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Many researchers around the world have conducted intensive research on what can solve B2B challenges. This has put light on the many challenges that companies go through trying to increase sales and grow their customer base.
While the importance of data is immense, many people tend to overlook its significance. Companies have incurred massive losses due to obsolete data recording methods. Hence, most of them have resorted to using salesmen or sending e-mails to their customers on a mass level. While this may have a few pros, it gives rise to a new host of problems, especially when people are under pressure or in a hurry.
Many companies use CRM systems for recording all the data they have. However, this is proving to be futile because most CRMs can’t detect duplications on their own. It’s a simple estimate that databases contain duplicate records about 20 to 40% of the time. This means that data duplication occurs in relation to leads, contacts, accounts, lead to contacts and leads to accounts.


Data Cleaning and De-Duplication Services


To help companies detect duplications and obsolete leads, BizProspex has a useful CRM cleaning service. We have developed a ‘Data cleansing & de-duplicate’ bundle especially for you. This bundle automatically compares a variety of information fields and displays possible duplicates.
This enables one to save precious time because there is no need to hunt down the duplicates one by one. Moreover, you can easily configure and integrate it with marketing automation platforms, data mining techniques. It also enables quick and easy de-duplication of data records. This process quickly identifies up to 95 percent of duplicates in your leads, contacts and accounts. It also helps in eliminating all your dirty data which is quite critical to ensure efficiency and effectiveness of your CRM.

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It is very simple to use, therefore, does not require you to incur extra expenses for training your workforce.  This system is remarkably simple to set up and can de-duplicate your data in just a few clicks. Moreover, it reveals all the incomplete records or datasets that have duplicate data. They discard all the incorrect data in the system. This would include details of all employees who aren’t part of your target group. This process discards any intel that has no value for your sales efforts.
The de-duplicate bundle is among four of BizProspex’s core services. This includes data cleansing which is critical in analysing duplicates as well as removing them



The De-duplication Bundle Process 


  • A unique entry meant for preventing errors originating from manual entries- human beings will, almost inevitably always, make mistakes at some point and the chances of making such mistakes increase as the size of the data and the databases increase. Over time, such bad data created by typos and careless mistakes can accumulate enough to pose a problem for the overall efficiency and profitability of a marketing campaign.
  • A unique Web-to-Lead to prevent web form duplicates. With the use of our De-Duplication products, companies and businesses can ensure that they only receive unique information. It means that they get to avoid sending multiple e-mails to any single contact unintentionally. This can be the case if we collect information automatically without such information-validation features.
  • A unique upload which prevents duplication in the upload list- for manual, CRM-based data collection procedures, the products can be implemented directly within the CRM and FTP systems so that the accuracy of all information is confirmed and validated before that data is being uploaded to the company’s actual database.


Dirty data could take any form and may manifest in any of the following ways:


  • Contradictory data- This refers to the data which we find to be nothing like what it shall represent. It is the data that is completely out of place. A good example is an e-mail address that is entering into a database consisting purely of phone numbers
  • Inappropriate data
  • Variable data- Some information is bound by time and will change as time elapses. If the changes are not made in a timely fashion you may quickly end up with irrelevant data.
  • Deficient/Imperfect Data- This can be caused by incorrect entries and spelling mistakes made while recording the data into the database.
  • Redundant Data/Outdated Data- Deceased contacts and contacts which have long since changed their addresses quickly become useless to your business. If their information is still present in your database, it will become part of your marketing campaigns. It means that money, time and effort will surely go to waste using them.


The Best of Both Worlds


This package runs your data through a validation process to identify the number of duplicates in your CRM. It does this by acting as a gatekeeper for your CRM. So anytime there are manual entries or customers are filling forms on the website or even listing uploads, it can always detect any duplication and cleanse it immediately.


Many companies have found it to be a useful tool which, when used, increases their sales significantly. One such company which can attest to this is a printing company which turned into a service provider. It offers printing service with significant data output flow and window graphics. Lately, it has started offering 3D printing too. Over the last few decades that it has been in existence, it possesses and accumulated immense quantities of duplicate data.


Because of its large scale of employees and customers, they found it difficult to keep up-to-date databases. Thus it became necessary for them to improve their record keeping.  When they finally adopted BizProspex’s data cleaning solution, they recorded a great increase in sales due to increased deals. There was also a growth in their web traffic rates which significantly transformed the image of the company. This phenomenon increased customer confidence, ultimately increasing their sales. 


They did this by creating a data input field for sales data and all the incomplete records. They also installed a regular data cleansing schedule.


The Bottom Line


For any organization that desires growth and progress, data cleaning will form a huge part of the refurbishing process. No matter what the specific reality of your B2B organization is, an unclean database or system can affect you. It will affect your organization’s bottom line and that is the reality of this moment. With regular monitoring and validation of your records, the returns will increase for your organization.


Data cleaning services are best left to professionals who are specially equipped to handle your B2B business’s needs! Backed by a dedicated, formally trained team of experts, the manual approach to data solutions ensures the highest level of accuracy. At BizProspex, we pride ourselves on offering manual data cleaning services with the added edge of manual record verification.


This verification of each and every record is enhanced. Accuracy is achieved by adding, editing, updating and enriching the organization’s database. It goes without saying that the automated counterpart of manual CRM cleaning services just can’t keep up!


Right from Manual Data Cleansing/Researching, Lead Generation, CRM Cleaning, data mining services, data appending services, email appending services, data scraping, data scrubbing services, skip tracing, address search, AML sanctions list, PEP List, Global sanctions database or anything related to Data, BizProspex is the right partner for your B2B business. If you have not availed data cleaning services in over 6 months, shoot us an email for a free trial. Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your B2B business.



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Free sample data available

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