Skip Tracing Services

With BizProspex’s Skip tracing, it becomes easier for organizations to track down and find information about virtually anybody with an online presence of some kind. Backed by years of experience and a highly skilled team, we can help you sort through the entire world wide web to find breadcrumb trails that lead to the right prospect!

What is Skip Tracing?

Skip Tracing is a method of finding the right addresses of the clients or the debtors who have absconded to avoid paying the debts. In the internet realm, skip tracing is the art of finding the right address of the person in charge by tracing their digital footprints. The skip tracing process involves e-mail address searchlooking for location, active phone numbers, social media profiles, and online buying behavior.

How will Skip Tracing help your organization?

Accurately locate the geographic location, address, contact info, and other intel related to people that your organization is looking for;

Unearth important details about high-value customers through web data mining, in-depth research and specialized solutions for businesses.

Support any background research efforts with verified, accurate and up-to-date records.


Effective Skip Tracing

If a client has forfeited on loan and is currently absconding, use our skip tracing services to locate their current addresses. Additionally, if loan guarantors, defaulters, or virtually anyone can be traced by our experienced team through our magic research methodology. If your team is looking for a particular employee in an organization whose information isn’t readily available, we can make it available through skip tracing.


How we Trace

We perform specific database searches, which typically involves:

  •  Title searches to confirm a property’s registered owner(s).
  • Company searches that confirm whether a company is still operating or not, its business address, and details of the company’s directors.

Our track record when it comes to skip-tracing is very accurate, that is why companies in insurance, banking, finance, etc among others use us. If your organization is seeking a dependable partner, try us out!


Trusted and used by many companies

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