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Data Mining

With BizProspex, give your B2B business a boost with a customized, manual data mining solution Click below to try 100 leads at no cost.

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CRM Cleaning

We work as data admins and help companies clean their existing leads to help them re-engage with old customers.

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Data Solution

We at BizProspex offer a comprehensive set of services related to data for B2B salespeople and business.

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Tech Append

We help you collect current technology usage of various businesses like ERP/CRM/Ecommerce & software packages.

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Data Appending

Half-Data can be equally bad as Half-Knowledge. Allow us to assist you with the best Data Appending Services around the world.

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Email Appending

If your Leads lists or CRM is missing direct email data, you are losing out on the engagement channels which generate the highest ROI.

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Web Data Scraping

With the best Data scrappers, we are glad to be of service in helping you with data scraping by mining your data so you can dig out diamonds.

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Address Search

With many platforms where people leave their digiprints, understand the role that demographics play in lead conversion.

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Skip Tracing

With BizProspex’s Skip tracing services, it has become easier for organizations to track down and find information.

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Multi Language CRM

Your global business needs the support of a global CRM cleaning partner, BizProspex is that global provider for your business.

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google map scraping

Google Maps Scrapping

We at BizProspex have a skilled team who are proficient in extracting data from the internet and help your clients make informed business decisions.

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Events Data

Events Data

We provide events attendees data, exhibition list that is relevant for your business and helps you find the most suitable leads for your business.

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hiring intent

Hiring Intent

Hiring intent refers to a procedure where you find and dig out all the essential data to help your business grow.

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Public Record Scraping

Public Records Scrapping

Public records scrapping refers to a procedure that involves scrapping and retrieving the data from the website for some particular purpose.

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hiring intent

Data Annotation

Data annotation refers to a procedure where audio, text, images, and video becomes the data for training purposes for machine learning.

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LinkedIn Data Scrapping

Data extraction from LinkedIn using a scraper is simple. Extractable data includes email, first and last names, company LinkedIn URL, and website.

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Phone Appending

Phone appending refers to a process of updating your list of contact numbers and adding more to your existing database of customers.

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Data Scrubbing

Data scrubbing is a technical process encompassing merging, translating, and filtering out the inconsistencies in data.

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data verification

Data Verification

Data verification is the process of checking the entire database for any inconsistencies and eliminating them for best and accurate results.

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B2B Lead Generation

We work towards Exploring all the possible opportunities to promote better b2b lead generation for your company’s business growth.

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Reverse Phone Appending

Our reverse phone appending service adds individual records to your database, providing contact data and insights into your prospects.

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Reverse Email Appending

Our reverse email appending services will allow you to fill the gaps in your database so you can reach out to more clients efficiently.

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Business Information Appending

Business Information Appending is the process of reforming, appending data, and correcting inconsistencies which is critical for your marketing strategies.

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Market Research

B2B or B2C, Primary or Secondary, BizProspex performs market research to meet all the critical intelligence needs efficiently with data mining.

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Jobs Feed Data

Our jobs feed data provides real-time information on job postings from Indeed & LinkedIn, which is used for big data analytics, sales outreach etc.

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Worldwide Funding Data Feed

Our range of investment data feed services provide you with funding data when you need it. We collect our funding straight from source.

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Data Analytics

Data analytics is a data-driven approach to decision-making. It is the use of statistical analysis and methods to discover relevant trends in data.

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Email List Cleaning

BizProspex offers Email List Cleaning services to prepare your data for marketing and retargeting campaigns by cleaning your email addresses.

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