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Email Marketing Lists are one of the most effective ways for businesses to reach customers and clients. If you are looking to grow your business through email marketing, we can help you find some of the best email lists for marketing. When it comes to buying an email list for your marketing campaign, Using targeted data will help ensure that your campaign achieves maximum results and converts sales or leads into revenue.

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Sample of Email Marketing Lists

Email Marketing Lists

Email Marketing Lists

Marketing email lists are powerful solutions that can help you connect with and grow your audience. Find a targeted marketing list of leads that best match your company’s products, services, and target audience. From business owners to executives and contacts in specific industries, our Email marketing lists are created to help you reach the right people with targeted messaging that attracts new customers and increases revenue.

Email List for Marketing is a professional, reliable, and quality-controlled supplier of email marketing. Our services include buying contact lists and mailing lists to support your business needs. We provide a wide variety of high-quality email marketing services in the form of banners and social media campaigns to help you increase your brand awareness, generate leads, and promote products & services for higher ROI.

Email Marketing List delivers your message straight to customers’ inboxes, cutting out any middlemen or red tape along the way. Email marketing offers many benefits over other methods of communication, including being able to target specific groups of people based on location. You can also schedule your email campaigns so they go out at different times on different days. This lets you create an even better customer experience than if you just sent an email blast whenever you wanted to send one.

Disclaimer for the Sample Datasets- Please note that the above-shared dataset is displayed for representative purpose. The purchased dataset will contain variable fields subject to availability.



98% Deliverability Guarantee

We verify data by automated process and deploy manual web crawlers which are purely based on human logic, and maintain a healthy accuracy rate of over 98%. Contact us if you receive more than 5% of your email bounce and we will be happy to refund you the difference.

Instant Download Email List

Once you’ve purchased the dataset, you will be able to access your list within minutes and will also be able to download it straight away as a “.csv file”. Get started by integrating your list into your CRM application and start making new connections on the go.

Email, Company Information, & More

We provide direct and detailed information of the decision-maker of the company which includes their personal and company email addresses, business phone numbers, company/industry, revenue, and so on. We also provide links for social media links and LinkedIn.

Unlimited Usage Rights

The title speaks for itself. You earn unlimited usage rights once the product is purchased. Our pricing is exceptionally transparent. There are no hidden fees or long-term monthly charges. We have a uniform pricing system for all types and scales of businesses.


We provide the best quality of work at desirable rates. Our assurance is an unrivaled quality of Data Management services along with CRM Database handling, best email deliverability options, and much more. There is no turning away from this.

Reach New Customers Quickly & Grow Your Business

Elevate your email marketing strategy with our targeted Business Email Lists and connect with potential customers, drive sales, and expand your business reach. Our dataset includes over 190M+ Business Emails that can be tailored to your specific industry needs.

If you’re looking to reach Businesses or seeking a Global Business outreach, we have an email list for marketing available for you. Here are the top states with the highest number of Email Marketing Lists in our dataset along with our Country wise Email Marketing dataset:

