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When YayPay was still a young startup company, it found us via Google. We put a lot of work into everything we do in order to deliver the best outcomes possible. We will always value the Yaypay project as one of our most valuable educational experiences. The entire Prospex Network Pvt, Ltd team is pleased that we were able deliver service in line with the specific needs and objectives of our client. Working on this project has presented a number of difficulties for our team. Despite the difficulties and a few small difficulties, they were able to effectively finish the work with a notable degree of efficiency and correctness. We at BizProspex are completely committed to achieving complete client satisfaction.


Client history

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YayPay develops cutting-edge data-driven accounts receivables management software for teams in finance, credit, and collections. By automating the credit-to-cash process with credit evaluation, invoicing, collections management, online payment portal, cash application, and predictive analytics, it supports mid-market and enterprise customers. The business was established in 2015, and its main office is in New York. Saul Frank, Eugene Vyborov, and Anthony Venus are the creators of Yaypay. On July 29, 2020, Quadient acquired YayPay.


International business Quadient specializes in customer experience management, business process automation, and mailing equipment. It was initially established as Neopost. With yearly sales of €1.14 billion as of 2019, the company employed roughly 5,693 people. About 90 different countries sell the company’s goods and services. Listed on the Euronext Paris market is the company Quadient (Compartment B). QDT is the stock’s ticker.


Project Planning


Success in B2B marketing does not come easily, nor is it a matter of chance. Success comes from the marketing process itself and the awareness, planning, and innovation that goes into it. By giving a glimpse into the scope and quality of work done, we can attest to our efficiency here. 


Case Study YayPay
Case Study-YayPay

We initially gave them access to our investors database. This prompted them to keep buying data from us, the best data mining service provider for a year. With regard to the work they received, they continued to hold meetings and organize various campaigns. They applied а lot of concepts to databases to determine how they would function and how they could benefit from them. We extended access to our personal database that contains information about the investors’ past investments and their views about investing in Yaypay and with the help of which, they got an insight into better investment opportunities. We also checked whether or not the specific company has previously invested in the management software company. 




Before using the data for analysis, data researchers spend the majority of their time cleaning and preparing it to increase its quality, i.e., make it accurate and consistent. On a daily basis, the challenge is to process terabytes of data across numerous formats, sources, functions, and platforms while keeping a track of their actions to avoid repetition. BizProspex will continue to produce data in a variety of forms and use a variety of approaches and technologies, so the data researchers will have additional data sources to choose from in order to make defensible decisions. This procedure necessitates human data entry and time-consuming data searching, which can result in mistakes and repeats, which can lead to poor conclusions. Data researchers need to have a good understanding of the business problem before they can start doing data analysis and developing solutions. Data analysts at BizProspex take a structured approach to accomplish this and begin by thoroughly outlining the problem and goal of the organization before beginning to analyze data sets.


Solution Phase


Together with the Yaypay team, we chose an idea for a research study that would address many different target audiences. Since we already had a large database of a person’s name, contact information, email address, and profile URL, we devised a strategic plan to find out both the person’s home and office addresses. So they began mounting the software company’s banner on a mobile van. Then, they began parking their vans at the locations that we had chosen, placing them strategically so that the target person would undoubtedly see the banner anytime he passed by. The target person then immediately received an email from Yaypay. Human psychology suggests that those who have already seen the company’s banner will read the email they receive from the company. This tactic was employed to inform the target audience about Yaypay and encourage them to read emails they receive from the company. Yaypay discovered that this strategy was incredibly profitable and that their open rate, click rate, and response rate were all outstanding. Additionally, the number of clients rose. We are still assisting them with the database on an ongoing basis.


Our side of the Experience


The founders of Yaypay have clearly instructed all of their decision-makers that data purchases should be made from BizProspex only, as we have already established our credibility and trust through our excellent work. Using our excellent database and research, their trust in BizProspex was greatly increased, leading them to decide that whatever the marketing campaign, the data will be purchased exclusively from BizProspex. BizProspex has delivered over one million databases to Yaypay’s marketing, sales, and product departments over the years for their campaigns. BizProspex also assisted them with email marketing and research projects.


Final Outcomes


Within one and a half years, Yaypay had raised funding of 8-10 million dollars using a database provided by BizProspex. After funding, their team size jumped from four to forty people in which CFO, CMO, marketing directors, sales directors, and many positions came into existence. Currently, their team size is more than 200. Yaypay discovered that the database was highly profitable, with high open, click, and response rates. In addition, the number of clients grew.



Free sample data available


Free sample data available

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