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At BizProspex, we are fully committed to achieving complete client satisfaction. In whatever we do, we work very hard to produce outcomes of the greatest calibre. This opportunity continues to rank among our most valued ongoing research. The entire BizProspex team is pleased that we were able to produce precisely in accordance with the client’s specific needs and objectives. While working on this project, our team encountered quite a few obstacles. As the client’s need was the company that offers specific products and services for a specific market. However, despite all of these setbacks and a few small difficulties, the crew was able to successfully finish the work with an amazing level of performance.


Artificial intelligence

 AI (Artificial intelligence) case study

Artificial intelligence (AI) is intelligence – perceiving, synthesizing, and inferring information – demonstrated by machines, as opposed to intelligence displayed by animals and humans. Example tasks in which this is done include speech recognition, computer vision, translation between (natural) languages, as well as other mappings of inputs.  OED (OUP) defines artificial intelligence as the theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks that normally require human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.




The client was featuring the latest advancements in machine learning, deep learning, and AI solutions. Their customer community, partner ecosystem, and the makers behind the AI company share use cases, best practices, and real-world examples of building applications while driving AI transformation. At this AI company, democratizing AI isn’t just an idea. It’s a movement. And that means that it requires action. They started out as a group of like-minded individuals in the open-source community, collectively driven by the idea that there should be freedom around the creation and use of AI.


Client’s requirement


We have to conduct research on the businesses that utilize AI in particular markets. Also, the businesses that market particular AI products. The only similarity to the previous stage is that the client was searching for an AI designer who specialised in visual artificial intelligence (cameras, photographs, and videos), rather than behavioral artificial intelligence (consumer behavior, stock markets, etc.). Users must be able to create, train, annotate, and deploy AI models using a toolkit or design tool (web-based AI design tool). EDGE or mobile technology should also be mentioned.


Solution Phase


We had done the verification of so many companies. The details that the client wanted to find us are :

  • Company
  • Competitor Industries
  • Software
  • Product
  • Product Description
  • Number of Clients
  • Revenue
  • Summary of Services Offered (e.g. installation)
  • Employees Size
  • Competitor product offering (hardware & software)
  • Competitor seed funding (if applicable)
  • Competitor product price point

Our team put a lot of effort into finding and confirming the companies and their products from those sources that met the client’s pre-existing standards and needs.



Finding companies that use AI, target specific markets, and sell specialized AI solutions was the very first challenge we encountered. The client needed to identify the businesses that supply AI in their medical equipment, which was one of the conditions that had to be met. Finding the companies was difficult because there were few sources available. The most crucial phase of the data analytics process is data collection which is useful. Finding the right database for the customer presented a challenge for us. Additionally, the database must be obtained from various sources because it cannot be searched from a single source. It can be incredibly difficult to find data that is accurate and reliable. It is a challenge for data researchers to get beyond when looking for companies that use AI because, according to a survey, 24 of the 100 companies that have integrated AI projects into their operations have encountered this problem. In fact, a lack of necessary data may cause them to pause or postpone their efforts to find data. Another challenge is unbalanced data, everyone wants to reduce or completely remove bias from their datasets, but it is far simpler to say than to achieve. Unbalanced data is one of several factors that might influence biased data. Machine learning models suffer a large performance hit from unbalanced datasets. It unnecessarily reduces the representation of one community or group while including an overrepresentation of data from another. 


Our side of the experience


With our excellent database and research, their trust in BizProspex was greatly increased. BizProspex, however, never gives up. Even though the job was challenging for us, we gave it more of our coordinated effort and calibre. Our main principle is to never give up and to always strive for greater outcomes. We will be able to continue to earn our client’s trust thanks to this ability of ours. Since 2009, BizProspex has been working in the data sector, and we have a lot of experience using data mining to locate the most relevant and recent data. We help companies in growing because of our excellent research. Our commitment to constantly offering high-quality research, data solutions, and services has brought us more than 500 clients to date. Even if it is a significant figure, we must point out that the majority of our clients continue working with us after completing a project. When they need well-researched, high-quality data or leads, they always come to us first! Our customers are confident that BizProspex will consistently stick to all deadlines and quality requirements.



Final Outcomes


All of the client’s necessary goals have been successfully met. They now know which specific AI product from a particular company is being sold in a specific market. The client has also expressed great satisfaction with the research we conducted. The gathered information aided the client in enhancing their analytics. 



Free sample data available


Free sample data available

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