State-Wise Email Marketing Lists

California (CA) 21M+ 2.5%-3%
Texas (TX) 14M+ 2%-2.5%
Florida (FL) 10M+ 2%-2.5%
New York (NY) 10M+ 2%-2.5%
Illinois (IL) 6M+ 1%-2%
Pennsylvania (PA) 5M+ 1%-2%
Ohio (OH) 5M+ 1%-2%
Georgia (GA) 5M+ 1%-2%
North Carolina (NC) 4M+ 1%-2%
Michigan (MI) 4M+ 1%-2%
Virginia (VA) 4M+ 1%-2%
New Jersey (NJ) 4M+ 1%-2%
Maryland (MD) 2M+ 1%-2%
Arizona (AZ) 3M+ 1%-2%
Colorado (CO) 3M+ 1%-2%
Massachusetts (MA) 3M+ 1%-2%
Washington (WA) 3M+ 1%-2%
Tennessee (TN) 2M+ 1%-2%
Minnesota (MN) 2M+ 1%-2%
Nevada (NV) 1M+ 1%-2%
Alabama (AL) 1M+ 2%-3%
Alaska (AK) 290K+ 1%-2%
Arkansas (AR) 860k+ 1%-2%
Connecticut (CT) 1M+ 1%-2%
Delaware (DE) 430k+ 1%-2%
Hawaii(HI) 480k+ 1%-2%
Idaho (ID) 580k+ 1%-2%
Indiana (IN) 2M+ 1%-2%
Iowa (IA) 970k+ 1%-2%
Kansas (KS) 1M+ 1%-2%
Kentucky (KY) 1M+ 1%-2%
Louisiana (LA) 1M+ 1%-2%
Maine (ME) 470k+ 1%-2%
Mississippi (MS) 750k+ 1%-2%
Missouri (MO) 2M+ 1%-2%
Montana (MT) 370k+ 1%-2%
Nebraska (NE) 630k+ 1%-2%
New Hampshire (NH) 550k+ 1%-2%
New Mexico (NM) 580k+ 1%-2%
North Dakota (ND) 260k+ 1%-2%
Oklahoma (OK) 1M+ 1%-2%
Oregon (OR) 1M+ 1%-2%
South Carolina (SC) 1M+ 1%-2%
South Dakota (SD) 270k+ 1%-2%
Utah (UT) 1M+ 1%-2%
Vermont (VT) 270k+ 1%-2%
West Virginia (WV) 480k+ 1%-2%
Wisconsin (WI) 2M+ 1%-2%
Wyoming (WY) 210k+ 1%-2%

