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Manufacturing products and maintaining them in an inventory will be of no use if a business is not generating enough leads. This article attempts to shed light on effective lead generation.


Add Sentiments to your Marketing Endeavours


Justness Establishes Concern


Have you ever been impressed by an advertisement that expresses strong emotions like love, care, humour? Alternatively, an advertisement that shows justice being done? Mostly, everyone has the same reaction to any endeavour of kindness; it makes them happy, and happier people are most natural to pitch. Make most of this information in your next inbound/outbound marketing effort.


Attract, Engage, Please, Close.


Follow a common approach in all your marketing efforts to attract more customers. Make your marketing efforts as much attractive as possible. Present content which keeps them engaged, also, aim to please them by the message you convey, and if all is good, one might close successfully. 


Renovate efforts according to what’s cooking


Is it the super exciting season of La Liga or IPL? Are elections approaching? Do not miss the opportunity to encash such events by using them as the theme of your marketing efforts. To generate maximum leads out of a creative, deduce what your customers might want to see during that period, and present it to them in your marketing initiatives.


What is a lead?


A lead is an individual or organisation possessing an interest in the products or services of your company.


There are various means to generate leads-


Outbound Marketing


Outbound marketing is any marketing where the company initiates the sales conversation; like outbound sales calls, advertisements on TV, radio, newspaper and online platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. This type of marketing requires much investment and usually has a weak lead to customer conversion ratio.




There are 3x more email accounts than Facebook and Twitter account put together. Emails are more used than any social media platform; hence emails give you a better chance at generating leads. All you need to do is categorise your email addresses as per the type of customer and the services or products they buy; send them emails accordingly.




Text marketing is favourable in this age where most people are engaged in their phones most of the time, so there are high chances that recipients will read your message. Once they read your message, consequently your brand becomes familiar to them, and there are high chances that they will choose your products over others. Choose a bulk SMS service provider, calculate the number of texts you would be sending per month based on the number of subscribers multiplied by the frequency of messaging. Try not to send more than one message per week because more frequent messages may draw flak from customers.  


Advertisements(offline and online)


The first step to advertising is to know your audience, an ad for a joint-pain reliever would be different from that of a deodorant. Decide a location for your ad as per the availability of your audience; there is a reason why companies like Rolls Royce and Porsche don’t show their ads on TV. Above all, carefully devise an advertisement budget beforehand, to avoid spending unnecessarily and generate leads efficiently.



Inbound Marketing


Inbound marketing is any marketing where a customer initiates the sales conversation, like a Google search; examples of Inbound marketing are SEO, Social Media and content marketing. Leads generated from this type of marketing have a higher lead to customer conversion ratio than outbound marketing because of the customer’s natural intent to buy. To attract inbound customers, one needs to use as many keywords as possible related to their products in the content.




Search Engine Optimisation is the process of obtaining maximum traffic to your website by offering the specific content which a user is looking for on a search engine. A website will only appear on search engine results if it consists of the searched keywords in its web pages.


Social Media


People across the world use various social media platforms, every user has a different choice, and they choose content for their timelines likewise. Social media users follow accounts of their favourite brands to get updates from them. Many people don’t like to listen to anyone at any time, which usually happens in the case of outbound marketing.


Content Marketing


Writing content that users want to read on your websites and blogs, is called Content Marketing. There are several types of content like videos, articles, podcasts, songs and many more to host on your website. People who want to see such content visit your site and thus allowing you to show your products to them.


Referral Marketing


A satisfied customer allures many more; this is the best way of generating leads so far. Customers tend to trust unbiased sources of information more than any outbound or inbound marketing effort. Many companies reward their customers for referring their products to other customers. Devise a strategy as per your products and services, satisfy your customers and ask them to refer your services or products.


To generate quality leads, read our article on ‘How to Create an Ideal Customer Profile for Your B2B Business’.


Lead generation is a spontaneous process; you have to play your cards according to the game. Keep your attempts at lead generation evolving with a thorough analysis of every outcome and remember this guide the next time you pitch. 


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