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Content Marketing is so important for B2B companies these days. It is no longer news that landing new customers is becoming an increasingly difficult task for most B2B marketers. Considering the competitiveness in the business environment these days, it is almost impossible to outwit your competitors.  Acquiring their market share, no doubt is equally difficult. To top it off, even retaining the existing customer base feels like a tug of war.


In such a competitive market, your communication with the customer has even more stakes riding on it. In that regard, the B2B industry demands that even more fluent language with impeccable grammar when it comes to any customer communications. It’s often put-forth that ‘Content is the King’. This axiom is only relevant where good quality content is strongly-worded with excellent quality English.  


Tips To Improve Your Content Marketing Efforts


Spellings And Grammar


When it comes to B2B content marketing, the importance of spelling and grammar cannot be overstated.


With bad grammar, your customers are very likely to cringe, underestimate your abilities or think that you aren’t very professional. If your communication comes riddled with typos, spelling errors or bad grammar you may appear underequipped. Such callousness in your contact could spell doom for your company’s bottom line and could send away potential customers. All these factors lead to a loss of profits.  The continuous dominance of the internet across the world is rapidly culminating into a laid-back attitude regarding content marketing. This is not unconnected to the informality of social media, e-mail and texting. It is also why abbreviations, slang, and jargon flows freely via these channels.


You are what you write.


The famous saying ‘you are what you eat’ can be adapted to fit your business’s content marketing.


Anytime you write quality content and successfully publish it without grammatical spellings and punctuation errors; it implies that the writer or the business has a sense of value for their communication, an excellent work-ethic and at the same time, establishes itself as an authority in the sector.


Alternatively, any publication with customer communication that is too erroneous may portray the writer and the business as careless and not serious. Understandably, you don’t need to be a guru or a prodigy of the English language before you can write straightforward and correct sentences. What matters, for you, is to double check your work against avoidable errors and to make it readable for your audience. Armed with a basic understanding of the language, easy-to-use online tools and a coherent sense of what you wish to communicate is a great start!


Avoid Careless Mistakes


Just about anybody is prone to spelling or grammar errors every once in a while. But it is de-marketing when this repeats too many times, and in virtually all blogs or articles you put up. It’s one of the fastest ways to put the business reputation at stake! Going by the most recent research conducted by Disruptive Communications, wrong spellings and grammar rank the highest among the brand behaviors that are considered as ‘most annoying’ on social media.


ContentMarketing for B2B


It follows, therefore, that if customers could be so annoyed as a result of bad grammar on social media, how will they feel when they receive an e-mail, e-Book, or after reading a blog laden with poor grammar? It is advisable that when writing, always have SEO at the back of your mind and be conversational in your approach to make it easy and fun for the reader. Always try as much as possible to avoid using irrelevant abbreviations or slang that could confuse your clients or visitors.


Excessive typos may make your write-ups too complicated and tedious to read


When it comes to your blog, always let your writing be self-explanatory and save your readers the stress of guessing what you are trying to communicate. More often than not, readers tend to misinterpret poorly written content. While your potential targets might not be put off by the occasional typo, nobody in their right mind wants to keep reading material riddled with errors. More worrisome is the fact that too many avoidable and obvious grammatical mistakes may hinder natural digestion of the message.


It is laughable that many blog marketing writers still rely heavily on software and spell-checks to correct their mistakes. Rather, always ensure that you read your content over and over again, probably slowly and loudly to fish-out basic errors. Meanwhile, do not hesitate to cross-check with Google when you are in a dilemma about a particular phrase, spelling or word’s meaning. Better still, look for a professional to proof-read your content before your finalize your publication.


Latest Stats that Validate B2B Blog Marketing with Good Grammar


It may interest you to know that B2B content marketing with proper grammar is not just optional but a very fundamental need now. When your company’s homepage is rich with informative content, insights and industry news, such business will have an edge over its competitors. The following stats are a confirmation of this:


  • Content marketers with good English obtain 67% additional leads above their counterparts who do not have good content on their website/blog.
  • Content marketers in the B2B domain with good command of English are 13 times more likely to obtain positive returns.
  • Customers will manage at least 85 percent of their relationship without speaking to a support agent face to face by 2020.
  • Content with proper grammar is more likely to receive 97% additional links to their website or blog.
  • Content marketing with proper grammar is now getting ranked as the fifth most trusted source for relevant and correct online information.


Benefits of content marketing with Good Grammar


  • It assists in driving traffics to your website
  • Proper Grammar helps in converting significant traffic into leads
  • It makes the business in question as an authority in the industry
  • This facilitates and drives tangible results in the long-term


When you take all the benefits of using correct grammar and well-written content into account, it becomes evident that your business stands to grow and improve. Which other tips besides the one mentioned in this post do you swear by when it comes to your organization’s B2B content?


Let us know in the comments!


An Extra Tip To Boost Your ROI


Did you know that a clean CRM can improve ROI for your B2B business? If you are serious about improving your content marketing ROI, it may be time to think beyond the basics.


In any marketing campaign, your results will be only as good as your database. Thanks to data decay, a database loses its value. Over time, records become irrelevant. In such a scenario, your content marketing efforts reap poor rewards at best. Basing an email marketing campaign with an outdated database is a fool’s move.


What can you do?


In this scenario, manual data cleansing and researching solutions are fantastic solutions! With manual data mining services and manual CRM cleaning services, your database is updated with human intelligence. Yes, automation and specialized software help us. But our skilled team at BizProspex manually appends, sorts, verifies and cleans your data for the best possible returns. Our CRM Cleaning services are proven to help in the B2B scenario. 


Right from Manual Data Cleansing/Researching, Lead Generation, CRM Cleaning, data mining services, data appending services, email appending services, data scraping, data scrubbing services, skip tracing, address search, PEP Lists, Aml sanctions lists, global sanctions database or anything related to Data, BizProspex is the right partner for your B2B business. If you have not availed data cleaning services in over 6 months, shoot us an email for a free trial. Don’t settle for anything less than the best when it comes to your B2B business.


With our team, give your content marketing effort a boost! 




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