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The beauty of digital marketing is that it is full-circle. What goes around, comes around like the blades on a chainsaw. Social media marketing needs to work in tandem with email marketing. Content marketing needs to work with social media and SEO, and so on. You can’t leave one aspect, cross your fingers and hope to make it work. Social media marketing is a great way to lead generation and reaching out to your customers, whereas email marketing is a brilliant tactic to convert B2B or B2C leads.


If you think, email marketing is dead, think again. Email marketing is still young, and according to Forbes, nevertheless, the effective method to get those sales leads incoming!  


How to integrate email marketing with social media efforts: Sync, Synergise and Shine! 1

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A customer needs to see or recall your brand, company or product for at least twelve times before reaching to the bottom of a sales pipeline. By integrating social media and email marketing, a brand can enhance its recall value by building on customer loyalty and driving engagement with customers.


Often brands fall into the pit of favouring one tactic for another. You can’t just write off social media for email marketing and vice versa. A company’s digital marketing strategy has to complement and focus on each aspect and respect every effort. 


Because Facebook still takes the top spot for referral traffic and start-ups and e-commerce business, it is still one of the most cost-effective ways to reach out to the potential customers.



How to integrate email marketing with social media efforts: Sync, Synergise and Shine! 2

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So, the idea is not to leave one in favour of another but to create a mutually inclusive and synergistic channel that can help your business to grow and develop a consistent presence across all verticals where your customers are.


Neil Patel explains how Sony combined its social media and email marketing efforts with seeing a phenomenal 172 per cent rise in revenue generation via email along with extra 3,000 clicks!  


Integrating social media and email marketing efforts can improve your marketing reach and increase the chances of your success.




When your email marketing team and social media marketing teams are siloed, and not talking to each other, you can very well bid online success a bitter farewell.  If your teams are working with walls up and don’t communicate with each other, they send across different communication. When your teams aren’t on the same page, it is highly unlikely your customers will be. You fail a branding opportunity, and your brand’s recall value suffers adversely.


To imagine, all they do is to sit together and talk!


Well, it is the first step.


Sync up


When the language of your email marketing campaign and social media page works in tandem, you create an exceptional brand recall for your customers. Be it your email newsletter or social media posts, and they should be designed with a single focus, goal or objective – to bring leads or revenues. Use the same language for email or tweet to create a uniform language across the verticals.


Create better-targeted ads and build a relevant email list


It is a brilliant idea to have social media ads to drive targeted engagement. Having an incentive such as an e-book, a white paper, or case study can entice customers to visit your website and drop their emails. However, it doesn’t guarantee that your B2B email list is going to be flawless. This is why you need to be on top of the data that inflows in your system. If you don’t want Garbage in, Garbage Out for your company’s digital marketing initiatives and business processes- deploy data mining services for your business right now!


To have your email list build-up, you need to find ways to have your targeted segment drop their emails with you. It could be via contests or giveaways.  Thirty-five per cent of Facebook users like a page and drop their emails for promotional campaigns.


However, when you leave the sole responsibility of data on your customers, mistakes are bound to happen. It could be an unintentional typo or a deliberate way to hide their information. Sometimes, an eager customer who isn’t Either way, the data decay can result in an impaired business decision or loss in revenues.  Data hygiene practices are the ultimate way to ensure that your business processes are based on accurate, consistent and relevant information.


Use better emails and crispy subject lines


Have a look at your inbox. What kind of emails did you open in the last two weeks? And how many of them are left unread, or moved straight to trash? If you want your company’s emails to be treated fairly, use interactive elements such as video, podcasts, GIFs and images in your email body. A visually attractive email along with a clear subject line make for a killer email marketing campaign. You can use various A/B testing technique to understand what works better and what gets you more CTR.


Engage on social media and use it in email


Are your customers struggling with something related to your product? Have a Twitter thread or Facebook post to help your customers. Ask them to share your experience on your official page and use these posts on email to build traction and trust with your potential segment.


You can never run out of content and context with this strategy and have a chance at an honest connection with your customers. However, don’t forget to include your social media profile links in your email body and ask people to sign up to receive your newsletter and emails on social media platforms.


Create a particular community for email subscribers


Neil Patel explains how Noah Kagan created an exclusive Facebook group, Email 1K, for his free email list course. The email list is now ten million strong with insights from experts such as Brian Dean and many more.


Combining email marketing and social media efforts is a sure-shot way to amplify your reach and bolster your marketing efforts. The global email users are expected to grow to 3.9 billion in the year 2020, whereas social media users are expected anywhere around 3.2 billion.  Imagine, if your brand could harness and align these two channels to create a reliable presence on the internet and in customers’ hearts.


However, it is imperative to have CRM software to juggle between two platforms and manage it better with automated email integration. But to ensure that the data you are juggling is correct, consistent and credulous, you need to hire a data scrubbing service provider. An email appending services company confirms that the B2B email list you are relying on is accurate and relevant to your business.


An email list is where the action is and the definite factor to decide the fate of your email marketing campaign. If you want your social media efforts to be aligned to email marketing initiatives, they too are bind by the accuracy of the email list you rely on. And maintaining an email list is a challenging task. Often companies hire a third-party database for email lists, which increases the chances of redundant, outdated and irrelevant data entering in the database.


With data mining, a company can ensure that the email it has or sending its promotional emails on is a good one.


A data appending company would look for

  •         Wrong email ID
  •         Dead/outdated email ID
  •         Duplicate email ID in the CRM


The data hygiene practices of a data mining service provider don’t stop here. It appends, merges, organises and clean your data to streamline your sales and marketing functions. Optimising data rolls in peak performance for your business process and enhance the prospects.


data scraping

Source: BizProspex



Data appending services of a data mining company ensures that you have the right and relevant information at your disposal. Right and current information is added to the existing database and to offer relevant leads for an email marketing campaign.


It also implies that the sales department has bankable leads and doesn’t have to waste crucial work hours in retrieving information.  CRM data cleaning, data scraping, data verification, skip tracing services, address searching are another aspect of data mining and helps a business to create wealth in the form of a bankable database.


If you want to create personalised ads and emails for your customers, and align your social media network with email marketing efforts, data mining services are indispensable for your business!


Wrapping up!


Integrating social media and email marketing campaign seems like the smartest thing to do! However, both marketing and social media team should speak the same language and talk uniformly. Given how expansive the scope and user base, the data generated by these verticals is expected to be massive as well.


A business needs to deploy data mining services to ensure the data is relevant and up to date. If it doesn’t, a company can’t hope to optimise its socially-connected user base. With consistent and accurate data, a brand can expect to reach its targeted audience and customise its ad campaign for a better outcome. 




Free sample data available


Free sample data available

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