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Since we have been pioneers in the data sector for almost a decade, we have amassed extensive knowledge in B2B direct sales and outreach. Because we are aware of the difficulties your sales and marketing teams encounter, we have put together solutions to help your B2B company’s sales. Our precisely examined customized data-mined leads are nearly flawless. We don’t sell lists; instead, we mine them and cross-verify them across B2B networking platforms to make sure the information is reliable and accessible right away. We assemble all the data you need about a single set of potential clients, including details about their use of technology, the keywords that appear on their pages, the amount of money they spend on adverts, direct contact information, and more, to help you execute deals more quickly. ​​BizProspex’s comprehensive data cleaning and data appending solutions will help grow your B2B business. Our thoroughly verified custom data-mined leads are close to flawless. We can offer services that can advance businesses on their route to growth and sales thanks to our strict adherence to highly personalized, manual, and multi-layer verification processes. Our team has employees that are motivated, highly talented, and well-trained, as well as experts in the most recent methods of data cleansing.


About Client


Your online identity, social accounts, and the like should be treated with care. That means routinely checking on settings, post history, ad tracking options, and more. Social networks not only add new settings, but they also occasionally modify existing ones. The concept of a client is pretty simple: it scans your online accounts and makes security- and privacy-based recommendations on how to make your accounts and identity safer. It looks for things like two-factor authentication and ad tracking settings and can help you set those things up if they aren’t already. It can also automatically archive old posts on many social networks. These scans happen regularly and automatically, and every option you have enabled will be checked and/or executed. For example, if you tell the app to delete your Facebook searches or archive old messages on Facebook Messenger, these things will happen automatically without any interaction required. The client covers a slew of services including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Messenger, Google, YouTube, LinkedIn, Amazon, and Alexa. It can also scan the web for data breaches, as well as block in-app and online trackers. The various networks and options are separated by different paid tiers Plus and Pro. The Plus plan covers most networks and data breach scans. The Pro plan adds dark web scanning for credit card numbers, your social security number, LinkedIn coverage, and in-app/online tracker blocking.



Client’s Requirement

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The client wanted us to identify the companies which have specific offerings. The requirements started with businesses that provide services related to social media privacy, tracker blocking, combating non-consensual profiling & targeting, and delisting users from international data brokers like JumboPrivacy.com. The following specification was for businesses with any offerings in the anonymous shopping sector, such as Privacy.com, which could be purchased to provide users with shopping privacy, allowing them to check out with anonymous cards rather than their own identified cards. Another requirement was that the companies have any services that operate in the email privacy protection space (not than full-fledged email services like Gmail.com or ProtonMail.com, but rather products like Apple’s private email relay offering or, for example, Cloaked.app). Finally, businesses that are providing smartphone safety, such as Lookout.com.


case study


An average data privacy policy is almost 3,000 words long, challenging to grasp legalese, and lengthy. Companies assume that a paid model won’t be successful and must therefore sell the data they obtain from the free model. People continue giving personal information and have given up on data privacy because they believe they are being spied on anyhow. Government rules alone cannot have an impact on modern technology because it is far too complex. Together, the Play Store and App Store contained more than 4.8 million apps, but we have little control over how they utilize our data. Marketing professionals are compelled by fierce competition to subtly manipulate consumers into disclosing more information. 


Watch your step 


Antispam is now a commodity that causes more annoyance than a danger. Be cautious, as phishing, fraud, and more cunning impersonation techniques may be used. Because of this, your solution must have high-tech security layers that check attachments and filter material before it enters any network. Also, secure your payments and keep them apart from email correspondence. Only 10% of businesses, according to the survey, employ a secure workstation or a payment protection gateway to execute transactions. Unfortunately, data and money are what the majority of cyber criminals are wanting. Due to the high rate of invoice fraud, many cybersecurity firms advise against using email for any kind of financial transaction. Our system needs to look for and stop the transmission of such delicate information via email.



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