Global Email Marketing Lists

USA Email Marketing Lists 18M+
UK Email Marketing Lists 30M+
Italy Email Marketing Lists 15M+
Australia Email Marketing Lists 10M+
UAE Email Marketing List 4M+
Greece Email Marketing List 1M+
France Email Marketing Lists 20M+
Malaysian Email Marketing List 5M+
Switzerland Email Marketing List 2M+
Peru Email List for Marketing 5M+
Canada Email List for Marketing 20M+
Germany Email List for Marketing 14M+
Chile Email List for Marketing 6M+
Turkey Email List for Marketing 12M+
New Zealand Email List for Marketing 2M+
Belgium Email List for Marketing 4M+
Japan Email List for Marketing 2M+
China Email List for Marketing 58M+
Sweden Email List for Marketing 4M+
Brazil Email List for Marketing 62M+
Philippines Email List for Marketing 10M+
South Korea Email List for Marketing 2M+
Falkland Islands Email Marketing List 2K+
French Guiana Email Marketing List 36K+
Suriname Email Marketing List 78K+
Guyana Email Marketing List 92K+
Uruguay Email Marketing List 760K+
Paraguay Email Marketing List 560K+
Bolivia Email Marketing List 940K+
Ecuador Email Marketing List 3M+
Venezuela Email Marketing List 3M+
Argentina Email Marketing List 10M+
Colombia Email Marketing List 11M+
Saint Pierre and Miquelon Email Marketing List 2K+
Greenland Email Marketing List 15K+
Bermuda Email Marketing List 45K+
Seychelles Email Marketing List 26K+
Cape Verde Email Marketing List 58K+
Comoros Email Marketing List 14K+
Djibouti Email Marketing Lists 44K+
Eswatini Email Marketing Lists 77K+
Mauritius Email Marketing Lists 320K+
Equatorial Guinea Email Marketing Lists 22K+
Guinea-Bissau Email Marketing Lists 12K+
Lesotho Email Marketing Lists 75K+
Gabon Email Marketing Lists 150K+
Botswana Email Marketing Lists 1290K+
Gambia Email Marketing Lists 74K+
Namibia Email Marketing Lists 270K+
Eritrea Email Marketing Lists 6.5K+
Mauritania Email Marketing Lists 80K+
Central African Republic Email Marketing Lists 26K+
Liberia Email Marketing Lists 100K+
Libya Email Marketing Lists 300K+
Sierra Leone Email Marketing Lists 97K+
Togo Email Marketing Lists 180K+
South Sudan Email Marketing Lists 50K+
Tunisia Email Marketing Lists 1M+
Burundi Marketing Email Lists 57K+
Benin Marketing Email Lists 280K+
Rwanda Marketing Email Lists 250K+
Guinea Marketing Email Lists 160K+
Zimbabwe Marketing Email Lists 540K+
Somalia Marketing Email Lists 170K+
Chad Marketing Email Lists 61K+
Senegal Marketing Email Lists 630K+
Zambia Marketing Email Lists 490K+
Malawi Marketing Email Lists 200K+
Mali Marketing Email Lists 230K+
Burkina Faso Marketing Email Lists 240K+
Niger Marketing Email Lists 94K+
Cameroon Marketing Email Lists 680K+
Madagascar Marketing Email Lists 250K+
Ghana Marketing Email Lists 1M+
Mozambique Marketing Email Lists 410K+
Angola Marketing Email Lists 520K+
Morocco Marketing Email Lists 3M+
Sudan Marketing Email Lists 390K+
Algeria Marketing Email Lists 2M+
Uganda Marketing Email Lists 730K+
Kenya Marketing Email Lists 3M+
Tanzania Marketing Email Lists 690K+
Egypt Marketing Email Lists 7M+
Ethiopia Marketing Email Lists 590K+
Nigeria Marketing Email Lists 6M+
San Marino Marketing Email Lists 10K+
Liechtenstein Marketing Email Lists 17K+
Monaco Marketing Email Lists 39K+
Andorra Marketing Email Lists 41K+
Iceland Marketing Email Lists 160K+
Malta Marketing Email Lists 240K+
Luxembourg Marketing Email Lists 270K+
Montenegro Marketing Email Lists 97K+
Estonia Marketing Email Lists 270K+
Latvia Marketing Email List 370K+
Slovenia Marketing Email List 380K+
North Macedonia Marketing Email List 260K+
Lithuania Marketing Email List 490K+
Albania Marketing Email List 360K+
Bosnia and Herzegovina Marketing Email List 280K+
Moldova Marketing Email List 260K+
Croatia Marketing Email List 610K+
Slovakia Marketing Email List 570K+
Denmark Marketing Email List 2M+
Bulgaria Marketing Email List 730K+
Serbia Marketing Email List 810K+
Belarus Marketing Email List 580K+
Hungary Marketing Email List 970K+
Portugal Marketing Email List 4M+
Romania Marketing Email List 3M+
Poland Marketing Email List 5M+
Ukraine Marketing Email List 3M+
Finland Marketing Email List 1M+
South Africa Marketing Email List 9M+
South America Marketing Email List 111M+
Spain Marketing Email List 16M+
Singapore Marketing Email List 3M+
Russian Marketing Email List 7M+
Netherlands Marketing Email List 9M+
Norway Marketing Email List 1M+
Mexico Marketing Email List 19M+
Ireland Marketing Email List 2M+
Israel Marketing Email List 1M+
Indian Marketing Email List 103M+
Hong-Kong Email Marketing Lists 2M+
Belgium Email Marketing Lists 4M+
Austria Email Marketing Lists 1M+


Email Marketing Lists are a platform to list and market products or services. The main idea behind the platform is to help businesses connect with the people who need their services or products. It is another way for businesses to utilize their marketing strategies by reaching out to millions of people across the globe. Each company needs a system that can help them collect all the information about their targeted customers and get useful tips on how to drive them toward making a purchase. The reason why our system has been successful is that we are dedicated to helping each business grow by providing reliable marketing services.

Email Marketing List is used for advertising campaigns and email marketing. A list consists of an email address, name, and demographic information. The best email list marketing is targeted to reach customers with your business within the industry you are in. Mailing lists have been used as a marketing strategy for years as they give you direct contact with potential customers who might be interested in your product or service. with potential customers that might be interested in your product or service.

