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The coming of the modern world brought with it the boon of digitization. Moreover, since 2020, when the pandemic of Covid-19 struck the world, things started changing by leaps and bounds. The field of businesses, especially B2B marketing, had to revolutionize its work to sustain the tides of time. They had to shift their in-person methods to virtual events. Event branding is one of those very important aspects that run the lead generation initiatives of B2B businesses at this point. Event branding helps gather all the brand experience examples, which the company can use as a metric to find their drawbacks. This article will help you understand why event branding is important through the various event branding examples. There are multiple firms like bizprospex help in organizing various events lists and boost your event branding to another level.


However, before we discuss the various event branding examples, let us first understand what event branding is?




What is branding


Event branding is the strategy to capture the essence of your organization or company’s brand and propagate its features and importance through your email marketing initiatives.  91% of people have positive feelings about a brand after joining events.


One can bank into their event branding opportunities through;


  • Onsite branding: Event booth, swag, cupcakes.


Numerous elements make event branding; logo, website, app, marketing materials, stage design, speakers, sponsors, and event swag. However, one should keep in mind that event branding is a part of event marketing but needs its own set of skills and strategies. You can make an event well attended if it attracts the people and creates a mark for itself. The consistent brand presentation can increase the revenue by 33%. 


Besides creating a strategic branding plan, you must promote the event, make it memorable for the audience and know how to utilize its success.


Now that we all know what event branding is, let us discuss the various event branding examples;


User Conference


Conferences are platforms that provide an opportunity for thought leaders, influencers of the industry, and the titans of the industry to come under the same umbrella. Such conferences ensure that the candidates will hear special guest lectures and attend breakout sessions of networking.


One of the brand experience examples concerning this aspect is at Oracle Code One (formerly known as JavaOne), where programmers from all over the world participate in this event, making people environmentally conscious. This particular code one initiative includes:


A plant-conscious menu.


  • Carbon footprint reduction lessons.
  • The option for guests to donate food to charity.


Event Roadshows


Whenever someone talks about a series of live marketing events that are physically spread out across a particular region, they talk about Event roadshows. However, due to the covid-19 pandemic, such events are virtually held, including business meetings and conferences; such roadshows play an essential role in engaging customers from different geographical regions.


One of the brand experience examples for event roadshows is Marketo’s innovation. They tour 11 different cities across the globe and tailor their event depending on their location. What secured them a success is tailoring each event based on the location it is taking place.


Event Websites


event websites


The event website is one of the most important things that set the event’s stage. It is the platform where the event management shares all the necessary frequently asked questions, sponsors of the event, dates, registration procedure, the names of the speakers, the sponsors, and the merchandise. When your website works in the right direction, it is easy to divert the traffic and bring them to the registration page. 


You can take brand experience examples from the website of TechCrunch Disrupt, which has a straightforward yet a website with better effectiveness and understanding. 


41% of marketers consider events to be the most effective marketing channel over email marketing, content marketing, and digital advertising- 




While making the design of the website, keep the following things in mind;


  • Colours.
  • Fonts.
  • Logos.
  • Theme




It can be quite challenging to make your websites from scratch. However, you can make your job easy with the help of websites like www.vowelweb.com, which has a series of templates you can use.


White Label Design


After you made your overall website design, you would want to give it a brand name of your own. Here comes the role of the white label design. Companies like LeadsProspex can help you give your website a brand of your own.


Experimental Activation


Experimental activations refer to the ongoing installation that allows the viewers to participate in or lay their eyes on any activity representing the brand. These types of events often consist of an engaging image that makes a mark in your memory.


One of the major event branding examples concerning this aspect is JetBlue’s Ultimate Icebreaker. Jetblue set in collaboration with Greater Palm Springs Convention & Visitors Bureau, which helped create a frosty look and made it look lively. Such event branding makes the people stop and have a look.


Networking Event


As the name suggests, networking events bring together various people for assisted connections and form a network for your brand. Such events can take place on a formal background, or the people can interact informally. It depends on the culture of the host. However, such events require face-to-face interactions. Such events ensure the populous culture thrive in the world of digitalization and virtual meetings.


Lean Startup’s Networking Event features inspiring networking events that allow all the high-quality guests to interact personally. The main theme for their immersive networking opportunities in the global community. They also intend to frequently update the guest list so that attendees feel that they might get their like-minded people to extend their discussion.


Publisher Conference


As against user conferences which focus on engaging customers, nurturing prospects, and building thought leadership, publisher conferences are responsible for gathering revenues for the media companies. Publisher conferences make sure that they bring together a diverse community of readers, provide engaging educational sessions and get its boost from partnerships.


