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Email appending is a process to match and verify the customer data in the repository with actual information. Email appending, also known as e-appending, is a marketing practice to take the customer data, mostly first name, last name & postal address, and verify it with the vendor’s database to acquire their email addresses. Email Appending is a method of attaching email addresses to the corresponding lead list. Email Appending also checks for any inconsistencies in the existing email addresses and replaces them if found.


Email Appending

If your leads list or CRM is missing direct email data then you are losing on the best engagement channel which generates the highest ROI. We provide the best email appending services where we append corresponding email addresses to it and make it ready for email marketing and retargeting campaigns.


Increase Your ROI

You can bring a significant raise in your ROI with the help of email appending. In order to have a successful email marketing campaign, you need a right set of email addresses which are valid. BizProspex provides you email appending services at a very competitive pricing.

Identify and re-engage Inactive Customers

Once you have the right set of email addresses you can identify the inactives and devise a re-engagement plan. After all, a bird in a hand is better than two in a bush. With the help of email appending services you can reach this goal quite comprehensively.

Exploit the Prowess of Social Media

Email addresses can take you a long way at estabilishing direct contact with your clients. With our email append services, you can capture the hearts and minds of your potential clients with the help of social media. With the correct email addresses in hand, you can find your potential clients on social media quite easily.


Improves Customer Service

Email is a prominent way of letting your customer know that you care for them, emails are a great way of reaching out to your customers, and it is not only a way to improve your revenue but to make long-lasting relations as well. Let us help you improve your Customer service now!




Manual Data-Mining

Get the information you want right when you need it, being well-informed gives you an extra edge in any business.

Data Appending

Append missing information such as contact details, addresses, etc of your customers. Enrich your database to sail through your targets easily.

Data Deduplication

Eliminate duplicate data to avoid confusion and redundancy which might happen due to multiple sources of data.

Data Cleaning

Remove errors like incorrect information and spelling mistakes from your data ensuring a smooth conversation.

Skip Tracing

Accurately locate the geographic location, address, contact info, and other intel related to people that your organization is looking for.

Email Appending

If your Leads lists or CRM is missing direct email data, you are losing out on the engagement channels which generate the highest ROI.

Happy Customers

“Murtaza is a young and energetic data professional. His team can help you find the right data you are looking for. A good team I recommend you try BizProspex out for sure.”

Steve King

Founder/CEO, Global Masters


“BizProspex is the only company I would go for the Data Scraping. The team has a quick turn around time and produces quality work. Good people to work with.”

Jacob Waldam

Mcadam Fa.

“Went above and beyond what was requested of him, and the results were extraordinary.”

Daniel Holden

Holden Capital

Helped us out in a tough spot. Delivered what we wanted.

Sid Choudhary

Intempt Technologies

“Great data & CRM appending partner. I used them twice to append BizSlate data of fashion retailers in NYC.”

Eric Lituchy



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