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Here an extract of the final sheet for this project- Sample Sheet


We at BizProspex are wholly dedicated to providing total client-satisfaction. We strive hard to deliver the highest quality results in whatever we do. Rombii is surely one of our exciting past and on-going projects. As is the case with most of our projects, we landed this opportunity from Rombii via UpWork. What started as a typical data-mining job quickly transformed into a lot more.


The Hiring: Rombii


It all started when our Sales Head sent a proposal to the client. Certainly, it was a little difficult owing to the time-zone difference. We couldn’t get in touch with him directly for almost a week. Additionally, the client had an ongoing project that demanded his attention. Hence, we succeeded in contacting him when our Sales Head approached him under his time-zone.
It took us a while to get in touch with the client and get a brief on their exact requirements. After all, we like taking all details down first. Understanding our client is the first step to building a stable relationship with them. It took us no time to start working on the project immediately. Needless to say, we had an in-depth explanation and discussion with our team at BizProspex. The aim of this was to chart a game-plan to deliver excellent results. Our fabulous data-team completed the project in the record time. The client was happy with the quality that we provided to him.

More for BizProspex and Rombii


Apart from this project that we completed for Rombii, we have undertaken other projects. In addition to Rombii, the client had various data-projects that needed careful attention. This client was in search of a professional data-service provider to help him with the same. As we came on board and delivered quality leads, the client wanted to hire us for on-going projects as well.
We at BizProspex believe that our prospective clients should get a taste of our professionalism before they sign up for our services. For this client’s test-project we provided them with around 300 specialized leads. Their unique needs needed special care and extreme verification. Obviously, every B2B organization’s requirements need this care and verification. However, with this client, they were slightly unsure if we could handle the task.
Consequently, they wanted to test out the waters with us before coming on board. A free sample would help them gauge our data mining abilities as well.


Project development: Rombii


Once we were all set, we got to work on the second project for this client. This project required us to find relevant leads in Retail, Food & Beverages, IT and so on with specific job roles and profiles within Australia. Our team worked hard to research, verify and cross-verify relevant contacts and leads that fit the pre-existing qualifications and requirements stipulated by the client. The outcome of our efforts was that we gathered leads that were perfectly suited for Mr. Marcus’s organization’s needs.


After the thrilling reception of our second project, Mr. Marcus was sure of our capabilities and trusted us with another project, our third for Rombii. This latest project was a little different from anything we had done before and it required us to find leads specifically from South East Asian or ASEAN countries. Now, this was one of the most challenging pieces of work we’d ever come across! The key reason for this was that most South East Asian organizations conduct business on a more offline basis and hence their online presence is not very strong. This made it pretty gruesome and challenging for our team to mine the relevant data.


Our Side of The Experience: Rombii


But at BizProspex we never quit, we never say die! Although the project was quite difficult for us, we poured more of our combined efforts and caliber into the project. The outcome was brilliant, and once again, for the third time in a row, we delivered leads with exceptional quality to our client. It is our motto never to quit and never to stop struggling for better results. This quality of ours has enabled us to gain our clients’ trust, time and time again.


BizProspex has been in the data industry for more than five years now and has enough experience on how to mine and search for the most relevant and fresh data. No matter what the specific requirements may be of your B2B organization, we’re well equipped with a team that can help you get the job done!


Excellent data is what helps companies grow, and we assist them in achieving just that. Our commitment to providing quality data solutions every time has earned us more than 250 clients in a short span of five years. With that being an impressive number, we must add that most of our clients don’t simply stop with one project. Every time there is a need for well-researched, good quality data or leads, we’re always their number one choice!  Our clients know that BizProspex will never let them down regarding agreed-upon timelines or quality.


BizProspex and Rombii Today


The same tradition of an on-going professional relationship after a successful project continues with our client Mr Marcus. Rombii now entrusts our team with almost all their data-related requirements – be it for lead generation or for CRM data cleaning services.


We have completed more than 20 projects for this client in the past year. Each project was deemed successful and has performed in tandem with the client’s expectation. Moreover, we’ve met their requirements and worked within his specifications. With that being said, it is our constant focus to perform better with each new project.


Right now we are finalizing a data-project for him and Rombii. After the initial stages of selection and hiring, Mr Marcus does not personally contact Team BizProspex. Our main point of communication is now another junior member of the client’s organization. Thanks to our professionalism and commitment to delivering work on time, Mr Marcus need not be personally involved in ensuring that we deliver high-quality results!


 The work-ethics and professionalism BizProspex displays for all of its clients is equal.  We’re always happy to sit down with our clients to understand their needs in a comprehensive manner. Honestly, our aim is to deliver an exceptional experience and world-class leads to our clients. Moreover, we work so that their businesses can grow and achieve new heights.


Please visit our Clients Page to have a look at our clients we have served so far


Here is an extract of the final sheet for this project- Sample Sheet




Free sample data available


Free sample data available

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