Practical tips for SalesForce CRM cleaning

The famous saying “Garbage in and garbage out” will remain ever relevant, as far as Data, Data Quality and Databases are concerned.  Without any doubt, you must never overlook the importance of data quality within your SalesForce CRM. In other words, when any user directly or indirectly obtains bad data, adopting a new CRM could be very problematic. Apparently, you are forced to pay more out of your hard earned money. It is noteworthy to state that regarding data quality, you must form your data habits and then watch those habits formulate and build your database. SalesForce CRM Cleaning is the call you need to answer as soon as possible.

With Salesforce, Data is more likely to be coming from various sources, and yet these sources are probably failing to observe exact informational blueprints. So there is tendency for poor formatting, duplicate and missing data as well as divisional storage.

It may of interest to you, therefore, to know that creating highly formidable SalesForce CRM data plan is one of the quickest and best ways to enhance the quality of your Salesforce Database. Of course, Salesforce prepares administrators through both classroom coaching as well as individual training. Does that mean other end users are not relevant? It is where you find the CRM data plan is very vital depending on the following questions:

  • What are the ways to clean your current Salesforce data?
  • How will you coordinate customer and potential prospects’ data?
  • Exactly how you will sustain the cleanliness of your Salesforce CRM and ensure its optimum performance?

Here are the best productive and logical ways to clean up your CRM and maintain it:


1. Subject your data to regular scrutiny and analyses:

It is advisable you try as much as possible to understand the entire settings of your data before you begin the cleaning, avoiding bad data and improving your data. That is to say, how unclean is your database? First and foremost, ensure that you evaluate and scrutinise your data quality. In doing this, the following questions could be helpful:

What is the level of damage/duplicates in our database?

What are the sources of those duplicates?

Can your data favourably compete with other SalesForce clients regarding quality?

With the establishment-efficient data dashboard, it will give you a good idea about the number of Duplicate Leads available within your database. You will also gain insight into their origin, the actual time they were established together, with many more important aspects.


2. Let your data be meticulously cleaned:

There is good cleaning as well as poor cleaning. Bad data can manifest itself in different sizes and shapes which, then, requires thorough cleaning (SalesForce CRM Cleaning) through various remedial actions explained below-

  • Completion of missing data

It may interest you to know that CRMs comprises of a large Data. These very markers are a reflection of road map to filling the missing data. For example, supposing all of the emails for a certain organisation is made up of email design as  ‘’, this implies you will be required to fill in missing email details for all the incomplete entries present within your database.

  • Data Standardization

It’s a fact that almost all bad data arise as a result of human error. In case a firm fails to design sustainable rules or standards to promote the techniques of entering data in their CRM, various iterations of your data is bound to come alive and will be established in your CRM. Data Standardization finds the remedy to this issue, also known as Data Normalisation. Creating an efficient, routine and uniform environment for inputting data into your CRM ensures this problem won’t arise again.

  • De-Duplication of cleansed data

It is probably the most decisive when considering to start cleaning of data. All you need to do is to clean current CRM and after that halt duplicate data before it finds its way into your system again. 

  • Data Validation

Data validation simply makes sure that your data runs on the platform of useful, accurate and clean data. It is utterly important that you regularly monitor your data validation, using preset validation methods, restraints, as well as procedures. By this approach, it gives assurance that the data in your system is accurate and relevant.


3. Safeguard your data:

Your data will keep decaying as long as you fail to establish diplomatic protection approach. Apart from the fact that titles, emails and contact numbers are subjected to change, the moment your staff is entering data in your CRM they tend to produce duplicates. You can protect your data as follows:

  • Consistent and continuous prevention of duplicates
  • Ongoing and coherent standardisation
  • Ceaseless completion of missing data and data validation. 


4. Improve your Data:

The potential of your data will always be limited unless you enhance its current quality. Meanwhile, obtaining more facts about the records could be helpful in completing the information relating to the contact, thereby presenting highly comprehensive horizon about the contacts. When you improve your available data, it goes a long way in ascertaining the quality data. Hence, your sales reps will save their valuable time sending wrong/worthless emails.

When anytime access to complete record is prohibited to the sales team, customer success team and the rest of other assigned workers, valuable time is wasted as they keep trying to make do with internet and external systems, searching for those same details. In fact, studies by Sirius Decisions have proven that employee tends to waste more than 30% of his or her time while searching for contact through untraditional ways.

If you follow the above methods logically, you will invariably obtain full data quality and by doing so, strategically position yourself to enjoy improved ROI. Further, if you have your CRM service with SalesForce then it’s utterly important to perform SalesForce CRM Cleaning which will reward you with most pertinent info on your customers.

Even though data quality remains one of the missing factors of Salesforce CRM management, yet its functions enhances the integrity of the collected data and preserve the value of the whole process.

In keeping your data quality at an optimal level, simply follow the best practice tips below:

  • Identify your Salesforce CRM data and opt for SalesForce CRM Cleaning services if required.
  • Let everyone accommodate on board
  • Examine your data on regular basis
  • Ensure data completion
  • Avoid scammers
  • Ensure that data is valid and clean always
  • Consistently add value with rich data


The Bottom Line:

As we have mentioned above, the most important aspect of maintaining a healthy CRM is first-hand access to clean and relevant data at all times. But practically it isn’t possible as you collect data in a huge amount from various channels. Errors are bound to creep in your CRM database no matter how intently you try avoiding them. Thus, it’s imminent to deploy a particular technique which will ensure the quality data within your CRM database. It is advisable to hire professional services who have the essential skills and expertise to tackle this problem. Such experts can assist you with SalesForce CRM cleaning hence you will enjoy the optimised CRM database rewarding you with improved ROI.

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