Why every B2B Marketer should consider cleaning their CRM’s data

Recent studies reveal that most B2B organisations’ CRM data is notoriously dirty, or flat-out wrong. If these CRMs are considered to allow grades, most of them will score Ds with only a few lucky ones scoring a C. That’s just how bad the situation has become.

The problem, however, is that most B2B marketers still don’t get why others are working so hard to solve the problem of dirty CRMs. Below are three main reasons why you need to find a more permanent solution to your dirty data problem:

  • Yearly CRM data cleansing is costing your organisation too much money

Dirty data is the reason your team is spending tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars every year in data cleansing efforts. Since the success of marketing reasonably depends on the accuracy of data, marketers are usually forced first to find ways to cleanse existing data. Otherwise, they would run into dead ends all the time!

The problem is that the data cleaning solutions often chosen by these marketing departments are, in most cases, temporary rather than permanent. It apparently means that unless something changes, your organisation will continue losing money every single year!!

  • Bounced email is costing you ‘money’ as well as ‘customers.’

According to an Experian Data Quality study, 78 percent of entire organisations experience e-mail deliverability problems every year. More than 28 percent of those organisations reports the loss of revenue as a result of e-mails not reaching the correct person.

Any marketer will know that the primary cause of undelivered e-mail is dirty CRM data. In addition to costing you time and money, bounced e-mails could severely damage your reputation; sometimes leading to greater e-mail-unsubscribe rates.

  • Dirty data makes online advertising expensive

Lastly, dirty data can be the reason your online advertisement campaigns are failing so badly. The failing of your campaign is because dirty data makes accurate customer segmentation impossible. As a result, you may end up serving expensive ads to the wrong audience, with little to no ROI.

So, If you want to solve these three major problems, start finding the permanent solution to your Dirty CRM Data Problem.

I hope this article helps you to make your decision faster. Do share your thoughts in comments for us to know what you think.


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