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Working on B2B sales is a herculean task. You aren’t catering to a customer. Instead, you are addressing the need for a complex, multi-tiered organization. Let’s forget about closing the deal. We are talking about generating leads for a business through a business. Imagine the magnitude of onus!


Different decision-makers, different goals, different priorities– and a business striving to meet their needs, expectations and overcome challenges through you. All of this while your organization wants you to step up your game and put in more efforts!


Man, does it ever get easy?


The domain of sales is inconvenient but beyond all, it is rewarding. It is never going to be any easier working for B2B sales but who said you can’t be smart about it?


A business needs customers to stay in the game.  To acquire customers, it needs to create the right kind of noise at the right platforms.  After all, irrespective of how good your products or services are, nobody is going to buy them if they haven’t heard about you. Besides, it isn’t somewhat pleasant to hear ‘What, Who’ at the other end. This is why businesses lookout for avenues that can get them positive word-of-the-mouth, which can take them to as many people as possible and make them a known name in the circuit.


Your business doesn’t have to be the newest kid on the block, with starry eyes and promising ‘cheapest’ and ‘free’ services. You don’t have to be the one spending millions to create buzz either. Though, one thing you have to be to generate B2B sales leads is to be the bestseller in your domain. If you want to sell your business to another business, you need to know where you can get customers or leads and then, seal it with affirmation. So, don’t wait and scroll down as we discuss five methods that can help your business generate new B2B leads and sales!


How to Boost B2B  Sales Leads 


Boost b2b leads and sales


Experts are of opinion that over 80 per cent of the businesses struggle with lead generation while 70 per cent of the businesses think that converting leads into customers remains their top-most challenge and priority. But what’s with the deals? Why is so everybody crazy about them?


If you are wondering why generating high-quality leads are of significant value for businesses, consider this. With a mere 10 per cent increase in the number of even high-quality leads, a business can see a considerable 10 per cent boost in its profits.


 But what’s a high-quality lead?


high quality lead


A high-quality lead has more chance to convert into a deal. A customer or user signing up with your newsletter, blog or leaving a query on your website page would definitely be an easier nut to crack than the one who will have you chasing him after.


If your business is like any other business in the market, you would definitely like to earn more, spend a lot less and would not like to indulge in the labour-intensive and time-consuming process like the latter.


And this is why every business takes the tactics of lead generation seriously that is effective and isn’t a burden on the operations. 


Be there.


be there for clients


It is wonderful that you are posting blogs and articles on a regular basis. Your social media feeds are inundated with posts and offers. You are sending them promotional e-mails. Your PR game is on point too. But are you there in the comments and conversations when they are talking about you? Or your who the communication is as one-directional as a speeding bullet?


The idea is to engage with them, as much as you can and respond as quickly. If your user is on a chatbot, offer for a short video call. They should know that you are there.  Use hashtags and keywords for social media. Use LinkedIn to connect with the leaders in business to connect and optimize your professional network to your advantage. 


Weed out!     


Data is the core of every business and almost every business, be it online or offline, depends on how wisely it uses them.  The problem is we have too much of it and every day, 2.5 quintillion bytes of it is added to this already unfathomable pile of it.


Trying to dig out the good, bad and ugly of it can break the back of any business out there. This is when data mining comes into the picture.


Imperfect leads are what they are- imperfect. People change jobs. People change numbers. People change cities – while your data remains as-is – stagnant and old.


Data mining services help you to extract irrelevant information and create an updated database that your teams can use.


A data mining services provider comes in handy especially when you are using lead databases from different sources. More often than not, in such a scenario, the information often gets repetitive and stale leading to vain efforts and higher operational costs. Data mining uses a variety of tools, techniques and methods to filter the leads and offer you actionable insights that can yield results as well as revenue. 


According to an IDG survey, 46 per cent of business owners have acknowledged that data mining has helped them to plan better by handing out pertinent information related to market, competition and business processes. Additionally, a whopping 41 per cent of business leaders have welcomed the considerable reduction in operational expenses due to data mining services.


Be aware.



be aware

sun tzu quote


Go ahead, study your competitor. But don’t fall prey to the basic human tendency of human nature and start copying what other businesses are doing. The idea behind studying your competitor is to present you with a ‘How-To’ type of quick guide. This works only when you know your business and domain by heart because only then you can pull a SWOT on them.


This blueprint can help you plan your survival guide, prepare and plan better so that you can be precise, spend where it is necessary and avoid their mistakes. Use their audience, their platforms and beat them at their game using their strategy!


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Try and Test.


In this dog-eat-dog world, you will hear two phrases quite often:


Don’t follow the beaten path.


Some roads are less travelled for a reason.


And here’s the pearl of wisdom that you might not hear from others – try and test. Try new templates for e-mailers, get into guest blogging, post more v-logs, start an influencer channel on YouTube, encourage customer referrals, post product reviews online proactively and participate more and more in online groups that talk about similar products. Be active on Quora as it can be a great source to generate B2B sales leads.  By using these platforms, you can leverage a ready-made database to your advantage. However, it is up to you as you need to find out what works for your business and what doesn’t. Though, don’t discount any strategy, tool or technique. Nothing is magical yet everything is.


Be omnipresent.


We are living in a digital age. Everybody has a mobile and internet connection. Can your customers find you online? Do you have backlinks on relevant content that can lead them to you? If your website isn’t mobile-friendly or your website isn’t in good shape SEO-wise, chances are you missing out a lot of B2B lead sales.  Increasing web traffic might take long but is an absolute way to reach out to the customers. You should also try paid ads involving main keywords that are otherwise difficult to rank. While paid ads help to reach out to targeted keywords, a good website with SEO can create an unparalleled presence.


Know what they want.


Most of the B2B e-mails land in spam – mainly because they forget that it is not about their products but about customers’ needs. If he is receiving similar automated e-mails from other service providers, he wouldn’t even bother to click, forget about looking into them. Here are the remedial measures to prevent something like this from happening with you:


  1. Send e-mails to people who give you explicit information.
  2. Use surveys, feedback and precise information to cut through the chase and understand what they want. Based on this information, you can create your B2B e-mail marketing strategy and newsletter.
  3. Don’t use a template.
  4. Keep your communication image-oriented yet personal and human.
  5. Respond as quickly as you can. If they know that somebody is listening to them at the other end, they are more likely to be forthcoming.


B2B lead generation by the experts


Generating B2B leads is all about strategy and smart work. Using a combination of online and offline tactics, you can give your business the push it deserves by getting high-quality sales leads and converting them into customers. If you are looking to know more about how a well-oiled lead generation strategy can be implemented and what really works and what doesn’t, you are at the right place! Contact here and let’s make it happen!


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