UpWork’s New Connect Policy

UpWork recently introduced a new connects policy that impacts 10 million freelancers and 3 million clients.

UpWork used to charge a flat two connects per bid and gave 60 connects at no cost at the beginning of every new month to all it’s 10 million freelancers to bid on projects (people on the pro plan would get 70 connects for 10$ flat), UpWork will soon be rolling out a new connects policy where UpWork would decide the connects required to bid on jobs depending on the value or the project/value of the client and project future scope and will no longer offer 60 connects free at the start of every month.

I have created a small survey to understand the sentiments of EVERYONE involved (clients and freelancers), I created a similar survey last time when Upwork changed its pricing structure that got a lot of response.

On the 19th of April (My B’day), I will send the survey results to UpWork CEO (Steven) and let him take it from there.

As a top-rated agency and a client on UpWork, I have seen both sides of the coin, I feel this is a great move, but who am I to decide for you all? So, let’s get started, please, fill the survey below and let’s hear it from the horse’s mouth.


Thank you for taking the time to fill this survey, it is greatly appreciated, I will send the results to ALL, as well as the UpWork management team. 

If you wish to use this survey result’s data, please, feel free to do so, email me and I will share the results.


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