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When it comes to your B2B business, efficiency in all operations is an integral part of growing your organization. As a business owner and marketer, the importance of a good quality database is not lost on you. After all, it has become a well-known fact that fruitful leads are a recurring by-product of a regularly updated and well-maintained database.


However, did you know that opting for data cleaning services, especially CRM cleaning services can help your business tremendously in the long run?


What does CRM include?


Your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is cloud software. It enables you to store information about your organization’s customer relationships. With CRMs, interactions with existing and potential customers improve. Your CRM system is a tool that helps streamline the process of contact management. It can help streamline sales management, lead generation, upselling, reselling, and other activities.
In simple terms, the CRM software has all the information about your client. Additionally, this information is presented in a very easy-to-access and friendly manner. It helps you determine which product, service or solution best fits any particular client or customer.


How does a CRM become weak?


The average B2B Sales and Marketing team work hard to generate and nurture leads. They put in efforts to eventually convert these into profitable business transactions. However, they forget about most of these leads, once their details enter your CRM. This is a widely occurring phenomenon, observed across industries. So if you think your CRM has become weak, you’re certainly not the only one.
The overlooked leads in your CRM become old and lose their significance. So, why does this happen? Primarily, as time passes, people get promoted, change jobs, switch companies or relocate. When either one of these scenarios occurs, data and records gradually become outdated and irrelevant.


How Do CRM Cleaning Services Help?


When you’re contacting clients with the aim of doing business, having the right information is paramount. It determines the chances of getting the sale simply fumbling around, trying to gauge what the client needs. Unfortunately, a CRM that has inaccurate information, is even worse. With such a tool, you may approach a prospect, but halfway into the pitch, realize that they don’t belong to your target group. Yes, this is undoubtedly a nightmare for your organization’s overall productivity.
With an up-to-date, clean CRM things are different. A CRM that has all the relevant information required by the Sales and Marketing team helps in many ways. You’re essentially setting your business up for a win.
Imagine what happens when your CRM data combines with information gathered from traditional sources of lead-generation channels. Your CRM becomes your mightiest asset. The best CRM cleaning services benefit from clean data, verified for accuracy. At organizations like Bizprospex, data mining services accompany everything. These services go hand-in-hand with a comprehensive CRM cleaning service. This ensures your CRM’s peak performance.


CRM and Increased ROI



                increased roi



Improved productivity is one of the key benefits of having a CRM cleaning service to handle the task of maintaining data hygiene. With a strong analysis that a clean CRM can provide, you can unearth new approaches and trends for your business. In a manner of speaking, a clean CRM gives your sales and marketing team new ‘growth opportunities’.


If we speak about facts and figures, according to a 2014 study by Nucleus Research, every dollar spent on CRM implementation (inclusive of CRM cleaning services) can bring in returns up to almost $8.71 in sales revenue. That’s an appealing number for any B2B business owner.


Furthermore, investing in a CRM cleaning service ensures that the process of prospecting is highly accurate. With a database that was recently cleaned and updated, targeting the ideal buyer is made easier. You’re likely to spend less on each sale and in turn, have an improved rate of investment gained.


Similarly, follow-up calls, which are known to make-or-break potential long-term customers, are greatly helped by a clean CRM. With software and databases that are updated continuously by a professional CRM cleaning service, you offer better customer service. Over some time, this customer loyalty grows, improving the ROI for your efforts.



The Right Fit for Your B2B Business


With regular monitoring and validation of your CRM records, increased ROI will become a reality for your business. However, maintaining an in-house department to do this is impractical. You can’t have a team dedicated to the task of maintaining the hygiene for your CRM. It is expensive and tedious. Additionally, saddling your Sales and Marketing teams with this isn’t an option. The extra responsibility of keeping the CRM in perfect shape will take away from their productivity.
Opting for CRM cleaning services should involve experts. It is best to partner with an organization that is specially equipped to handle your B2B business’s needs. The manual approach to CRM cleaning with us ensures that a dedicated, formally trained team of experts helps you. This manual approach to CRM maintenance ensures the highest level of accuracy. At BizProspex, we pride ourselves on offering manual data and CRM cleaning services, with the added edge of manual record verification.

How Do We Do This?


Through our highly-involved process, our team validates every attribute assigned to the records. As needed, we add attributes or make changes. We change as your B2B business’s needs change. This verification of every property comes from adding, editing, updating, and enriching the CRM database. Our team always aims for the highest possible accuracy. It goes without saying that the automated counterpart of manual CRM cleaning services just can’t keep up!

Right from Manual Data Cleansing/Researching, Lead Research/Generation, CRM Cleaning, AML sanctions list, PEP List, Global sanctions database, or anything related to Data, BizProspex is the right partner for your B2B business. We have experience in refurbishing old or outdated entries and information on your CRM or database. As a rule of thumb, CRM systems ought to be thoroughly scrubbed and enriched at regular intervals of six to eight months. Exceed this limit, and you’ll notice the effects of running a business with data that had been rendered unusable by the passage of time.

If you have not availed of CRM cleaning services in over six months, shoot us an email for a free trial. Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your B2B business.




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Free sample data available

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