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If you are like most Marketers out there, you realize that CRM Cleaning (mainly Manual CRM Cleaning) is very crucial. This marketing step ensures that your B2B marketing campaigns bring in successful results.
Whether you have been a B2B businessperson for long, or if you’re just starting out, a clean CRM is essential. Having clean and accurate information in your CRM is necessary for digital marketing success.
Bad data costs you money, and you know it.  Missed opportunities add up and this affects the bottom line in a big way. For an SME, having bad data can cost them upwards of $100k per year. Isn’t that something significant?
In such a scenario, cleaning your B2B database and CRM systems is important. Data cleaning processes such as manual CRM cleaning are widely used in the B2B industry. Let’s have a look at four other simple steps you can utilize for data cleaning.


Data Analysis


Know the state of your data quality before jumping to any conclusion. Before you can start cleaning your database or CRM, you need to know how bad is your data overall. If it is years old, you might have to first run a re-check against industry-standard B2B data warehouses like business directories or Hoovers. A better option would be to run a Manual CRM Cleaning process on top of your data. Data is an asset that decays at the speed of 4%/month, i.e., 48% per year.


People switch jobs, retire, get promoted, or move up the ladder and change roles. In this case, the best course of action is to find out who replaced your earlier lead or contact and be in touch with them. Let them know you and your organization exist and that you have worked with their company before, but, to make an informed decision, you need to ensure that you are targeting the right leads in your target organizations.


Being able to connect with your customer directly and on a personal level is the key to winning deals in the B2B-Marketing landscape. This is possible only when your database is constantly updated with the right information about the right people.


Once you know the state of your CRM data, look for a Data Cleaning service, data scraping services, data mining services provider, or try cleaning your CRM in-house. The steps to clean your CRM are simple. Just follow the basic rules, and in no time you will have a CRM filled with leads that are actively looking for your products or services.


De-Dupe/Quality-Check (Manual CRM Cleaning)


Manual CRM Cleaning or Data Cleaning is an ongoing process, not a one-time chore. De-Duping ensures that you don’t reach out to a target twice or put yourself at the risk of inadvertently being tagged as a spammer.


Quality checking for data on a regular basis is as important as possessing the right data in the first place. Look for things that might have changed, browse through business directories to keep an eye on your prospects. Alternatively, you can get your CRM Manually Cleaned by professional Data Appending services for best results. Contact Us now to get a free data analysis report!


To maintain the quality of your data, hire an intern or a company to manage your CRM and Leads on your behalf. Another important part of this step is to complete missing data as well as verify old data and keep your systems up to date.


Data Standardization


The biggest mistake that most marketers make is not following a standard format for their data. While you might save some money or man-hours in the short run, by not ensuring that your data’s standardization, you will pay in the long run.
Manual CRM Cleaning: Why and How 1
The best practices for a standardized database start with keeping your data in sync with real-time updates. It is also necessary to have proper tags and formats in place. This ensures easy access to records and a clean, up-to-date CRM to drive your marketing efforts.


Reorganize your reports


Data cleaning is one-half of the whole job. Simply conducting a scrubbing or cleaning of your database or CRM system is not nearly enough. Ensuring that your records stay relevant when you may need them again is equally crucial. Always ensure that you have someone organizing and putting things in the right place to not overlook critical info while running your E-mail/Tele-calling Campaigns.


Being able to generate reports with tags that your organization may benefit from is very essential. ‘Contacts added in the last week’ or ‘Contacts updated in the healthcare industry during the last 60 days may be tags that you need to sort information based on. Being able to make these searches and bifurcations is a critical part of your Lead Generation/CRM cleaning process.


Keep it in mind; data is your asset if you know how to use it. Get in touch with us to get your free, no-obligation report on how you can save money with us on Manual Data Cleaning Services while maintaining over 98% accuracy in your CRM record. So, what are you waiting for? Raise an inquiry now to clean your CRM manually




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Free sample data available

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