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Public records scraping refers to a procedure that involves scraping and retrieving data from the government website for some particular purpose. The data is available online on diverse government websites, but finding the exact data you need often gets tricky. It is where we come into play.

You can consider court records extraction or court records scraping as a part of Public Records Scraping. There is an improved technology available to identify public records. Not only can you search them but you can load them up with information that will help prove or disprove the existence of leads or information. The technology allows us to retrieve thousands of leads from the public for free without having to ask for anything in return other than your time.

Public Records Scrapping BizProspex

Public Records Scraping Services

We here at BizProspex take the responsibility to ensure that you face no trouble extracting the necessary data. We have a team of professionals who are experts in scraping data, and in this case, scraping data from public records. Numerous companies and organizations utilized our public records scraping services for their benefit. You can use our data scraping tool as well.


Email Scraping

We send emails daily to your given mail id consisting of any updated information we scrape from the domain you require.

hiring intent

Simple Data Format

Our formats of information in the document will be very simple for you to understand as we provide information for every aspect you require with different headings.

Data Extraction

We are professionals in extracting all the information available in the public domain that you need.


Court records extraction and criminal records scraping happens to be an integral part of our public records scraping services. We give you detailed information about any court case or court hearing that will help you meet your requirements. Along with court records, we mine all the necessary data about any particular criminal or group of criminals, like their name, address, biodata, or any other information that you require. We have specific court records extraction and criminal records scraping tools that you can utilize for your benefit. Large numbers of our satisfied customers used this tool and met their requirements with ease.

following are the data that we extract under court records extraction and criminal records scraping ;

The number of the case.

The date of filing the case.

The date of arrest of the criminal.

Disposition of the criminal.

The parties in the case, both defendant and offender.

The location of his house.

Every charge was levied on the criminal.

All financial transactions the criminal bears as fines and bail amounts.

The agency of the court.

The status of the case.

The date of receiving by the court.

The date on which the criminal got disposed of.

Name of the criminal.

The date of birth of the criminal.

The judge assigned to adjudicate the case of the crime.

The judge assigned to adjudicate the case of the criminal.


Web scraping in real estate is collecting property and consumer data from online websites to identify available estates, analyze consumer needs, and optimize prices. Data collected for real estate purposes can include:

  • Property: Space, number of rooms, floors, type of property (apartment, condo, house), etc.
  • Pricing: Price ranges by:
    • Location
    • Property size
    • Pricing type (e.g., rental, sale, mortgage)
  • Customers: Trending neighborhoods, customers’ reviews of properties and prices, etc.
  • Public records: Insurance, loans, and mortgage records, average family income statistics, surveys, etc.

Using our service of web scraping of real estate records, you can predict if the real estate market will skyrocket any time soon or see in what price range the property will compete.


Choosing us and our services will give you benefits in the following ways;


All the data we scrape from public records are scalable and will assist you in your future ventures.


Our infrastructure and resources will meet any requirements you have with utmost dedication.


We indulge in sharing all authentic data and leaving out the invalid ones that might stall your progress.


We use the best technology to ensure faster scraping of public records and authentic dispersal of the same to you.


Our customer support is always available at your service. You can directly contact us to fix any discrepancy.


Our team also manually checks all the data before final delivery.


There are a few important aspects that we fulfill and follow in our public records scraping services, especially about certain products and services;

The Public Records Scraping Tool We Provide Is For The Modern Web

This decade showcases the building of websites based on JavaScript frameworks that facilitate your easy usage of the user interface. However, we often find scrapers having minimal access to this. our web scraper for Public records scraping solves this problem by;

  • Execution of full JavaScript.
  • Laying wait for the requests from AJAX.
  • Handling pagination.
  • Scrolling down the pages.

Extraction Of Data From All Dynamic Websites

It has become a common practice for various companies to extract data for their business purposes. However, this is not one of those processes that you can implement in your day-to-day operations before getting informed. Our public records scraper will help to extract data from diverse websites at multiple levels after detailed navigation. It can initiate navigation at multiple levels;

  • Categories and subcategories of the data.
  • Detailed pagination.
  • Pages of the product.

Point And Click Interface

We employ a point-and-click interface in our public records scraping services that simplify data extraction from the web and are hassle-free. You can successfully configure the public records scraper by pointing to it and clicking on its elements.

Exporting Data In The Formats Of XLSX, CSV, And JSON Formats

We export all your data in the form of CSV, XLSX, and JSON formats, and you can ask us in whichever format you are comfortable with.



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