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Healthcare Data Solution

Healthcare Data Solution

Enjoy the advantage of having healthy data!

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We enhance your data by

  • Adding missing information to your CRM such as a patient’s age, gender, and occupation with our Manual Data Mining Service.
  • Updating entries that get obsolete with time like phone numbers and addresses with our CRM Appending Service.
  • Examine your data for any errors it might have like incorrect information or spelling mistakes with our CRM Data Cleaning Service.
  • Deleting entries that are repeated to avoid confusion with Data Deduplication.

Healthcare Data Solution


Big data is a large amount of information on any given topic. Big data contains information that is generated, stored, and analyzed on an extremely vast scale, too vast to manage with standard information storage systems. In healthcare, the move to digitize records and the swift improvement of medical technologies have made the way for big data to have a big impact in the field.

Many industries use big data to learn about their consumers and then tailor their products or services accordingly. In healthcare, big data sources consist of patient medical records, hospital records, medical exam results, and information collected by healthcare testing machines (such as those used to perform electrocardiograms, also known as EKGs).


Big data collection and analysis permit doctors and health administrators to make more informed decisions about the treatment and services.

For instance, doctors who have big data samples to draw from may be able to recognize the warning signs of a serious illness before it arises. Treating any disease at an early stage can be painless and cost less than treating it once it has progressed.

In other sectors of the healthcare industry, administrators can use key performance guidelines and data analytics to make a proper number of funding and resource allocation decisions. Data amassed from healthcare records and Google maps have been used to create crucial health maps that highlight underserved locations, for example. Administrators and providers can use such data to determine where to deploy mobile health clinics and other resources.

Hospitals and other large health care facilities can use big data to capture a comprehensive understanding of patient experience. Big data tools allow health care teams to merge data that would otherwise be archived in separate clinics, hospitals, and specialist offices and remain underutilized. Big data holds the promise of consolidating patient data, allowing for quick and accurate communication between patients and providers that draws from a patient’s entire health history.


For years now, accumulating data for medical use has been expensive and time-consuming. Today, innovative technologies can gather data electronically and convert it into a simple readable form. Health professionals can generate data-driven healthcare solutions to improve patient outcomes in several ways:

Empowering patients to deal with their health histories with easy-to-access medical records.

Notifying providers of patient’s ongoing health status so they can in turn assess treatment methods faster.

Saving patients time and money.

Enhancing access to quality health care by streamlining administrative processes and helping administrators make informed decisions about allocating funds and resources both within and between healthcare institutions.

Harnessing data-driven discoveries to predict and solve medical issues earlier than ever before.


Public health could be drastically transformed by data science. Healthcare systems are progressively challenged by growing and ageing populations who are living with more chronic diseases. More effective and smarter medicines are required to deliver better care to patients. 

The challenge is to deliver this within the same healthcare economy. New occasions are arising for treatment through genetics, and better decision-making is possible using algorithms and artificial intelligence. Learning more from healthcare data can support these changes and help achieve better care in a cost-efficient manner.


Every country needs to utilize its population‘s health data to grasp how healthcare can be better delivered. 

Benefits for Patients:

When health care providers have access to a patient’s up-to-date health data, they can provide more efficient, higher quality, safer, and more personalized care, and care coordination.

Health care data provided to scientific research will speed up the development of new medical products and treatments.

Patients looking after their health data gain insight into how their health is evolving. They will be more health-conscious, literate, and empowered, allowing them to adapt their lifestyle more easily, which will have a positive impact on their care outcomes.

Patients after receiving proper medication will interact better with their health and care professionals.

Benefits for Healthcare systems:

Companies working with health data are developing many vitally required healthcare improvements that:

Discover risk factors and speed up diagnosis.

Disseminate knowledge.

Anticipate outcomes and increase the effectiveness of treatments.

Improve the safety and quality of treatments.

Improve public health strategy.

Discover pathways in disease transmission, thus preventing diseases or conditions.

Benefits for Healthcare providers:

Individual health and care professionals and organizations can make use of health data:

Improve patient care.

Participate in more clinical research.

Utilize healthcare resources more efficiently.

Redesign better care pathways.

Organizational quality improvement.

Gain an understanding of strategic planning.

Benefits for Medical research:

Health care data can support research organizations and scientific associations to develop new treatments and devices, such as:

A new drug to help deal with cancer that is difficult to treat, was developed by a pharmaceutical company.

An infusion pump that delivers a controlled dose of medication to somebody continually while they are at work or home, developed by a medical device manufacturer.

A better way to support patients with advanced dementia at their homes, pioneered by a social services organization.

When an urgent blood measurement is required, this monitoring system alerts the patient via their mobile phone, developed by a health software company.

A little about Healthcare Industry

Healthcare is an industry that evolves exceptionally rapidly. It is also among the ones that will never run short of demand. Even though self-diagnosis is beginning to be more common than ever, sadly, people will always get sick and always need medical help.

With advances in modern healthcare always on the rise, data quality demands rise, too. Consequently, even the biggest medical or healthcare bodies can face substantial obstacles. Modern consumers’ expectations are also changing with time.  With the increase of telecare in 2020, commercial healthcare has started facing new and stimulating challenges. For these reasons, maintaining data precision in the healthcare industry has become very critical as even a minute error or negligence can have serious repercussions. Data in healthcare is required to make many pivotal decisions like the course of treatment, the likeliness of a patient developing a disease, and many others. 


A stitch in time saves nine!

We understand that getting the right data at the right time can be very essential for healthcare professionals; we at BizProspex value punctuality as our paramount work principle and most importantly, we keep our promises!


The meticulousness of the human touch gives our work an extra inclination towards reliability. We take extra efforts to verify all minute aspects of your data manually so that there are no errors in your records and you can make the right decision without a doubt.

Data Privacy

We understand the need and importance of privacy in the services you offer and we are committed to preserving the same. We deploy additional security measures to maintain the secrecy of all our clients’ data, and stay assured of data privacy with BizProspex.

Data Utilisation

Medical data has a wide range of applications, that one needs to utilize the data in the right way. We offer manual data mining as per your needs so that you can utilize required information in your operations, and make the most of your unused data by using our Data-Mining services.



Free sample data available


Free sample data available

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