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Your CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is the software. This software enables your B2B business to store information about the organization’s relationships and interactions with existing and potential customers. Because of this, your CRM system is essential to organize operations. The system helps in organizing contact management, sales management, lead generation, upselling, reselling, and other such activities that are integral to your business’s growth.  CRM data cleaning may not always be on the top of your mind. However, considering how vital they are to your business growth, CRM data cleaning has to be taken seriously.


In simple terms, the CRM software has all the information about your client. Moreover, the information presented is very easy-to-access and displayed in a friendly manner. It helps you determine which product, service or solution is the best fit for a particular client or potential customer


The Importance of CRM Cleaning for B2B



Recent studies reveal that most B2B organisations’ CRM data is notoriously dirty. Dirty data, in this case, refers to irrelevant, out-dated or flat-out wrong information. Imagine if these CRMs were to be graded based on the quality of their contents. Most would score Ds with only a few lucky ones scoring a C. That’s just how bad the situation has become!


Before you can get into the ‘how’ of the situation related to dirty CRMs and CRM data cleaning, something else should be understood. It is necessary that you understand ‘why’ others are working so hard to solve the problem of dirty CRMs. Below are the three main reasons why you need to find a more permanent solution to your dirty data problem:


  • Yearly CRM data cleansing is costing your organisation too much money

Dirty data is expensive. It is often the reason behind your team spending tens to hundreds of thousands of dollars every year on data cleansing efforts. The success of marketing reasonably depends on the accuracy of data. This is why marketers are always looking for ways to cleanse existing data. Otherwise, they would run into dead ends all the time!


The problem with the data cleaning solutions is usually the same in these cases. Often chosen by marketing departments, such services are temporary rather than permanent. This statement means that unless something changes, your organisation will continue losing money every single year!!


  • Bounced email is costing you ‘money’ as well as ‘customers.’

According to an Experian Data Quality study, 78 per cent of organisations experienced e-mail deliverability problems every year. More than 28 per cent of those organisations reported a loss of revenue as a result of e-mails not reaching the correct person.


B2B marketers know that the primary cause of undelivered e-mails is dirty CRM data. In addition to costing you time and money, bounced e-mails severely damage your reputation. Sometimes it even leads to greater e-mail-unsubscribe rates. At times, if this remains unchecked, it can lead to your service provider marking you as spam. This is why CRM data cleaning is essential.


  • Dirty data makes online advertising expensive

Lastly, dirty data can be the reason your online advertisement campaigns are failing so badly. Customer segmentation is essential for successful advertising. The failing of your campaign is because dirty data makes accurate customer segmentation impossible. As a result, you may end up serving expensive ads to the wrong audience, with little to no ROI. Because you’re not getting the results you want, this data is only weighing you down. 


The Bottom Line


Every B2B business is unique. No matter the specifics of your B2B organization, you may have run into one or more of these problems in your day-to-day operations. An unclean CRM system can affect your organization’s bottom line, and that is the reality of this moment.


With regular monitoring and validation of your CRM records, ROI will increase for your organization. Undoubtedly, an in-house department for this purpose is impractical. Dedicating a team to maintain CRM records and the hygiene of the same can be very difficult.


CRM data cleaning services are best availed from an organization that is specially equipped to handle your B2B business’s needs! Backed by a dedicated, formally trained team of experts, the manual data cleaning approach to CRM maintenance ensures the highest level of accuracy. At BizProspex, we pride ourselves on offering standard data and CRM data cleaning services with the added edge of manual record verification.


This means that through our highly-involved process, our team validates every attribute assigned to the records. As needed, more attributes incorporate into the system as your B2B business’s needs change. This verification of every property is thorough. The verification is supplemented by adding, editing, updating and enriching the CRM database for the highest possible accuracy. The electronic counterpart of manual CRM cleaning services can’t ever keep up!


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