementation is known to improve customer retention by as much as 27%. It’s easier to sell to an existing customer than it is to a new one!!


Managing Your CRM Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

Fill your CRM / Sales pipeline with hot leads that are ready to convert.


Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

The bad data that results from data decay can prevent you from reaching your prospects. Our CRM data cleaning services can help you keep your database accurate and complete so that you can reach the right people at the right time.

  1. Live data (we mine our data fresh, daily and manually).
  2. Background / keyword research. 
  3. Direct Dials and direct Emails.
  4. Competitors client lists for filling your CRM with leads.

Experience that defines BizProspex

BizProspex is a data solutions company that has been in the industry for 13 years and is still going strong. Over these years, BizProspex has worked with a wide range of clients from various industries including healthcare, finance, retail, and technology. The company has helped these clients to achieve their data-related goals and improve their business outcomes.  

We use the latest tools and technologies to ensure that the data we provide is of the highest quality and meets the needs of our clients. Today we stand out as global leaders when it comes to CRM cleaning, Data appending, Data mining, tech install, Data Merging, and Data De-duping for B2B clients.

What do our experts have to say?

Our experts at BizProspex provide accurate and reliable data solutions to their clients using their knowledge and experience. We offer services such as data mining, data cleansing, data appending, data verification, and data enrichment. By leveraging advanced tools and technologies, our data researchers extract insights from large datasets, correct inaccurate data, add missing data fields, validate data accuracy, and enhance existing data with additional information. Our goal is to provide high-quality data solutions that are accurate and reliable for their clients.


What is a CRM Cleaning Service?

CRM cleaning refers to the process of cleaning up and organizing customer data in a company’s CRM (customer relationship management) system. This typically involves removing duplicate records, correcting errors, updating outdated information, and ensuring that data is consistent and accurate across all records.

How long does CRM cleaning take?

The time required to clean your CRM data will depend on the size of your database and the complexity of the cleanup required. Some companies can clean data in as little as a few hours, while others may take several days or weeks. We assure that the cleaning of your data is done in real-time.

How long does it take to get my email list after I order it?

As soon as you place your order, we begin collecting fresh data for you. This process typically takes less than 24 hours, after which the data becomes available to you.

Can I clean my CRM data myself?

While it’s possible to clean your CRM data yourself, it can be a time-consuming and complex process. Additionally, if you’re not experienced in data management, you may end up making errors that could further damage your data. That is why you hire our team of experts, ensuring your data is clean and accurate.

How often should I clean my CRM data?

The frequency of cleaning may depend on the size of your database and the rate of change in your data. You should clean your data frequently, such as quarterly or monthly.

Is your accuracy guaranteed?

Our records come with a 98% accuracy guarantee. In the unlikely event that you come across a lower accuracy rate, you can reach out to our customer relations team, and we will replace the inaccurate data with new data at no extra cost to you. We refer to this policy as our Bounce-Back Guarantee.


“We have enjoyed our relationship with BizProspex. They have done a great job in helping us target prospects and delivered 2x times many leads as we expected.”
review bizprospex
Steve King

Founder - Consulting firm in Boston

“BizProspex is the only company I would go for the Data Cleaning. The team has a quick turnaround time and produces quality work. Good people to work with.”
bizprospex reviews four and half star
Jacob Waldman

CEO - Mcadam Fa.

“Great data; CRM appending partner. I used them twice to append BizSlate data of fashion retailers in NYC. Love working with the BizProspex team, a pleasure indeed.”
bizprospex reviews four and half star
Eric Lituchy

Founder - BizSlate

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BBB Rating: A+

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TrustScore 3.8

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Rating 4.9

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Rating 5

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Manual Data-Mining

Get the information you want right when you need it, being well-informed gives you an extra edge in any business.

Data Appending

Append missing information such as contact details, addresses, etc of your customers. Enrich your database to sail through your targets easily.

Data Deduplication

Eliminate duplicate data to avoid confusion and redundancy which might happen due to multiple sources of data.

Data Cleaning

Remove errors like incorrect information and spelling mistakes from your data ensuring a smooth conversation.

Skip Tracing

Accurately locate the geographic location, address, contact info, and other intel related to people that your organization is looking for.

Email Appending

If your Leads lists or CRM is missing direct email data, you are losing out on the engagement channels which generate the highest ROI.



Free sample data available


Free sample data available

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