Marketing Email Lists is one of the most effective ways to build your business online. If you’re looking for an easy way to send out promotional emails, this service is for you! It’s easy to add a professional touch to your emails with professionally designed templates, pre-written content, and graphics that you can use in your campaign. We make it easy with our affordable pricing and simple sales process.

Email List for Marketing is a list that consists of email addresses, typically gathered by an organization or individual through email promotions and newsletters. An email list can be used to send out promotional materials. These lists are meant to help business owners build stronger relationships with their customers while simultaneously increasing sales.

With our Email Marketing Lists, you will receive the following data fields(*Subject to availability):

*Company Name


*Contact Name

*Zip/Postal Code



*Street Address

*Phone Number

Different Types of C-level Email List

CXO Email List 3.5k+ 1%-2%
COO Email List 470k+ 2%-3%
Chief Medical Officer Email List 25k+ 1%-2%
CFO Email Lists 470k+ 2%-3%
CMO Mailing Database 110k+ 2%-3%
Chief Accounting Officer Database 9k+ 1%-2%
Chief Risk Officer Mailing List 10k+ 1%-2%
Chief Digital Officer Mailing List 7k+ 1%-2%
Chief Revenue Officers Email List 13k+ 1%-2%
Chief Data Officer Mailing List 9.5k+ 1%-2%
CTO Email List 290k+ 2%-3%
Chief Information Officer Email List 120k+ 2%-3%
Chief Investment Officer Email List 18k+ 1%-2%
CEO Email Lists 5M+ 2%-3%
CPO Email List 3.5k+ 1%-2%
Chief Product Officer Email List 28k+ 1%-2%
Chief Sales officer Database 21k+ 1%-2%
Chief Customer Officer Email List 6.5k+ 1%-2%
Chief Knowledge Officer Database 1k+ 1%-2%
Chief Compliance Officer Email List 11k+ 1%-2%
Chief Development Officer Email List 1k+ 1%-2%
Chief People Officer Email Lists 5k+ 1%-2%
CBO Email List 4k+ 1%-2%

Job Title Wise Email Marketing Lists

Presidents Email Marketing List 2M+ 1%-2%
Insurance Agents Email Marketing List 140k+ 2%-3%
Recruiter Email Marketing List 170k+ 1%-2%
Chef Email Marketing Lists 140k+ 2%-3%
Real Estate Agents Email Marketing List 820k+ 2%-3%
Event Planners Email Marketing List 22k+ 1%-2%
Plumbers Email Marketing Lists 68k+ 1%-2%
Engineers Email Marketing List 250k+ 1%-2%
Electricians Email Marketing Lists 170k+ 1%-2%
Auto Dealer Email Marketing Lists 3.5k+ 1%-2%
Librarian Email Marketing Lists 58k+ 2%-3%
Fashion Designer Email Marketing Lists 17k+ 2%-3%
Casting Director Email Marketing Lists 2.5k+ 1%-2%
Property Managers Email Marketing List 150k+ 2%-3%
Interior Designers Email Marketing List 66k+ 1%-2%
Teacher Email Marketing List 2M+ 1%-2%
Social Worker Email Marketing List 110k+ 1%-2%
Surgeons Email Marketing List 14k+ 1%-2%
Dietitian Email Marketing Lists 13k+ 1%-2%
Pharmacists Email Marketing List 110k+ 1%-2%
Massage Therapist Email Marketing List 57k+ 1%-2%
Internist Email Marketing List 2.5k+ 1%-2%
Hypnotists Email Marketing Lists 1.5k+ 1%-2%
Artist Email Marketing List 260k+ 1%-2%
Optician Email Marketing List 25k+ 1%-2%
Audiologist Email Marketing List 9.5k+ 1%-2%
Coaches Email Marketing List 120k+ 1%-2%
Lawyers Email Marketing List 62k+ 1%-2%
StockBrokers Email Marketing List 2k+ 1%-2%
Contractors Email Marketing List 80k+ 1%-2%
Loan Officer Email Marketing Lists 59k+ 1%-2%
Managers Email Marketing List 1M+ 1%-2%
Founders Email Marketing List 960k+ 1%-2%
Accountant Email Marketing List 260k+ 1%-2%
Architects Email Marketing List 80k+ 1%-2%
Nurses Email Marketing Lists 190k+ 1%-2%


