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In today’s cut-throat business world, scrutiny and high-efficiency rule. Additionally, up-to-date and relevant data can help your firm grow exponentially. It helps you rise above the competition. While data cleaning has its significance, lead generation is the critical component to developing your business. Even today, many organizations rely on so-called ‘specialized’ tools and software. Such specialized software helps for cleansing and researching B2B Lead Data. Often, they underestimate the importance of regular data updating to instruct their client outreach attempts.


Why do I need Data Cleansing?


The data that is at the center of your client outreach efforts (Lead Information) gets older and insignificant by the day. Jobs change and families move. Sometimes companies relocate, mergers occur and employees get promoted. In some cases, they retire or even pass away. When either one of these scenarios occurs, the data you possess becomes obsolete. This leaves you with ineffective records.


With regular monitoring and cleansing, your database is free from junk entries. You’re getting rid of entries that don’t serve your business. In the long run, these will undoubtedly, prove fatal to your organization’s growth and online reputation.


Manual Data Cleansing vs. Automated Data Cleansing


No matter how accurate Automated Data Cleansing may package itself, it isn’t. On the other hand, Manual Data Cleansing offers you that ‘little something extra.’ While the automated process makes use of similarly advanced algorithms and coding, it lacks human logic and decision-making abilities. Humans have an edge thanks to their logical reasoning ability that remains un-programmable.  


How does Automated Data Cleansing work?


As the name suggests, this process utilizes machine intelligence to clean and research data and leads. As long as all the parameters are correctly set within these tools, the output will be optimum (still with only a 60-65% accuracy rate!).


However, this process doesn’t judge between the relevancy of leads or the existing data. It doesn’t access multiple data resources to validate the data and select one that is best suited to the set criteria. This lack of informed judgment is where the automated processes lack.


Automated Data Cleansing’s Achilles Heel


With Automated Data Cleansing, you’re doing the bare minimum for your database. Such data has an accuracy rate of merely 60-65%. So, you’re setting your business up for mediocrity at best. With data that hasn’t been optimally cleansed, your client engagement efforts will suffer.


For example, an email-outreach campaign with such a database could spell doom for your mail domain. A large number of emails will bounce. Many unintended people might receive your email promotions. Your messages might get SPAM rankings, tainting your company’s reputation in the eyes of mail servers. Prolonged use of ineffectively cleaned data might eventually blacklist your email server as well as domain.


Why Manual Data Cleansing is your friend


Manual data cleansing is ideal when every record matters and you want your database to be as perfect as possible. Data that has been manually cleansed can support sales and business development activities. Moreover, high-quality data, it provides detailed information about a small group of targeted prospects. Such Data Cleansing is especially beneficial. If utilized by sales teams for setting up meetings, it is even more beneficial. Generating leads and making sales become easier.


How does Manual Data Cleansing work?


Manual Data Cleansing and Research has a better accuracy rate as well as provides reliable data. The multi-faceted process consists-


  1. Manually browsing the internet for information
  2. Performing Boolean searches
  3. Finding/validating information from trustworthy data resources
  4. Performing cross-checks for the data across various resources
  5. Manually sending test emails as well as using a specialized email verifying tools
  6. Making calls to the leads, and various other steps.


 All these steps ensure the data that gets cleansed or researched is optimally accurate (around 98 %!). Highly accurate data provides favorable results to your client-outreach efforts. As a result, ultimately, it helps your organization’s growth!


With BizProspex, you can get a step closer to optimal efficiency with our Manual Data Cleaning services! Additionally, data mining services, AML sanctions list, PEP List, and global sanctions database are probably one of the best investments for your small B2B business’s growth. Contact us to know more about giving your marketing efforts the boost they deserve! 




Free sample data available


Free sample data available

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