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No Hard Bounces

and ESPs shutting you down anymore. Ever!

BizProspex has launced a new web based solution to clean your Email List, remove hard bounces and increase deliverability. Signup below to get 100K records at no cost (value 599$).

Only for first 100 subscribers! Hurry.

No Hard Bounces.. Ever 1

Some of our 20+ step verification process:

We remove all possible hard bounces and give you a clean email list (in your desired format or can work on top of your CRM) to ensure 100% deliverability.

Syntax Checker

Automatically check and remove bad syntax that are causing bounces.

MX check

We check the MX record validation in real time for the data that you upload to ensure high deliverablity

Free ESP

Automatically remove free ESPs to save IP blacklisting.

Append address info

30 – 40% of the times our software matches the domain and appends address info.

Risk Validation

BizProspex API works to remove all bad or defunct domains that are high risk.

Location info

Append location info to omit specific countries that you don’t serve thus saving you time and energy.

Role based accounts

Identify and remove all role based accounts. Automatically.

Append info

We match the domain against our internal database to append required info on request.

No Hard Bounces.. Ever 2

Become an Email Ninja

We ensure 0% bounces thus saving you from ESPs shutting you down for no reason. Try us now at no cost, we are offering 100K credits to test our solution before making a decision.

APIs for developers and CRM systems

It work where you do. Your favourite CRM system.

We will launch APIs for developers and CRMs to connect with and remove hard bounces without exporting and importing it again in the system. ETA 1st week of July.

Achieve your sales goals

With cleaner data you stand a chance to hit inbox everytime.

Test it our yourself, there is no obligation. Just signup below to ahieve your sales goals through email marketing.

Why trust bizprospex?

We have been a part of data industry since 2011, I know how important it is to have clean leads and 0% bounces.

We have build this tool grounds up keeping email deliverability in mind. Test it out yourself and see the diffrence.

No Hard Bounces.. Ever 3

Murtaza Amin, Lead Architect, BizProspex


when is th ETA for 100K credits? 

We are hoping to launch the fully functional software by 1st week of March.

If anyone is interested in beta testing, they can contact us directly and we will add credits around 1st week of Feburary to test the software and deliverability.

Expected cost for 100K records?

We are launching at a base cost of 100K records at 259$ and 1K records at 5$ flat. Ofcourse, we will offer better prices for enterprise customers and friends. 

Future plans?

We will be launching a data appending software and data mining software within the next 12 months to compliment email validation. Our job is to ease yours.


We have SLA for 99.9% accuracy in place on our terms page, if you show us proof of our validated emails marked as bounce by MailChimp, we will refund you 100% of your amount paid.

What is WahData?

Wahdata.com is a dedicated website for email verification and bounce removal solution we have built, it is a part of BizProspex.

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Free sample data available


Free sample data available

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