To improve the performance of your business, you need to get people in touch with your brand and product. Email list marketing can be achieved through email marketing. Email marketing is just like any other kind of marketing; it connects you to your existing customers as well as potential new customers. A list of emails for marketing provides you with a platform through which you can communicate with your customers in an efficient manner. The number of benefits offered by email marketing are numerous and include increasing consumer confidence, improved ROI rates, and higher conversion rates per click among others.

The importance of an email marketing list is to be able to reach your potential customers. There are many ways that you can communicate with your customers. One way to communicate with potential customers is through emails. With an email marketing list, you will have access to a database of emails and phone numbers of your users. 

Marketing email lists are available in a wide range of formats, such as name and address lists, telephone numbers, and online identities. Mailing lists are also widely used for telemarketing as well as for direct marketing through email, social media, SMS, and more. Email marketing is one of the most cost-effective ways to reach a customer base because news and updates can be delivered directly to people who are already familiar with your brand or services.

Industry Wise Email Marketing Lists

Manufacturing Industry Email Marketing Lists 12M+ 2%-3%
Oil and Gas Industry Email Marketing Lists 1.1M+ 2%-3%
Banking Industry Email Marketing List 1.2M+ 2%-3%
Insurance Industry Email Marketing Database 1.5M+ 2%-3%
Media & Telecommunications Industry Email Marketing List 2.5M+ 2%-3%
Apparel and Fashion Industry Email Marketing List 800k+ 1%-2%
Biotechnology Industry Email Marketing List 600k+ 1%-2%
Retail Industry Email Marketing List 5M+ 2%-3%
Import and Export Industry Email Marketing Lists 100k+ 1%-2%
Mining Industry Email Marketing List 200k+ 1%-2%
Medical Industry Email Marketing List 3M+ 2%-3%
Aerospace Industry Email Marketing List 600k+ 1%-2%
Food and Beverage Industry Email Marketing Lists 4M+ 2%-3%
IT Industry Email Marketing Lists 3M+ 2%-3%
Telecom Industry Email Marketing Lists 1.1M+ 2%-3%
Education Industry Email Marketing Database 6M+ 2%-3%
Hospitality Industry Email Marketing Lists 1M+ 2%-3%
Healthcare Industry Email Marketing Lists 14M+ 2%-3%
Wholesale Industry Email Marketing Lists 1M+ 2%-3%
Real Estate Industry Email Marketing Lists 3M+ 2%-3%
Architectural Industry Email Marketing Lists 2K+ 1%-2%
Business Services Industry Email Marketing Lists 3M+ 2%-3%
Pet Care Industry Email Marketing Lists 17K+ 1%-2%
Horticulture Industry Email Marketing Lists 9.5K+ 1%-2%
Dental Industry Email Marketing Lists 23K+ 1%-2%
Electronics Industry Email Marketing Lists 1M+ 2%-3%
Electrical Industry Email Marketing Lists 8K+ 1%-2%
Semiconductor Industry Email Marketing Lists 500K+ 1%-2%
Legal Services Industry Email Marketing Lists 2M+ 2%-3%
Utilities Industry Email Marketing Lists 710K+ 1%-2%
Luxury Goods Industry Email Marketing Lists 160K+ 2%-3%
Transportation Industry Email Marketing Lists 4M+ 2%-3%
Consumer Goods Industry Email Marketing Lists 2K+ 1%-2%
Wine Industry Email Marketing Lists 5K+ 1%-2%
Restaurants Industry Email Marketing Lists 1M+ 2%-3%
Advertising and Marketing Industry Email Marketing Lists 4M+ 2%-3%
Textiles Industry Email Marketing Lists 160K+ 1%-2%
Construction Industry Email Marketing Lists 5M+ 2%-3%
Agriculture Industry Email Marketing List 28K+ 1%-2%
Education Industry Email Marketing List 6M+ 2%-3%
Logistics Services Email Marketing List 4M+ 2%-3%
Pharmaceutical Email Marketing List 1M+ 2%-3%
Chemical Industry Email Marketing List 2M+ 2%-3%
Aviation Industry Email Marketing List 1M+ 2%-3%

