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Our specially tailored data mining service for law firms helps you get the right information which lets you ask the most relevant questions. Initiating the right conversation is all you need to lead successfully. Need a phone number or address for your research? Want to analyse the latest market trends? Requiring verification of data at hand and supplement the existing data with additional data? We help you find every information you need in your research with our specially tailored Data Mining Service for Law Firms.

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Data security

Law professionals around the world are worried about the security of their data from hackers; confidential, private and sensitive client information can easily be leveraged for ransom. We understand the need and importance of privacy and security of data in the services you offer, and we are committed to preserving the same. We deploy additional security measures to protect and maintain the secrecy of all our clients’ data; stay assured of data security with BizProspex.


Skip tracing

Has anyone defaulted on agreed terms and deserted you? Are you searching for someone who is willingly lost? Finding these people is a task we are good at. Find whereabouts of a fugitive person with our Skip-Tracing Services.


Data Deduplication

It often happens that a name or contact appears twice or multiple times in records, such redundancy causes disruptions in data related operations. It sometimes makes an act (SMS/call) to happen multiple times. This redundancy is bad for business; we eliminate duplicate data from your records to avoid confusion and redundancy which happens due to making multiple entries.


Data Merge

To merge data is to bring similar or relevant data together. Client information can be scattered across a database, bringing this data together might produce new insights. There might be multiple entries of client data made at different times and for different reasons. Using such data can cause redundancy, so we bring this data together with our Data Merging service.


Data Appending

Append missing information such as contact details, family details, age and other information of your clients. Getting the complete data about something is an ongoing process and every now and then new information might be required. Every data we append is authenticated across credible sources of information. With our Data Appending Services, ace every walk with confidence!


Data cleaning

Errors in data result in loss of essential resources like time and money. In data cleansing, such erroneous data is updated with the correct data. Before data mining, data cleaning should be necessarily done; because inference drawn from inaccurate data can never be accurate and application of such erroneous information can wreak havoc. Old data always require updating, as critical information like phone numbers and addresses often get obsolete. There might be some incorrect information in your data, which we correct after duly verifying it across credible sources. We remove all the errors from your data such as spelling mistakes so that there is no looking back once you start working on your case.

Our Services

Manual Data-Mining

Get the information you want right when you need it, being well-informed gives you an extra edge in any business. 

Data Appending

Append missing information such as contact details, family details and addresses of your customers.

Data Deduplication

Eliminate duplicate data to avoid confusion and redundancy which might happen due to making multiple entries.

Data Cleaning

Remove errors like incorrect information and spelling mistakes from your data.

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