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Every business needs data as its ultimate driving wheel. In the B2B world, where interaction with the end-user is relatively less, data becomes an even more crucial asset. As a B2B company, you need to constantly run multiple rounds of checking to maintain the sanctity of your data. B2B data appending is a service provided by many third-party companies just like BizProspex. Their job is to append important information into the existing database and rule out the irrelevant entries which have decayed.


What should you know about Data Decay?


Data decay and slow rates are a real threat to any business. Decayed data is like a read newspaper, today’s fresh news becomes tomorrow’s trash. In such a fast pacing world, the data decay rate is increasing each day. B2B data appending is a way by which you can fight the most fixating problem of data decay.


If stats are to be believed, 30% of data is decaying every year across all the industries. In the B2B market alone, the decay rates can go as high as 70%.


So let’s face it. Data decay is the number one enemy of an otherwise thriving business. Contact details, addresses, zip codes changes in no matter of time. And soon the data gets on the verge of irrelevancy. Customer data especially is most prone to decay. This is where B2B data appending services pitches in.


Let’s say, you scraped/mined fresh data for your business two years ago. Now you realise the data which was highly accurate two years ago gives a high bounce rate and is no longer precious. B2B data appending is a service that maintains and appends updated information in your existing database and eliminates the out-dated entries. It also helps in maintaining data hygiene. Nevertheless, the old data can be used or recycled for cold calling or training purposes. 


Needless to say, B2B data appending should also inculcate decay defence. In fact, the whole point behind data appending is to make sure that the data is highly updated and doesn’t consist of any old or irrelevant entries. 


data decay



Why should B2B Data Appending consist of Decay Defence?


b2b data appending


The decay protection of data is strongly recommended for any business. If data is a soldier than decay protection is its armour. Therefore, decay protection is very important majorly because:


  • Reduce the bounce rate.
  • For the Re-engagement plan.
  • To prevent data erosion.


B2B data appending should be implemented in such a way that it covers all the above-mentioned points. B2B data appending thus is very important to prevent data decay. Therefore, here’s why we are of the view that B2B data appending should consist of decay defence. Let’s further dive into more details:


1. Reduce the bounce rate:


Decayed data gives a high bounce rate. Reason being the data or email addresses used for the email marketing campaign consist of the old email addresses that no longer exist. Even in the most ideal scenarios, 2.1% of B2B emails decay every month.


Therefore, your email marketing campaign is bound to give a high bounce rate. Decayed data is one of the topmost reasons behind failed email marketing campaign. B2B data appending appends the valid email addresses in place of the old ones. Thus, data appending plays a crucial role in reducing the high bounce rate.


B2B data appending can be a tedious task for people who don’t specialize in data-related fields. Your sales and marketing teams might not be fit for this job. By giving them such a mammoth of a task you might also reduce their productivity. Thus, many companies outsource this task to third-party companies like BizProspex. BizProspex offers Email Appending services specifically designed to combat the high bounce rate.


Email Appending: Don’t let your email marketing campaigns go to the bin by opting for email appending services. Email Appending is a method of appending email addresses to the corresponding lead list. Email Appending also checks for any inconsistencies in the existing email addresses and replace it if found. BizProspex has a team of dedicated individuals who are also experts in B2B data appending. We replace all the incorrect email addresses and fill in the valid ones.



2. Maintain Data Hygiene:


Data hygiene means checking data for any inconsistencies or errors. You can maintain data hygiene with the help of B2B data appending. As B2B data appending checks and maintains the overall quality of data, it is a very good remedy for decayed data. Data can become dirty because of the following reasons:


Data Duplicacy: Data duplicacy is a term for redundant data. In huge databases, data duplicacy is quite common. However, data duplicacy can cause serious damage to the quality of the data. Data Duplicacy can be eliminated with the help of B2B data appending.


Out-dated or Incorrect records: Since data decays at a very rapid speed it soon becomes outdated. Obviously, outdated records or incorrect records will lead to a failed marketing strategy because data is the backbone of any marketing strategy. 


B2B data appending plays an important role in maintaining data hygiene by eliminating duplicate records and correcting outdated records.



3. For the Re-engagement Plan:


It is said that a bird in hand is better than two in a bush. If you have the right and updated set of information about your clients, you can devise a re-engagement plan effectively. You can target your customers well if you know the exact information about them. B2B data appending ensures that your data is up-to-date. Thus, B2B data appending should also include provisions for the re-engagement plan of the company. 



4. To Prevent Data Erosion:  


Just like soil, data is also erodible. Data erosion means loss of quality data as it gets outdated. B2B data appending prevent data from getting eroded by keeping it up-to-date. Data erosion can bear significant losses to any business and should be prevented at all costs. Thus, the B2B data appending service comes in handy.


BizProspex also provides B2B data appending. Data Appending is a broad set of services that includes email appending, phone appending etc. We provide all these services at an affordable price. We are industry leaders in providing manual data mining services, data scraping, skip tracing, Data verification, CRM cleaning, Email Address search, Data scrubbing. Contact us for more.



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