Industry Wise SIC Code

100-999 Agriculture, Forestry, Fishing
1000-1499 Mining
1500-1799 Construction
2000-3999 Manufacturing
4000-4999 Transportation & Public Utilities
5000-5199 Wholesale Trade
5200-5999 Retail Trade
6000-6799 Finance, Insurance, Real Estate
7000-8999 Services
9000-9999 Public Administration


Get targeted emails with our email marketing list. Your customers will value the content of your emails, and you will build your brand by providing them with valuable content that they appreciate. You can reach more customers and convert more sales with our email marketing lists, who are eager to hear from you about anything related to your business.

Email Marketing Lists, we work hard to create targeted email lists by extracting names and email addresses from reputable sources such as trade shows and industry events. You can use our email marketing lists to target your audience more effectively in print campaigns and online advertisements. Our extensive data set offers a wide range of professions as well as specific industry attributes that you can easily apply across various types of marketing initiatives.

We have one of the largest email marketing lists available, which gives us a combination of the most targeted data to assist with building your successful lead-generation campaign. Our Email Marketing Lists are not only verified email addresses but also verified name and phone number information. You can be confident that our email lists are updated and accurate because we work with some of the biggest companies across the globe to help them stay ahead of their competitors through effective and efficient use of online marketing strategies.

Tailor your Email Marketing Lists based on Revenue Size of the companies

No. of Companies in US No. of Contacts With Postal With Phone With Email
100M+ 194M+ 194M+ 194M+ 194M+
0-5 Mil 13M+
5-10 Mil 160K+
10-20 Mil 130K+
20-50 Mil 59K+
50-100 Mil 31K+
100-500 Mil 36K+
500-1000 Mil 31K+
1 Bil+ 6.5K


First of all, do you think that email marketing is dead? If yes, then you are wrong. It is still considered to be an effective way to reach out to potential customers and boost sales. Email marketing is not dead! There are lots of benefits associated with email marketing and it has its own unique advantages.

Understand the Important Benefits of Using Email Marketing:

Easy & Cost-Effective

Can Target Specific Audiences

Provides Insight into Customer Behavior

Increases Brand Awareness & Credibility

Direct Marketing Strategy

Measurable Return on Investment

Easy to Share on Social Media Platforms

Helps in Staying Connected with Customers

We have a very simple business model: We provide the best data, and we do it at a very economical price. There are no hidden charges, setup costs, or anything like that. You pay once and you get the data forever in your inbox.

Customize your Email Marketing Lists according to the following criteria

Email Marketing Database of C-Level Executives CEOs, CFOs, CMOs, Chief Information Officers, CTOs, COOs, Chief Accounting Officers, CSOs, CBOs, CPOs, CKOs, Chief Digital Officers, Chief Revenue Officers, and more.
Email Marketing Lists of Decision Makers President, VP, Directors, Managing Directors, and more.
Email Marketing List of Professionals Recruiters, Chef, Insurance Agents, Real Estate Agents, Event Planners, Engineers, Electricians, Fashion Designers, Interior Designers, Teachers, Social Workers, and more.
Email Marketing Lists of Industries Executives Architectural, Pet Care, Business Services, Horticulture, Electronics, Electrical, Legal Services, Luxury Goods, Mining, Manufacturing, Wholesale, Banking, Textiles, and more.
Email Marketing Lists of Technology Users SugarCRM, Ubuntu, MySQL, SAP, IBM, MongoDB, Taboola, PHP, Amazon AWS, and more.
Email Marketing List of Healthcare Professionals Hand Surgeons, Physicians, Nurses, Orthodontists, Geriatricians, Surgeons, Dietitian, Pharmacists, Cosmetologists, Oral Surgeons, Neurosurgeon, Urologists, and more.

