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Data scrubbing is a technical process encompassing the merging, translating, and filtering out the inconsistencies in data. Data cleansing is referred to as the identification and elimination of inaccurate and incomplete records in a data set. It also includes deleting and updating the redundant part of it. Data scrubbing involves an automated function that checks disk drives and storage systems to ensure the data they contain can be read and to identify any bad sectors or blocks.


Quality data is 100% relevant to the business, contains no inconsistency or stale data, and is fresh. Ensuring your data is up-to-date, accurate, and standardized helps you maintain the quality of your database information system, brings in optimal business results, and minimizes wasted efforts.

Data Scrubbing is the process of cleaning data of any such discrepancy. We at BizProspex, offer top-notch data scrubbing services. We are the best data cleansing companies in the business where we detect any anomalies present in your data, refurbish it, and replace all the inaccurate data with fresh ones.

data scrubbing


Data scrubbing services are semi-automated, automated, and manual. The data can be customized following a business’ specific need and challenge. You can outsource our data cleansing services and get our seasoned data engineers to work through your sets of data in the following phases.

Data scrubbing Services


1. Accuracy: First, we check the accuracy of the existing data, then our experts based on human logic decide what changes are required in the data and develop an algorithm especially tailored for the need of our clients.

2. ConsistencyThen we check the consistency of the data. We check whether the data is consistent on all the systems, whether any duplicate records exist? If so we replace all the duplicate data and ensure that we deliver relevant data only. Ask what? In case you don’t like our work, we offer 120% money back guarantee too.

3. Integrity: Once we have checked for accuracy and consistency, we dig further and ensure that the data we deliver has its integrity intact. We make sure that the relations between the entities and attributes match each other and that no data that we present is irrelevant. We send test emails to make sure that all the email addresses we provide are true and existential. Likewise we check our complete data before we present it to our clients.

4Timeliness: Another important thing that we consider before we present our data is whether the data adhere to timelines. We check that the data we provide is true on the given point of time. We at BizProspex understand the importance of the relevancy of data and we thrive to maintain it. Our team of 40 plus data junkies is fully committed to achieving this goal. We understand the value of time and so we stick to our deadlines to make sure that we provide our data on time.

5Completeness: Lastly we check whether the data is whole or not. We determine this by doing rounds of testing and make sure what we give out is 100% relevant data only. Also we promise to replace the incorrect data if any at no extra cost. At BizProspex, quality is something that we never compromise upon. We are a bunch of committed individuals and providing quality data is not just our job but also our passion. You can contact us; ask for a free demo for any of your data needs. We also have a manual which can tell you more about how we work.

6. Validity: Final nail in the coffin goes in when we foolproof all our data and check its validity. We make sure that the data we provide is infallible. Our team validates the data by sending dummy emails to all the leads and calculates the bounce rate to determine the validity of the leads. At BizProspex, we take absolutely nothing for granted, which is why we replace the wrong data and offer a 120% money-back guarantee.


Higher Productivity: Data is the most critical asset of any business. When the data is accurate, it increases the overall productivity of the company. It gets more comfortable for the sales team to target the relevant leads and convert them. Thus, it saves a lot of time and energy of the sales team. Psychologically stating, it also boosts the morale of the sales team. Therefore, relevant data increases productivity and leads to higher ROI.

Improved Decision-Making: Relevant data can facilitate the decision-making process of your business. You can devise an accurate marketing strategy; generate graphs to understand business growth. Data scrubbing/ Data cleansing thus plays a crucial role as the quality of data is directly proportional to the quality of decision any business would make.

Improved Revenue: Consistent data has a better response rate, which helps in enhancing revenue.  Stale data causes a loss in revenue as the response rate is less, and so the conversion. Thus, it is of pivotal importance to scrub the present data and keep it up to date. Timely updating the data can help you a great deal in increasing the revenue.


“We have enjoyed our relationship with BizProspex. They have done a great job in helping us target prospects and delivered 2x times many leads as we expected.”

Steve King

Founder - Consulting firm in Boston

“BizProspex is the only company I would go for the Data Cleaning. The team has a quick turnaround time and produces quality work. Good people to work with.”

Jacob Waldman

CEO - Mcadam Fa.

“Great data; CRM appending partner. I used them twice to append BizSlate data of fashion retailers in NYC. Love working with the BizProspex team, a pleasure indeed.”

Eric Lituchy

Founder - BizSlate


Here are some common questions about BizProspex.

Does Bizprospex really offer 120% money back guarantee?

I know what you might be thinking, this is another one of those million typing mistakes seen on the web. No! it is not.

We are so sure of our work that we back it with our 120% money back guarantee (We are the first one to come up with this concept).

If for any reason you are not happy with our work in a week, we will pay 100% back plus 20% for the hassle. Simple for you, simple for us, simply contact us now and get started.

Do I have to pay anything during trial ?

No, the trial is absolutely free!!

How long have you been providing this service ?

Six years ago, we launched BizProspex with a vision to help B2B companies clean their CRM. Today, we have become the global leader in Data Appending/CRM Cleaning/CRM Appending/Data Merging and Data De-Duping. We are among the top 3 companies inManual Data Mining (more about it Here) and have had the opportunity to serve over 250 companies from across the globe!!

Why Bizprospex is different from other CRM companies?

BizProspex offers Manual CRM Cleaning Services while most other companies focus on automated E-mail bounce-check. Clubbed with our 120% money back policy and 5 – 10-hours free trial we are sure to exceed your expectations.

What do I get when I sign-up for a Free Trial?

Test our CRM data cleaning services (no cost for upto 100 data points/records).

What CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tools do you use?

We are not limited to a set of tools or products. We use human intelligence and cover everything that falls under CRM Cleaning.



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