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Mohammed Mohsin

Data Extraction |  Data Mining | CRM Data Entry | Data Scraping | Data Analysis

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I am an experienced Data Researcher with over 8 years of experience in helping businesses leverage their data for growth. He provides a wide range of data-related services to clients, including email automation, big data mining, lead scoring, CRM cleaning, lead/data building, customer persona development, email marketing consultancy, and development. I am also skilled in big data mining and lead scoring. He knows how to extract valuable insights from large data sets and can help businesses to identify high-value leads that are most likely to convert into customers. He also provides CRM cleaning services to help businesses ensure that their data is accurate and up-to-date, which is essential for effective lead scoring and email marketing.

My Core Expertise

  • Email Automation: I have a strong understanding of email marketing automation tools such as MailChimp and HubSpot and can help businesses streamline their email marketing efforts.
  • Big Data Mining: I have experience in mining large datasets for insights that can drive business growth.
  • Lead Scoring: I can develop scoring systems that identify high-quality leads, allowing businesses to prioritize their sales efforts.
  • CRM Cleaning: I have experience in cleaning and organizing CRM data to ensure accuracy and consistency.
  • Lead / Data Building: I can help businesses build targeted lists of leads for their sales and marketing efforts.
  • Customer Persona Development: I have experience in creating detailed customer personas that help businesses understand their target audience and tailor their marketing efforts accordingly.
  • Email Marketing Consultancy and Development: I can advise businesses on email marketing best practices and develop effective email marketing campaigns.


  • Research: I have experience in conducting both primary and secondary research to support data-driven decision-making.
  • Training: I have experience in training and mentoring team members on data research best practices

Mohd Moshin 2 May 3, 2023
“The CRM Data Entry service provided by Mohsin was top-notch. Their team seamlessly integrated our customer data, allowing us to focus on building meaningful relationships. Their expertise in data entry has undoubtedly elevated our CRM experience.”

~ Sarah Young

Mohd Moshin 3 April 25, 2023
“Data-driven approach and insightful analysis have helped us uncover new opportunities that we wouldn’t have found otherwise. Thanks to their services, we’re making more informed decisions and staying ahead of our competitors.”

~ Mark Lawson

Mohd Moshin 4 April 18, 2023
“Google Maps scraping service is highly customizable, allowing businesses to obtain specific data for their marketing and sales campaigns. The team is professional and ensures that clients receive accurate and up-to-date data. This service is a valuable asset to any business seeking to optimize their targeting efforts”

~ Steven Nelson

Mohd Moshin 2 April 4, 2023
“Mohsin is an outstanding professional. Their work is consistently exceptional, demonstrating a strong attention to detail and expertise in their field. I highly recommend their services.”

~ William Scott

Mohd Moshin 4 March 26, 2023
“I highly commend Mohsin for their expertise in Data Verification. Their meticulous approach ensured our database was accurate and up-to-date, allowing us to make informed business decisions. A true professional in their field.”

~ David Kennedy

Mohd Moshin 4 March 11, 2023
“Jobs feed data service has exceeded our expectations. The data is accurate, up-to-date, and easily accessible, allowing us to quickly and efficiently target our job postings to the right candidates. Highly recommended for any company looking to improve their recruitment efforts.”

~ Paul Owens

Mohd Moshin 8 March 4, 2023
“I have had the pleasure of working with Mohsin, and I must say their work is exemplary. They consistently deliver high-quality results, showcasing their dedication and skill. I would not hesitate to collaborate with them again.”

~ Michael Brown

B2B Lead Generation

Mohd Moshin 9 February 9, 2022
“Great quality and great turnaround time. Prompt with responses. Definitely more work coming your way!”

~ Ashley Pauly

Lead Generation and Skip Tracing ***Paid Database Only***

Mohd Moshin 2January 28, 2023
“Another job well done. Here’s to many more!”

~ Sandro Mugnano

Database and Prospect List for Marketing Agency

Mohd Moshin 9January 19, 2023
“I very much appreciate your work by the way! You Are doing amazing, keep it up guys! “

~ Remus Claudiu Frangu

Web data scraping

Mohd Moshin 2January 12, 2023
“Very clear and concise on communicating and confirming the job was being completed accurately. Will use again.”

~ Spataru Daniel

Web data scraping

Mohd Moshin 4 December 24, 2022
“I very much appreciate your work by the way! You Are doing amazing, keep it up guys!”

~ Alessio Adam

Lead Generation 

Mohd Moshin 9December 14, 2022
“Thank you for your work I am very impressed with the quality of your lead gen! With emails that I receive, I upload them to them a verification tool Normaly see 40-50% deliverability check and had to exclude a lot of leads because of this from your lead generate a B0% deliverability which is very impres”

~ Alex dawson

Email Marketing 

Mohd Moshin 9December 10, 2022
“Brilliant, the examples are professional look really catch my eye. Perfect, appreciate it so much – best freelancer I’ve worked with we are definitely going to have a good relationship down the line”

~ Euan Macdonald

Data Research

Mohd Moshin 2December 2, 2022
“Hey Mohsin, Looking at your proposal right now. You definitely have a lot of experience and expertise for the job. I have a question for you.”

~ Euan Macdonald

Data Scraping

Mohd Moshin 2November 29, 2022
“Hi Mohsin, thank you so much for providing the test file – it looks absolutely perfect.”

~ John Oestreich

Marketing database 

Mohd Moshin 9November 23, 2022
“I very much appreciate your work by the way! You Are doing amazing, keep it up guys! “

~ Bernhard Mittelmann

Do research for amazon fba private label product

Mohd Moshin 9November 12, 2022
“We appreciate this freelancer’s help this season and hope to have her back next year.”

~ Gary Lane

Data Research  

Mohd Moshin 2October 30, 2022
“Hey Mohsin, nice proposal. I would like to chat about this project when you have a chance”

~ Joseph Zlnay

Email Marketing 

Mohd Moshin 4October 15, 2022
“Thanks for the proactive communication! This looks great so far. Thanks for sharing.”

~ Mark Boutin

Provide list of all E-commerce sites using Shopify, Magento etc

Mohd Moshin 2October 26, 2022
“Excellent good quality data provided. Will definitely recommend.”

~ Anuj S.

Provide 1 Million+ CEO in USA location “10K leads”

Mohd Moshin 2October 24, 2022
“Good job. It was a nice experience with Mohsin, will continue working with him.”

~ Aleksandra N.

Find ceo, coo, owner database and collect manually vetted leads

Mohd Moshin 3October 24, 2022

~ Hassan H.

I will collect shopify best selling products.

Mohd Moshin 2October 19, 2022
“Good job, will use Mohsin’s service again. Many thanks”

~ Mohamed E.

Contacts list for e-commerce websites in UK (less than 30 employees)

Mohd Moshin 2October 17, 2022
“highly recommended, will most certainly work with Mohsin again.”

~ Emma Estill R.

I need the contact details for Essex based private landlords

Mohd Moshin 2October 11, 2022
“Mohsin was brilliant, he supplied more than he initially offered and worked really hard to ensure that the information he supplied was to a high standard. I would highly recommend him and would happily work together in the future.”

~ Richard O.

Email Database of all decision makers from USA/UK/Germany etc

Mohd Moshin 2October 9, 2022
“Great work. Will happily use again.”



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