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 The Solution to all your B2B Data Cleaning and Data Mining needs!

When we say BizProspex is a leader in the B2B data services industry, we mean it!


With a decade of robust experience under our belt, our commitment to enhancing B2B companies’ resource optimization, data cleansing, and data-related services continues to expand. We proudly maintain our position as world-renowned leaders in the realm of jobs posting data feed, global funding data, technology installation, regulatory compliance data feed, and other data-related solutions for our B2B clientele.

Over the past decade, we’ve partnered with 500+ companies around the world, actively driving their sustainable and measurable growth. BizProspex is a top player in global funding and job posting data feeds, and now we’ve also made our mark in the regulatory compliance database. This recognition is a result of our unwavering commitment to stringent compliance, personalized processes, and thorough verification methods. Our services are instrumental in guiding companies to improved growth and sales while maintaining strict regulatory adherence.

Our primary objective is to provide our clients with top-tier data to enhance their revenue performance. The significance of enhanced data management services has evolved from being a luxury to becoming a critical component for organizational survival. At BizProspex, our emphasis lies in becoming the essential partner for your organization’s survival and eventual prosperity. By gaining a deep understanding of your company’s unique requirements, we stand ready to offer solutions that genuinely drive impactful change.

Our team takes pride in its motivated, extensively trained, and highly skilled members who are up-to-date with the most cutting-edge data solutions. Crafted with a focus on catering to B2B enterprises, BizProspex offers all-encompassing regulatory compliance data feed that enhances the reputation of your company. Our services are committed to providing businesses of every scale with the means to extract and add information to enhance their ability to sell, serve, market, evolve, and thrive like never before.


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Data Mining Data

With BizProspex, give your B2B business a profitable boost with customized, manual data mining solutions.

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CRM Cleaning

We work as data admins and help companies clean their existing leads and help them re-engage with old customers.

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Data Solution

We at BizProspex offer a comprehensive set of services related to data for B2B salespeople and businesses.

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Tech Append

We help you collect current technology usage of various businesses, especially ERP / CRM / Ecommerce / server-side software packages.

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Skip Tracing

With BizProspex’s Skip tracing, it becomes easier for organizations to track down and find information.

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Data Appending

Half-Data can be as bad as Half-Knowledge. Allow us to help you with our Data Appending Services.

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Email Appending

If your Leads lists or CRM is missing direct email data, you are losing out on the engagement channels which generate the highest ROI.

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Web Data Scraping

We are glad to be of service in helping you with data scraping by mining your data so you can dig out diamonds!

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Address Search

We understand the role that demographics play in the lead conversion. There are numerous digital platforms where people leave their footprints.

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Multi Language CRM

Your global business needs the support of a global CRM cleaning partner, BizProspex is that global provider for your business.

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Bird’s eye


Incorporated in 2009, BizProspex is a global leader in the global jobs and compliance data industry. Right from a start-up to far more well-established companies, we’re equipped to offer comprehensive, tangible solutions to cater to your data mining, appending, processing, or lead list needs.

  • Data Cleaning 97% 97%
  • Phone no. accuracy 80% 80%
  • Email Appending 90% 90%
  • Customer Happiness 100% 100%



Free sample data available


Free sample data available

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