Learn to Grow your B2B Sales via direct outreach, retargeting Ads and SEO.

A 7500 step by step guide that teaches how to grow B2B sales and optimize for conversion in plain English. No fuss, no signups required.

4 practical tips to grow B2B sales

Practical tips to improve your B2B sales (no signups required, click on the link below)

Learn the how, what and why of b2b sales, all the tools we use ourselves to improve our sales and generate leads month on month.

Email Marketing

The preferred method to generate B2B sales lead for over two decades, over 60% of B2B leads still come via manual vetted email marketing (not shooting in the dark, pal).


The undisputed king of B2B sales is the good old school SEO. No doubt. 

Re-targeting Ads

Target your customers via retargeting ads and create lookalike audience on Quora / Fb / Google and LinkedIn. reach them out and reengage.


Learn 5 ways to get the clients to refer you to their partners/vendors and friends. Read the guide, bookmark it, re-read it.

Become an expert

Become a sales expert, get our help, we offer free data (yes, we do, 100 manually verified, cleaned leads or 1000 Tech Install Leads) or free Google/ Fb / Quora / LinkedIn retargeting Ads setup (yes, we set up your Google / Fb / Quora / LinkedIn retargeting ads at NO cost, 0$, no signup required, no CC required), just drop a line here: murtaza@bizprospex.com or chat with us below.

Learn by Doing

We setup Quora / Fb / Google Ads at no cost and have no problem if you wish to learn

You are free to jump on a 3 hour Skype or TeamViewer screen share session while we set this up for you, you are welcome to learn it along. (min. budget required for Ads is 100$ at least), this money goes to Linkedin / Quora / Fb / Google, not to us, and you can pay this yourself. Total 100$, 20$ approx. each to begin with.

Build your base

Get your free SEO audit

Just drop your website URL and we will send you a free (100% customized), not a bot generated SEO report. Try it out, no CC required, no signup needed.

Increase ROI in 60 days

Give us 60 days and 300$ minimum (ad budget), and then decide if you wish to continue or not.

We intend to build trust by proving ourselves, try us out, read our content, talk to us, and then decide for yourself if you want to continue or not. Simple.

My sales improved within 30 days because of Email automation and retargeting.

We engaged BizProspex via UpWork for a 60 day free trial for Google Ads and Email automation setup and saw our ROI increase by 15% and generated 71 new leads within 1 month and 750$ ad spend. Great service by the team.

Richard Sinek, Texas blue cross blue shield agent

Free Setup

Includes basic Google Ads / Fb retargeting along with 1 landing page, 3 Ads and 300 $ minimum ad commitment over 3 months (300$ goes to Google / Fb, not us), our service is free to you.

Premium Setup

Premium setup includes Google / Fb / Quora and LinkedIn retargeting Ads setup along with 3 landing pages (for 3 services or products) and 10 variants of Ads with conversion tracking setup, customer list uploaded for better ROAS for 500$ service fee and 600$ (min. ad spend over 3 months).

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Good data for sales is like oil for automobiles, we offer bespoke data to help you get the most out of your sales efforts.


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We offer free trials, and our data comes with 7 days no questions asked money-back policy.

“Data is the new oil.” — Clive Humbyood

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We offer ready to download free samples, and you can request a custom-built sample if required.