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Here is an extract of the final sheet for this project- Sample Sheet


Spoonity is undoubtedly one of our most cherished projects. We continue to count this opportunity as one of our most memorable data projects. The entire BizProspex team is glad that we could deliver precisely as per the client’s unique requirements and specifications.


To be honest, the project was an entirely first-time experience for us. There were quite a few setbacks our team faced while completing this project. But in spite of all these setbacks and a few minor challenges, the team was able to complete the task outstandingly, with an exceptional quality performance.



Spoonity Client Acquisition


As is the case with new project acquisition, our Sales department got a hold of this project, a fraction of this project to be precise, via UpWork. The job-post specified that the requirement was to find and mine data of restaurants in the US that are operational in more than five locations. Our Sales experts approached the job-post very professionally and convinced Mr Max, the CEO, about our competency in finishing this project. He briefed Team BizProspex about everything he expected from us regarding the job. Once he hired us, he asked for a sample so that he can judge the quality of our job.


We have always been open to providing free samples before any client hires us. We believe that delivering free-samples reflects our professionalism and expertise-laden approach to the job. Our competent Data Researchers produced the sample in no time at all as the task was relatively easy for them. The sample was delivered to Mr Max promptly, and feedback was awaited.


As has been the track record at BizProspex, Mr Max liked and approved the sample and finalised the job contract. Now, Mr Max wanted a reasonably large number of restaurant leads, but he was quite hesitant to hand-over the full project requirements to us. The main reason for this was that the CEO wasn’t confident in our ability to maintain the quality of our work for a large number of leads.


The Hiring; Spoonity Case Study


Based on the CEO’s apprehension, we received this project work in parts where less number of leads were expected for each minor project. Again, we understand that it is completely natural for a client to have apprehensions and reservations related to our capability at first. This is why we were comfortable with Mr Max’s preference for allotting work in smaller batches.


Once our team got to work, the first round of manual data mining brought out relevant, accurate and up-to-date information as per the client’s requirements. Our team understands the value a high-quality lead can offer to your B2B business. This is why we take meticulous care in mining and cross-verifying each entry to ensure accuracy. Pleased with our performance, Mr Max added a new criterion to the project. In this second phase, our team of data researchers were responsible for finding data related to leads (restaurants) that were operational in more than five locations but were not using a mobile app for their business.


To be honest, it was at this point that we came to know that Mr Max’s business is centred on Mobile-App development and he wanted to extend his app-development services to the leads (restaurants) to help make them go online.



More from Spoonity’s Project


It was no piece-of-cake project either. I must mention here that it was difficult, to some extent, to find app-offline restaurants in the US. Most US businesses take to new technological developments and innovative communication strategies fairly early. This meant that we had to put in extra efforts to find relevant information as per the client’s requirements. However, we at BizProspex never shy away from a challenge, and with this attitude to back us up, we were able to fulfill Mr Max’s requirements with enhanced quality in our work.


The end result was that Mr Max was quite ecstatic with the quality and excellence we displayed in his job. The leads that we researched for him fetched his firm an excellent Conversion Rate. Depending on such fabulous results he made us responsible for finding 700+ US restaurants.


Project Development; Spoonity Case Study


When this project started, Mr Max hired BizProspex on an hourly basis. That is, we were getting paid for the hours we invested in the project. Given the specifics of the project, we dedicated one of our best Data Researchers entirely for this project. He was able to research around 30 to 35 leads per shift, and that was considered as an acceptable turnaround time by Mr Max, considering the project requirements.



Added Responsibility: Spoonity Case Study



Spoonity App Preview



Now, as we were able to fulfil the project requirements efficiently, Mr Max handed-over the added responsibility of a dummy App-Development to BizProspex. Here, we were responsible for designing a dummy mobile-app for the leads that we have researched so far and those we still were researching. The added task of app-design needed us to be creative and thanks to our meticulous work ethic, we fulfilled our client’s demands in this niche too!


At this point, we were researching the leads as well as developing the dummy mobile-app too for the leads. The complete process enabled us to display our versatility in full colours to the client. The client intended to use the leads’ data and the related dummy mobile-apps to approach the restaurants and pitch them for getting their restaurant app designed.


As the project progressed and the reach of the project grew, the client assigned us the additional responsibility of finding additional leads from UK, Canada, Australia & SA locations, as well. By this time, our team was quite used to what the client needed, and yet again, we impressed him with our outstanding performance. As the location requirements expanded, we researched almost 2K leads for this client along with designing the dummy mobile-app for the same amount of leads!



Enhanced Responsibility; Spoonity Case Study


Once again, overwhelmed with our expertise and efficiency towards the job, Mr Max entrusted us with yet another responsibility. This time, it was the task of handling the email-marketing communication for the leads that we found for him. So, by this point, we were performing three jobs for him-


  1. Finding the Leads
  2. Designing the demo-app
  3. Performing email-marketing for those leads


Off-loading almost all of his data related jobs onto us, the client and his team now started concentrating solely on building the mobile-app.  They designed the app for clients that he scored from within the pool of primed leads we researched for him. The high lead-to-client ratio made the client delighted with the quality and the dedication that our Data Team had displayed.



Continuing the Legacy; The Spoonity Project


As of now, this is an on-going project at BizProspex. We currently perform three tasks for them. We work on finding relevant leads and building their dummy mobile-app. Base on these leads that we unearth for them, we also help with email marketing.
BizProspex has researched almost 2.5K leads for this project up until now. Even now, we are working on it with the same level of expertise and dedication. Two of our most productive data-team members work full-time on this project. Backed by our commitment to excellence, we’re glad that our services bring in returns for our clients.
BizProspex offers the same level of expertise and professionalism to all clients and projects. Never mind if it an on-going project or a one-time shot at a new opportunity. Simply put, we never compromise on the quality and efficiency that we deliver to our customers.
You can have a look at the sample sheet of the Spoonity Project below. This sample sheet contains the links to the dummy mobile-app designed by our hard-working team. It will give you a fair idea of how hard BizProspex work to bring its clients’ specific requirements to life. We’re undoubtedly one of the best list building companies in the industry. Reach out to us and learn about our CRM Data cleaning services and data mining services.


Here is an extract of the final sheet for this project- Sample Sheet


Free sample data available


Free sample data available

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