Bad data is just that…BAD!!! 

James was poring over the computer since morning trying to figure out if his CRM system could give him some insights into the problem that he was facing. He was losing customers faster than he could acquire new ones. It was leading to a net drop in his sales acquisitions, because of the attrition rate of the customers. Suddenly, he got up from his chair and headed straight to Bob’s cabin.

“Hey, Bob, I guess I‘ve found out why we are losing customers,” he beamed. “That’s fantastic!” said Bob, as excited as a kid who had just opened the stomach of the superhero toy that he was playing with and was about to remove its batteries. ”We are losing customers because we are not doing anything to retain them,” James said.

The smile on Bob’s face vanished. ”Is this the finding that you have for me after the entire day’s research?” James nodded. ”And why do you suppose we’ve not done anything to retain our customers since we are well aware of this profound truth?” Bob asked half-curious & half-frustrated. ”Simply because our CRM does not flag dissatisfied customers when they are in the process of getting frustrated.” Bob looked at him & reclined back in his chair, understanding the value behind this statement.

This is the problem most managers today are facing with their customers. Although it is a well-known truth that it is almost seven times more expensive to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing customer, companies are doing very little for ‘churn prevention.’ The CRM system has the record of all the customers that it has acquired over the past years, but it has no way of flagging a client who’s in his or her way out of the system.

The qualitative aspect of the data gets sacrificed for maintaining the functional aspect of it. A company has a CRM-system for the administration of its customer data. In addition, it has plenty of data describing the client’s behaviour and personal data about each customer. But, and here lies the problem; it is unable to predict which customers are going to remain with the company & which ones are on their way out. This is where Data Mining/CRM cleaning comes into the picture.

Data mining can create a prediction model that can analyse the data & yet throw up qualitative insights which can help to predict the probability that a customer may be losing process in the immediate future. A pattern recognition platform can be created on the basis of this prediction model which will reveal the combinations of attributes describing customer segments with a high probability of leaving the company. The customers with the highest probability require analysis in more detail, and special offers are necessary to help retain these customers or to keep them returning.

If you are facing such problems with respect to how your data can throw up important insights into customer behaviour, look no further. We, at, have the appropriate solutions for you.

Therefore, a unique mix of manual & automated techniques will ensure that your data is not bad & hence, does not affect your business adversely. Thus the company can benefit from various advantages which will include a lower attrition ratio or reduced churn; lower acquisition cost per customer owing to better data management, and higher turnover per client due to higher customer life. All this will lead to satisfied & loyal customers.

Don’t rely on bad data to help you in your business. Mine it, clean it & let it be an asset for you. Approach today to know more


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