Experience that defines BizProspex

BizProspex is a data solutions company that has been in the industry for 13 years and is still going strong. Over these years, BizProspex has worked with a wide range of clients from various industries including healthcare, finance, retail, and technology. The company has helped these clients to achieve their data-related goals and improve their business outcomes.  

We use the latest tools and technologies to ensure that the data we provide is of the highest quality and meets the needs of our clients. Today we stand out as global leaders when it comes to CRM cleaning, Data appending, Data mining, tech install, Data Merging, and Data De-duping for B2B clients.

What do our experts have to say?

Our experts at BizProspex provide accurate and reliable data solutions to their clients using their knowledge and experience. We offer services such as data mining, data cleansing, data appending, data verification, and data enrichment. By leveraging advanced tools and technologies, our data researchers extract insights from large datasets, correct inaccurate data, add missing data fields, validate data accuracy, and enhance existing data with additional information. Our goal is to provide high-quality data solutions that are accurate and reliable for their clients.


What is the Email Marketing Lists?

Email marketing lists are one of the most effective ways to engage with your prospects and customers. This helps you reach out to the User Base in a personalized format at scale. The goal of creating an email list is to build a relationship with your customers through personalized communication to help them learn more about your brand, increase their feeling of trust and loyalty towards you, and ultimately help them take action on whatever it is you want them to do for you.

How much is an Email Marketing Lists worth?

The best way to think about a list is that it is an asset you own. A marketing/sales asset. Your list is worth money.

What is the accuracy guarantee of this Email Marketing Lists?

The data is provided as in, but rest assured we refresh our data every month, so, the data is NEVER more than a month old. Free sample is attached above for you to get a better understanding of the quality of the list and fields included.

How is the email list delivered after the purchase?

After your purchase of the Email Marketing Lists, we deliver the list to you via email in an Excel sheet format making it convenient for you to import, analyze, and work with the email list.

Can I select a Business Email Directory by Industry category?

Yes, you can select a Business Email Directory based on industry categories. We offer the option to choose a directory that is categorized by industry. This allows you to target specific sectors or niches that align with your business requirements.

How long does it take to get my email list after I order it?

Once the order is placed, we immediately scrape fresh data for you which takes within 48 hours before it is made available for you. 

Do Email Marketing Lists have phone numbers?

Our Email Marketing Lists offer phone addresses on a best-effort basis which is subject to availability.

What is an SIC and how can it help me?

SIC stands for Standard Industrial Classification. It is a system used to classify and categorize businesses based on their primary activities or industries. Each business is assigned a unique SIC code that represents its specific industry. Understanding the SIC codes associated with businesses can help you streamline your marketing efforts, conduct targeted research, identify competitors, and explore strategic partnerships within specific industries. At BizProspex you can streamline your industry-wise search with our SIC & NAICS Codes service.

Can a CSV file enlisting a business email directory be compatible for use on a MacBook?

Yes, our Email Marketing Lists data service ensures compatibility with the Mac operating system, allowing you to easily open the provided CSV file on your Mac device. We strive to ensure a user-friendly experience across various platforms, including Mac, and are committed to delivering our Email Marketing Lists data service that caters to the needs of all users.

Can I use my personal gmail account to send out mass emails?

To effectively send out mass emails for business purposes, it is recommended to use specialized email marketing services, such as MailChimp. These services are designed to handle large-scale email campaigns, maintain good deliverability rates, and provide robust features to manage and track your email marketing efforts.

As a first time buyer of your mailing list, are there any discounts available for your services?

We provide high-quality and relevant mailing lists for your business at the best and most affordable rates in the market. To avail of the offers on our email lists, you can reach out to our data experts. Schedule a demo now to find out more.

Do you optimize fields in your email lists according to requirements such as town, country etc?

Yes, we offer the flexibility to customize fields in our email lists according to your specific requirements, including town, country, and other relevant criteria. We understand your unique targeting needs, and we strive to accommodate those needs by providing customizable email list solutions.

