Choose between per lead pricing / fixed price / hourly or monthly.

Price range for PPL (pay per lead) (a lead is a valid data point with either a valid email or a direct phone) is between 20 cents to 50 cents per lead and depends on fields to be scrapped and difficulty level).
For example, software professionals in SFO is 10 cents a lead while compared to mining engineers in South America which is $1 a lead on an average.

Technology append/ technology install data ranges from 40 cents to $ 1.5 per lead.

Hourly price ranges from $7 per hour for junior data research to $13 per hour for a senior data researcher.

You can also choose a monthly engagement at just $1150 per employee per month.

Minimum billing of $500 per month and/or per invoice.
We offer NDA / SLA / screen tracking via TimeDoctor / 24*7 phone sales phone support to all our customers.

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