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Six years after the launch of BizProspex, we see our vision of helping B2B companies clean their CRM getting realized

Today, we stand out as global leaders in the field of CRM Cleaning, Data Appending, Data Merging and Data De-duping. We have served over 250 companies across the globe and are counted among top 3 organizations in the field of Manual Data Appending.


Our aim is to help organizations grow with best leads coming to them through their marketing efforts that are propelled by a clean CRM Data. CRM data cleaning is not any extravagance today but it is the need of time that helps organizations remain updated always.

With our latest techniques utilized for data cleaning, it has become easier for organizations to keep their CRM Data clean and keep appending it to remain up-to-date. We have the most comprehensive Data Cleaning solution that has been designed after a thorough research done on B2B CRM needs and with support from our well-trained employees who stand with us as our strength.

We help you turn your CRM data into the most productive asset for your organization so that you get the most out of your marketing campaigns.

Thanks to our employees, partners, and the customers we serve, our industry-leading CRM data cleaning service has become the need of the hour for almost all B2B companies to stay up-to-date. Industries and businesses of all sizes can clean their customer data and append information in a whole new way using the latest techniques we have built over time to sell, service, market, and succeed like never before.


We did good, we can do better

Our services:

CRM Cleaning

As a CMOyour job is to drive the business forward and build a steady stream of hot prospects in your CRM, but are you considering data decay and losses because of it? If not, ask our experts for a free trial and get your CRM cleaned

Merging /De-Duping

Data Merging/De-Duplication is the need of the hour to ensure all your customer data is uniform across channels to save time for your sales team. Data duplication and disarray costs companies millions of $s every year

Data Mining

Append/enhance and improve your CRM data quality by A La Carte to reach CRM Nirvana and exceed your sales targets every quarter. Ask us for a free trial and append/enhance up to 100 leads at no cost

CRM Appending

Wouldn’t it be nice to know more about your customers before jumping on that important call? If your answer is yes, your company can definitely improve ROI through CRM appending, try our services at no cost here

Bird’s eye view

Incorporated in 2009, Prospex Network is your partner for data mining and E-mail Intelligence for your marketing need. Whether it is a complex & highly targeted niche data mining requirement or a 10-year old customer list, we can help you with a comprehensive solution to cater all your data processing, mining, and appending needs.

  • CRM Cleaning 97%
  • Data Accuracy 80%
  • Data Match Rate 75%
  • Customer Happiness 100%

Our Team at BizProspex

Murtaza Amin

Murtaza Amin


Passionate about helping business improve their sales effort through good data and not just big data.

Huzefa Nalwala

Huzefa Nalwala

Co-Founder & Operations Head

Huzefa’s role encompasses looking after the entire operations capability, assisted sales, finance, human resources, and administration. 

Saqib Karori

Saqib Karori

Inside sales / co-founder

Saqib leads the sales effort in the entire north America, passionate about trains to the moon and back.

Ali Asgar Burhani

Ali Asgar Burhani

Operations Head & Business Development Manager

Ali handles the project operations and guides business development at BizProspex.

Pawan Choudhary

Pawan Choudhary

Director of Sales and Client Acquisition

Pawan is responsible for enhanced sales efforts as well as acquiring and retaining clients at BizProspex.

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