What are the benefits of Email Marketing Lists?

List of emails for marketing are used to send targeted advertising and special offers to specific groups of people. There are many ways to create an email list for marketing, but one of the most effective ways is connecting people with things they’re interested in or shopping for. It’s important to include information about the benefits of your product. Targeted campaigns can be customized to suit the needs of your audience so that you achieve maximum effectiveness.

Is there a price break for bulk purchases of Email Marketing Lists?

To find out more about bulk purchase discounts, you can get in touch with us.

How is the Email Marketing Lists built & managed?

We have a web scraper who scout for these web technologies source code (website to website) day in and day out and builds this list of ALL customers who are using this technology (or who’ve used this in the past).

Do I get regular updates to the Email Marketing Database when available?

We understand the importance of maintaining accurate and up-to-date data in your Email Marketing Database. Hence, we offer regular updates to the database on a weekly or monthly basis.

What is the usage frequency for my Business Email Directory?

The usage frequency for your Business Email Directory depends on your specific needs and goals as a business. Our email lists are designed for your targeting and outreach purposes, hence it can be used endlessly.

What are the fields that are included in the Email Marketing Lists?

Our Email Marketing Lists include a comprehensive set of fields that provide valuable information about the businesses and contacts within the list such as Business Name, Job Title, Business Email Address, Phone Number (subject to availability), Company Website, Industry, Employee Size, Location, Company Description and more.

If I purchase a Email Marketing Lists, what sort of conversion rate can I expect?

A high-quality list with accurate and interested recipients will always lead to better conversion rates. At BizProspex, we offer first-rate and relevant email marketing content in adherence to compliance requirements leading to excellent conversion rates for your leads. 

Can I get Email Marketing Lists by Zip Code?

If you require targeted outreach within specific geographical areas, we also offer the option to provide Email Marketing Lists based on Zip Codes. Whether you are targeting a particular city, region, or a specific set of Zip Codes, we can customize the list to meet your requirements.

Is your data downloadable in Excel files?

Yes, our data is available to download in Excel files, .csv files, and .txt files.

Is your accuracy guaranteed?

All of the records we sell have a 98% accuracy guarantee. If you encounter a lower accuracy rate, you can contact our customer relations staff and we will provide you with new data for free to make up the difference. We call it our Bounce-Back Guarantee.

What is the payment method available to purchase a Email Marketing Database from BizProspex?

At BizProspex, we offer convenient payment options to purchase a Email Marketing Database. You can make a purchase on our website which is equipped with a secure and user-friendly payment gateway that accepts various forms of online payment. Also for a more personalized approach, we offer the option to schedule a demo with our experts. 

Can you assist me in determining the types of businesses to include on my list? I'm unsure which businesses to target.

Yes, we can certainly assist you in determining the types of businesses to include on your email list. To effectively target the right businesses, it’s important to consider your specific industry, products, or services. You can schedule a demo call with our experts to customize your email list, helping you target your relevant industry. 

Why Trust BizProspex?

There are a few of many reasons that companies of all sizes trust BizProspex to build databases for their campaigns. The quality of the data changes campaign outcomes. That is why customers trust BizProspex, the best-reviewed data solutions company.

"We have enjoyed our relationship with BizProspex. They have done a great job in helping us target prospects and delivered 2x times many leads as we expected."
review bizprospex
Steve King

Founder - Consulting firm in Boston

“Great data; CRM appending partner. I used them twice to append BizSlate data of fashion retailers in NYC. Love working with BizProspex team, a pleasure indeed.”
bizprospex reviews four and half star
Eric Lituchy

Founder - BizSlate

“BizProspex is the only company I would go for the Data Cleaning. The team has a quick turnaround time and produces quality work. Good people to work with.”
bizprospex reviews four and half star
Jacob Waldman

CEO - Mcadam Fa.

"Helped us out to generate leads for our Salesforce consulting business with Salesforce users data across the state of GA with revenue and job title filter."
review bizprospex
Sid Choudhary

CEO - Intempt Technologies

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Free sample data available

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