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5-Ways B-2-B Data Appending Can Help You Expand Market Reach and Results


We are living in a data-driven economy where data is the most important facet of decision making and eventually, a business’s net worth. While every organisation boasts of being data-driven and customer-centric, it is whole another ballgame to translate that data into valuable information and marketing footprint especially when the data is riddled with duplicate, incorrect and incomplete customer information. This is when B2B data appending services come into the picture.


What’s data appending?


Data Appending


If you are a movie aficionado, you might know how crucial missing part of the information is to make the storyline work. You can never solve a mystery, you can never know the person of your dream or reach out to them or in a more dramatic scenario, you can never find the ultimate truth.


In a real-life setting, a missing piece of information implies that you don’t have what it takes to be the solution. You don’t know what your customers are saying about you or what they want. Instead of offering them a solution, you become a part of the problem. An incorrect e-mail ID in your database means one less customer. A wrong phone number simply implies that you have one less prospective customer, who could be looking for your product but can’t reach out to you. If only the magnitude of one less cold call, one less e-mailer or one less customer was limited to a single digit! You wish!


B-2-B data appending services, however, tend to change it. The process includes rectifying the inconsistent and incompetent data using various competencies, techniques and procedures. A business’ data is explored and studied. Various iterations and analysis are made to acquire insights that can positively impact business segments. The missing and incorrect information is updated with factually correct data to help you make a real difference to your marketing and business strategy.


How does it work?


When you hire an established third-party B-2-B data appending service provider, you get a faster turnaround and cost-effective process ready for your perusal. An opt-in mail is sent to the existing customers to match the prevalent records. The unmatched or irresponsive customer records are manually verified by the team. In this process, the inaccurate, duplicate and older records are flagged for further information. Generally, the data appending for contact information consists of postal code, contact information, social media accounts, e-mail addresses and phone number.


Why your business needs data appending services?


Data appending is the process of uploading missing or rectifying incorrect information such as e-mail IDs, phone numbers, addresses and demographic data of your customers, which can enhance the reach of your business exponentially as well as yield larger revenues. Your information is reaching out to the right people at the right time, indicating the increase in the efficacy of your marketing campaign. Since now you have the right information working in your favour, you can analyse, understand and refine your marketing campaign for better.


The best part is it doesn’t cost you a fortune! As the experts, Bernice Grossman and Ruth P. Stevens put it in their report database appending could be one of the most cost-effective and convenient ways to enrich the customer database specific to a business.


Gone are the days when a business would rely on events, conferences or social settings to get in touch with their prospective customers and collect information from them directly. In this fast-paced world, data is not only the key differentiator but also enables decision-making that can break or make the business. If you want to improve your marketing ecosystem, it is time you consult a top-rated data appending service provider now!


Understanding the difference between data cleaning and data appending


difference between data cleaning and appending


Keeping your data clean is beneficial. Keeping your data up-to-date is non-negotiable. According to business experts, data hygiene and data appending should work in synergy. While data hygiene is the process to keep customer information in your database valid and accurate, data appending is more about making it more relevant, rich and refined to your business.


Data appending is more about turning your business into a wholesome data-driven experience than just cleaning it for the errors. However, it is to be noted that inaccurate data will ultimately lead to lower rates of data appending. This is why your business should employ the best third-party data appending service providers that can do both of these tasks manually and simultaneously.


How Data Appending can transform your Business?


data appending transform business


Data appending can help you fill the gap between your sales and marketing campaign. Accurate and targeted data approach can help you identify businesses that align with your vision and needs. The data appending services transform and overhaul every data-driven process that your business operates and depends on. If you are still looking for reasons to outsource data and CRM data appending, we give you not one, not two, but 5!


Relevant, Personalised and Almost Real-Time Up-to-Date Data


Bad CRM record can cost you $100 whereas you can prevent it for $1. Any CRM data that is incorrect, duplicate or broken is worthless for your sales and marketing department. This not only results in failed marketing campaigns but also incur further losses. Data is time-bound and it is essential for it to be relevant and comprising the businesses that you are targeting. Data appending is a crucial process that weeds out irrelevant and missing links from your data and gives you the most relevant, revamping your data-dependent processes as a bonus.  Besides, the existing data is enriched with fresh information that takes you many steps closer to prospective customers.


Get a Single View of your Target Group


target group


The data is gathered and collaborated for the business vertical to identify the prospects. The duplicated are removed, the missing links are flagged and further refined for a holistic view. Be it marketing, sales or customer relations, your business is aligned and streamlined like never before! The marketing and sales-qualified leads can be increased by double and so does usable records.


Be at the Top of the Game with B2B Customer Profiling and Market Segmentation


Since you now know where your prospective customers are, what are they doing online and what makes them tick, you can refine and create your existing online campaigns and offline sales pitch to suit their preferences and interests. You can highlight your business, paint a better picture that stimulates their interest and make it stand out amidst the ‘me-too’ noise. Based on the data and their behavioural profile, you can also derive different user personas and craft a personalised nudge for them that lead them to buy.


Saves your Time and Efforts


Data appending services help you to track the customers who haven’t replied to, interacted or even opened your e-mail or promotional material in over a year. According to HubSpot, filtering out such addresses can dramatically increase the success rate of your campaign by 5 per cent. Besides, implementing predictive analytical methods, your data appending service provider can help you implement CAN-SPAM regulations and suppression lists by blacklisting irresponsive customers/ businesses.


 Acquire Customer-Centric Business Insights


Apart from A/B testing of your marketing campaigns, web content and graphics, you can also perform an overall marketing assignment and competitive analysis of the market with the rich repository at hand. You not only can offer improved targeted offering to your customers but also improve marketing communications to serve them better.


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Data appending makes your business practices smart and help your business to reach out to new horizons. Take a test drive of CRM data cleaning, data mining, skip tracing, data scrubbing, data scraping, B2B lead generation, services for FREE here! If you want to know more, let us know in the comments 




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