Content Marketing Institute’s Sales Acceleration Event emphasizes having different themes for the event every year. As these types of events are important to create a perception among potential customers, their PR team, operations department, and the entire events team collaborate to make sure that their theme works in alignment with the goals. The themes are often quirky, depending on the demand of the event.


Virtual Event


As the name suggests, virtual events take place on various digital platforms. Moreover, due to the current situation of the Covid-19 pandemic, virtual events are perhaps the best option among various other event branding examples. Virtual events can be in the form of webinars, online conferences, live meetings, etc. moreover, this option is the best fit for those who have monetary and situation-based restrictions but want to attend events worldwide.


We can take the example of Google I/O, where the organizers use 360-degree cameras to record the keynote and important speeches so that the viewers around the world can watch them. They also host their live sessions on youtube, making them available to the viewers easily and for free. Such opportunities ensure that enthusiastic people get what they want.




Seminars are a form of virtual events primarily focused on educational and training purposes. Famous people from educational backgrounds or some thoughtful industry leaders indulge in holding such events.


We can find an example in SQLBits where data platforms proved their supremacy. The attendees were full of enthusiasm to increase their knowledge of cutting-edge technologies, which they would not have access to otherwise. What makes it special is that it guarantees a training session of 10 hrs for each attendee, with more than 150 specialist sessions that allow them to dive deep into the sea of knowledge. Such events support any hands-on or experimental product for launch.


Internal Company Meeting


Internal company meetings are platforms where the employees get all the informational updates and check-in sessions. Such meetings can include the whole staff power of the company or selected meetings based on specific teams. The diversity of the topic ranges from weekly check-ins to project group works.


One of the best event branding examples concerning this aspect is the Plum Organics’ Coloring Book Meetings.  Their main attraction is child-friendly branding which allows all their employees to colour with crayons and use markers during the internal company meetings. These brainstorming sessions allow the employees to colour, put forward their opinions, and decompress. This example proves that even company meetings can be special and interactive for the employees simply via a few tasks and allowance of interaction.


Trade Show


Trade shows provide a platform for various company traders to showcase their goods, products, and services. Such events often occur under a single banner where all the brands of a single product come together for the exhibition. Usually, it is a part of the system that the attendees need to pay a certain amount for the products and services at the trade show. The revenue earned will fill the pockets of the people representing the products and services at the conference.


CNET’s Computex is one such tradeshow that allows major companies like Intel to demonstrate their latest products and hologram technology through a keynote speech. High-profile guests from various companies display their products and make new headlines about their features and technology.


Such trade shows are never company-centric, and various companies from diverse product backgrounds can use them.


Industry Roundtable


Industry roundtables facilitate the coming together of all the industry professionals under one umbrella to discuss one topic. Here the group of professionals shares their views and inputs on the topic selected. Such events mainly consist of discussion sessions and expert panels behind closed doors.


ISFA’s Austin Industry Roundtable is one of the best event branding examples in the field of industry roundtable. They bring together all the professionals from the background of education and networking to discuss the prevalent issues and find a similar solution. Added to this are the presuming conversations about industry progress and the sponsored dinner and tours that make the event alluring and effective.


Award Ceremonies


You might get to hear of award ceremonies frequently. Award ceremonies are occasions and events which include the formal presentation of trophies and plaques to all the companies who achieved great success in their respective fields. Such ceremonies normally offer awards for various categories and also consist of a grand award for the best overall performing company.


Citizen IBM Blog’s Award Ceremony is one of the best examples of event branding. The companies receive awards for excellence in higher brand values, volunteering, and exceptional efforts to make the world a better place. Such award ceremonies are mainly centred within the company but can be on the cards to celebrate the loyalty of long standing customers and superb community members.


Fundraising Gala


Fundraising galas or events are normally non-profit events that take place to gather revenue for a noble cause. These are mainly philanthropic events that include various former donors, industry sponsors, corporate sponsors, community leaders, and a few celebrities.


The Canadian Cancer Society’s Daffodil Ball is one the best event branding examples in terms of the gala, which made its mark for its grandeur and successful fundraising as per se. The jazz music accompanied by guests who wear concealing masks makes the event a lot more enthralling and joyous. Investment in the availability of entertainment, the dazzling décor, and the general atmosphere is very important to make any grand gala a success.


Now that you have come across the various event branding examples, you might understand why event branding is important and how they play a role in their respective ways. Websites like Bizprospex have an expert team of professionals who can help you with the stage of event branding and make it a success.




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